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Bill Summaries: 2020, 1st Special Session

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 1As introducedReforming Accountability Act 
HF 2As introducedReimagining Public Safety Act 
HF 3As IntroducedReclaiming Community Oversight Act 
HF 4As introducedProhibits the use of choke holds by peace officers 
HF 6First engrossmentCivil unrest immediate relief programAll versions
HF 15As introducedOgilvie Fund Transfer 
HF 18As IntroducedSchool meals 
HF 28First EngrossmentOmnibus Environment and Natural Resources BillAll versions
HF 30As introducedSanneh Foundation Education Grant 
HF 33As introducedEducation Policy 
HF 36As introducedAmending and supplementing the Increase Teachers of Color Act 
HF 37As introducedEnvironment 
HF 41As introducedChild care assistance rates 
HF 43As introducedPeace officers—duty to intercede 
HF 45As introducedMental health training 
HF 46As introducedLaw enforcement training – ban warrior training 
HF 47As introducedBail 
HF 48As introducedRepeal of statutes of limitations for incidents involving peace officers 
HF 49As introducedRestoration of the civil right to vote 
HF 50As introducedPermits the establishment residency requirements for peace officers 
HF 51As introducedPeace officers—autism training 
HF 52As introducedClarifying the meaning of the status of a complaint 
HF 53As introducedPeace officer-involved death investigations 
HF 54As introducedOfficer-involved death prosecutions 
HF 55As introducedCritical incident stress management and reporting use of force 
HF 56As introducedCritical incident review teams 
HF 63As IntroducedShared Work Plan Eligibility 
HF 70As introducedAmusement park ride operation 
HF 72As Amended by 1SS-H0072A1Peace Office Grievance Arbitration 
HF 79As introducedRebuilding after the peacetime emergency – tax provisions 
HF 80As introducedEminent domain, development moratorium 
HF 81As introducedEminent domain, development moratorium 
HF 82As introducedLease assistance for properties damaged in civil unrest 
HF 83As introducedLease assistance for properties damaged in civil unrest 
HF 85As amended by 1SS-H0085A1Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Corporation 
HF 86As amended by 1SS-H0086A1Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Corporation 
HF 87As amended by 1SS-H0087A1 and A5Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Corporation 
HF 88As introducedCivil Unrest Special Master Panel 
HF 89As introducedCivil Unrest Special Master Panel 
HF 90As introducedCivil Unrest Special Master Panel 
HF 97As introducedGovernment data practices: education data