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Use this search tool to find publications and other informational materials offered by House Research. The search will be narrowed by everything entered or selected below. Note: Hold the CTRL key and click to select multiple issue areas or material types.

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"Archived" materials are no longer actively maintained by House Research Department and are generally at least five years old.
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Most of the recent publications are either Short Subjects or Information Briefs.

Data & RunsPresentations of data and software model results
Information BriefShort to moderately long publications (generally under 30 pages) that provide information on a topic
Legal Brief or AnalysisPublications that explain specific court cases or analyze a legal issue
Other PaperOther miscellaneous publications
Policy BriefPublications that examine a specific issue and typically provide policy options for lawmakers
Research ReportLonger publications (more than 30 pages) that deal with a complex issue or compile information on a topic
Short SubjectsConcise two-page overviews that explain an issue, often in a question-and-answer format
Web-Only MaterialSummary information on a topic or issue (only produced for the website)
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