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Bill Summaries: 2019–2020

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 4First engrossmentDrug Pricing and Price IncreasesAll versions
HF 5As amended by H0005A4Paid Family and Medical Leave Benefit Insurance ProgramAll versions
HF 6As introducedWage theft 
HF 7As introducedBorder-to-border broadband appropriation 
HF 10As introducedAmending definition of sexual harassment; Minnesota Human Rights Act 
HF 11As introducedEarned sick and safe (ESS) time 
HF 12As introducedConversion Therapy Prohibition 
HF 13First engrossmentState Equal Rights AmendmentAll versions
HF 14First engrossmentElections; HAVA cybersecurity fundingAll versions
HF 15First engrossmentVoluntary relationship defense to criminal sexual conductAll versions
HF 17First engrossmentElections; HAVA cybersecurity fundingAll versions
HF 20As IntroducedIntermediate school districts 
HF 33As introducedService Cooperatives, joint powers 
HF 37As amended (H0037A1)Stillbirth credit 
HF 40First engrossmentRestoration of the civil right to voteAll versions
HF 42As Amended (H0042A1)Individual income tax rates 
HF 43As introducedSales tax exemption for the David M. Thaler Sports Center 
HF 45First engrossmentAutomatic Voter RegistrationAll versions
HF 47As introducedFertilizer 
HF 50First Division EngrossmentWireless communications device use while drivingAll versions
HF 51First EngrossmentDischarge of restrictive covenants affecting protected classesAll versions
HF 54As introducedEliminating intent requirement from data breach notification statute 
HF 55As IntroducedSchool meals 
HF 56As amended (H0056A1)Social Security subtractionAll versions
HF 58As introducedCorrections Officer Joseph Gomm Memorial Highway 
HF 63As introducedAppropriation for Bridges to Healthcare 
HF 70First division engrossment (DIVH0070-1)Creating a task force on missing and murdered indigenous women and girlsAll versions
HF 71As introducedFederal Equal Rights Amendment 
HF 73As introducedExtended Time Revenue for Certain Career and Technical Programs 
HF 74As introducedFifth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct 
HF 80First division engrossmentCapital investment; changes and corrections to 2018 lawAll versions
HF 82As introducedFarmer mental health 
HF 84As introducedFarmer mental health 
HF 85First engrossmentGuidelines for patient-assisted medication administrationAll versions
HF 89As introducedChild pornography penalties 
HF 90Author's amendment H0090DE1Assisted living and home care rights; assisted living licensure 
HF 94As introducedVoter Assistance 
HF 99As introducedOpioid overdose reduction pilot program 
HF 111As introducedCreating a task force on missing and murdered indigenous women and girls 
HF 113As introducedDistribution of fine proceeds 
HF 116As IntroducedSchool Referendums 
HF 119First engrossmentHelmets to HardhatsAll versions
HF 120As IntroducedVeterans Jobs Tax Credit 
HF 123As introducedLegislative Budget Office Repealed 
HF 125As introducedGrants 
HF 129As introducedGovernor's Council on Developmental Disabilities; compensation 
HF 131As introducedVehicle registration reimbursement 
HF 133First EngrossmentNo Child Left Inside Grant ProgramAll versions
HF 136First EngrossmentInternet service provider requirements; adherence to net neutralityAll versions
HF 137As introducedWorkforce development appropriation extension 
HF 139As introducedWorkforce development appropriation 
HF 140As introducedRegulation of hair braiding 
HF 141As introducedPort authorities, sale of property and vote required 
HF 144As introducedInternational Falls local sales tax 
HF 147As introducedMA Coverage of Telemedicine 
HF 148As introducedCommunity emergency medical technicians 
HF 149First engrossmentDisclosure by PharmacistsAll versions
HF 157With the author's H0157A2 amendmentSales tax exemption for certain nonprofit food programsAll versions
HF 158As introduced, with A19-0001 amendmentFarmer legal services 
HF 167As amended by the H0167A3 amendmentEnvironmental enforcement 
HF 168First engrossmentDisability Waiver Rate System (DWRS)All versions
HF 172As introducedPOW and MIA Recognition Day 
HF 174As Amended (H0174A1)Individual income tax rates 
HF 179First EngrossmentDisability Waiver Rate System (DWRS)All versions
HF 180As introducedAppropriation for the centers for independent living 
HF 182First engrossmentPrescription Drug Repository ProgramAll versions
HF 183With the author's amendment (H0183A1)Duluth local sales tax 
HF 189As introducedMA Ambulance Service Rate Increase 
HF 192As introducedMetropolitan Council, staggered terms; advisory committees established 
HF 200As introducedRiparian Buffer Compensation 
HF 202First engrossmentHumvees and decommissioned military vehiclesAll versions
HF 207As introducedMonticello School District; Special Education Adjustment 
HF 209As IntroducedTesting materials 
HF 211As introducedDisability parking; physical therapists 
HF 213As introducedMilitary and skilled trade career options 
HF 215With the author's amendment (H0215A1)Sales tax exemption and grant for a fire in Melrose 
HF 221As introducedMinnesota agriculture special plate 
HF 232As introducedFarmer mental health; farm advocates 
HF 233As introducedAppropriation bonds repealed, general obligation bonds authorized 
HF 235As amended (H0235A1)Section 179 expensing