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State Fair poll: Support grows for marijuana legalization, sports gambling

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Support for the legalization of recreational marijuana and sports gambling appears to be on the rise, at least among attendees of the 2022 Minnesota State Fair.

A majority of those (61.4%) who responded to the annual House of Representatives State Fair Opinion Poll indicated they support allowing the recreational use of marijuana by those age 21 and over, while 30.2% oppose legalization and 8.4% are undecided or have no opinion on the issue.

That is a slight bump in support among fairgoers as, when the same question was asked in 2021, 58.3% said they favor legalization and 34.1% were against it.

Conducted by the nonpartisan House Public Information Services Office, the poll is an informal, unscientific survey of issues discussed in prior legislative sessions and that may again be topics of discussion in 2023. This year’s poll was taken by 7,110 fairgoers, a significant increase from 2021, when 5,231 people took the poll, reflecting the overall increase in attendance at this year’s fair.

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