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Week in Review: Feb. 18-22

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The long days (and nights) of session have arrived in the House, accompanied by several off-site meetings over the next few days.

In addition to Friday’s transportation division meeting in St. Cloud, and another Tuesday night at North High School in Minneapolis, the education finance division has a meeting this afternoon in Windom, while the public safety division is planning a Wednesday evening meeting with the time and location still pending.

At least one House committee, subcommittee or division evening meeting is scheduled next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

But before we look ahead, however, let’s look back at what you may have missed this week.

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Recent Dailies

Conflict emerges over how to hike wages for direct care employees
HF168, sponsored by Rep. Jennifer Schultz (DFL-Duluth), would try to guarantee wage increases for direct care providers working with people who have disabilities and are receiving support through one of Minnesota’s Disability Waiver Rate System programs.
Starting Line: Lack of mental health care providers impacts Greater MN
This week's 'Starting Line' looks at a Rep. Jeanne Poppe (DFL-Austin) bill intended to help some farm families and business operators find mental health care more easily.
Payouts in property tax appeals could shift from local governments to state
HF424 would circumvent the potential damage to municipal budgets by making the state responsible for issuing property tax refunds.
Quintet of bills offer comprehensive plan for chronic wasting disease response
Lawmaker introduces suite of bills aimed at containing the threat of chronic wasting disease among Minnesota's deer population.
Seeking orderly end to session, governor and legislative leaders agree to new deadlines
Legislative leaders and Gov. Tim Walz laid out a new set of deadlines Monday they say will achieve an orderly end to the legislative session.
Week in Review: Feb. 4-8
Another busy week in the House, another week closer to spring and to committee deadlines, which were approved during Thursday’s House Floor session. The first deadline, by when ...
Bill seeks to provide post-conviction relief extension
HF739 would give two more years to people petitioning a court to rule that their original conviction “violated the Constitution or laws of the United States or Minnesota, or that there is newly obtained scientific evidence that establishes the person’s actual innocence.”
Researchers seeking fast, accurate test to halt spread of chronic wasting disease
Experts stressed the need Thursday for a fast, accurate and inexpensive test that can be deployed throughout the state in response to the emerging Chronic Wasting Disease crisis.
Renewable energy storage a potential ‘game changer’ division learns
The House Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Division devoted its Thursday meeting to accruing information about the state of storage.
'A barrier to justice' — advocates push for change in state's definition of sexual harassment
HF10 proposes to change the definition of sexual harassment in the Minnesota Human Rights Act to clarify that sexually offensive behavior need not be “severe or pervasive” in order for it to be subject to litigation.

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Priority Dailies

Committee deadlines for 2019 unveiled
Legislators and the public officially know the timeline for getting bills through the committee process.
House committees, schedule and chairs announced for 2019-20 biennium
The framework for the 2019 legislative session took shape Wednesday as House DFL leaders announced the committee structure, chairs and the schedule lawmakers will follow when they reconvene Jan. 8, 2019.
Strong suburban showing puts DFL in control of House
Winning a number of key races in the Twin Cities suburbs, the DFL picked up 18 seats and will hold a 75-59 advantage when the House convenes Jan. 8, 2019.
Omnibus bills provide framework for the state's biennial budget plan
At the beginning of the state’s two-year fiscal cycle, the first year of the legislative session is traditionally a “budget year.” It’s a lengthy process, but it’s one that requ...

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