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Week in Review: Feb. 11-15

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The flurry of legislative activity will pause for much of Monday as the House observes Sovereignty Day with a number of presentations and discussions in the House Chamber beginning at 9 a.m.

But with Gov. Tim Walz due to release his budget on Tuesday and several committees and divisions already reserving rooms for potential evening meetings, it’s safe to assume next week will be a busy one.

Before we look ahead, however, let’s look back at what you may have missed this week.

Check out the latest gallery from House Photography and stay up-to-date on House news and updates throughout the week at Session Daily.

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Recent Dailies

Raise the standard deduction? Cut all income tax rates? Debate is on in House Taxes Committee
What’s the best way to use tax policy to put more money in the pockets of more Minnesotans? That question was the crux of a vigorous debate in the House Taxes Committee Wednesday.
Preservationists push for additional funds to finish Fort Snelling revitalization
Supporters of HF228 are asking the state for additional funds to push renovations of the historic landmark over the finish line.
School boards could gain authority to renew expiring referendums
HF116 would give school boards the authority to renew expiring operating referendums without voter approval.
University of Minnesota makes $87 million budget request for biennium
Nothing special. That’s what the University of Minnesota is asking for in the budget request it presented to the House Higher Education Finance and Policy Division Tuesday. ...
Vaping could be kicked outside under proposed change to Clean Indoor Air Act
HF349, sponsored by Rep. Laurie Halverson (DFL-Eagan), would modify the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act to include “activated electronic delivery devices” used for vaping under its definitions of 'smoking.'
House division OKs proposed Veterans Suicide Awareness Day
HF586 would establish the first Saturday of every October as Veterans Suicide Awareness Day.
Bill seeks to end family exclusion in boat, umbrella insurance
Courtney Godfrey lost her foot in a 2017 boating accident. With medical bills piling up, unable to return to work, and her home needing modifications to help with the new disabi...
More funding could allow Minnesota to beat HIV/AIDS, lawmakers hear
HF269, sponsored by Rep. Hunter Cantrell (DFL-Savage), would provide $1 million in grant funding for HIV prevention initiatives in Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021.
Aid to ailing deputy registrars dealing with MNLARS woes could be on the way
HF635 proposes $11.7 million to reimburse deputy registrars hurt by the troubled MNLARS rollout, and another $11.7 million to continue fixing the system.
Bill to prohibit minors from marrying headed to the House Floor
A bill to prohibit minors from marrying in Minnesota received division approval and is headed to the House Floor.

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Priority Dailies

House committees, schedule and chairs announced for 2019-20 biennium
The framework for the 2019 legislative session took shape Wednesday as House DFL leaders announced the committee structure, chairs and the schedule lawmakers will follow when they reconvene Jan. 8, 2019.
Strong suburban showing puts DFL in control of House
Winning a number of key races in the Twin Cities suburbs, the DFL picked up 18 seats and will hold a 75-59 advantage when the House convenes Jan. 8, 2019.
Omnibus bills provide framework for the state's biennial budget plan
At the beginning of the state’s two-year fiscal cycle, the first year of the legislative session is traditionally a “budget year.” It’s a lengthy process, but it’s one that requ...

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