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Fiscal Analysis Department: Legislative Session Tracking Sheets

Each legislative session, the Fiscal Analysis Department creates tracking sheets that record executive and legislative budget proposals and decisions. For each finance committee’s budget bill, and for major bills that cross finance committee jurisdictions, legislative session tracking sheets are posted as these bills move through the legislative process.

To keep up-to-date with legislative budget proposals and decisions, please bookmark this page as updated tracking sheets are uploaded regularly throughout the legislative session.

Tracking Sheets

Choose a year to view Tracking Sheets from that year. Results are listed below.

2020 - Tracking Sheets

2020 Enacted Bills:
Legacy Finance - Laws 2020 CH 104 - Updated: May 28 2020 1:26PM
Agriculture Policy Bill - Laws 2020 CH 89 - Updated: Jun 18 2020 12:55PM
Help America Vote Act - Laws 2020 CH 77 - Updated: Jul 17 2020 11:30AM
Drug Price Transparency - Laws 2020 CH 78 - Updated: Jul 17 2020 11:31AM
Agriculture Finance Bill - Laws 2020 CH 101 - Updated: May 27 2020 10:17AM
Insulin Legislation - Laws 2020 CH 73 - Updated: Apr 21 2020 10:15AM
HF 4582 - MFIP Supplemental Grant - Updated: May 6 2020 9:20AM
HF 4374 as Passed Ways and Means - Updated: May 12 2020 2:18PM
HF 1507, COVID-19 Economic Security Act - Updated: May 5 2020 10:47AM
HF4415 3E - K-12 Education - Updated: May 17 2020 10:12PM
HF 3326-1E, A2 Amendment - Updated: May 9 2020 7:36AM
HF 4579-DE, COVID-19 Contact Tracing - Updated: May 10 2020 10:08PM
HF 2529 -1st Engrossment, Capital Investment - Updated: May 16 2020 9:14AM
Housing Finance - Governor's Recommendations - Updated: Mar 23 2020 11:11AM
Taxes - Governor Recommendations (Revised 3/25) - Updated: Mar 30 2020 12:34PM

2020 Special Legislation:

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