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Act Summaries: 2021–2022

Act summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the law itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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SummarySubjectLaw Text
Chapter 2 Unemployment Experience Rating Laws 2021, Ch. 2
Chapter 3 Suspending the expiration of civil deadlines Laws 2021, Ch. 3
Chapter 5 Dry Cleaner Chemicals Laws 2021, Ch. 5
Chapter 6 Recognizing Canadian orders for protection Laws 2021, Ch. 6
Chapter 11 Online continuing education for manufactured home installers Laws 2021, Ch. 11
Chapter 14 Open Meeting Law Technological and Pandemic Updates Laws 2021, Ch. 14
Chapter 15 Lottery prize winner name made private Laws 2021, Ch. 15
Chapter 19 Lake City Port Authority Laws 2021, Ch. 19
Chapter 23 Xcel Energy/St. Paul District Heating Contract Extension Laws 2021, Ch. 23
Chapter 25 Identity theft crime technical change Laws 2021, Ch. 25
Chapter 28 Agriculture Laws 2021, Ch. 28
Chapter 29 Energy Conservation Laws 2021, Ch. 29
Chapter 30 Omnibus Health and Human Services Policy Bill Laws 2021, Ch. 30
Chapter 31 State Government Finance and Elections Omnibus Laws 2021, Ch. 31
Chapter 33 Reorganization of provisions governing the disability waiver rate system (DWRS) Laws 2022, Ch. 33
Chapter 35 Authorizing towns and certain political subdivisions to establish inflow and infiltration prevention programs and make loans or grants to property owners Laws 2022, Ch. 35
Chapter 36 Mora; Public Utilities Commission Membership Laws 2022, Ch. 36
Chapter 37 Changes to torrens registration system Laws 2022, Ch. 37
Chapter 38 Township planning and zoning authority clarified Laws 2022, Ch. 38
Chapter 39 Southwest light rail transit project Laws 2022, Ch. 39
Chapter 40 DHS program waivers and modifications; temporary staffing pool; Department of Health temporary emergency waiver authority Laws 2022, Ch. 40
Chapter 42 Higher education, human services: ALS research and caregiver support Laws 2022, Ch. 42
Chapter 47 Agriculture Laws 2022, Ch. 47
Chapter 48 Used manufactured home installation Laws 2022, Ch. 48
Chapter 50 Unemployment Insurance and Frontline Worker Payments Laws 2022, Ch. 50
Chapter 54 Veterans and military affairs 2022 omnibus bill Laws 2022, Ch. 54

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