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Week in Review: April 8-12

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An eventful week wrapped up Friday with the House Ways and Means Committee approving several omnibus bills ahead of midnight’s third committee deadline.

As it did a number of times over the last few days, the committee combined omnibus bills Friday. In this case the omnibus veterans and military affairs finance bill, HF2086, was incorporated into the omnibus state government finance bill, HF1935.

House leaders say this is being done to better align the bills with legislation expected to emerge from the Senate’s committee structure.

Committee members also approved the omnibus tax bill, HF2125.

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Recent Dailies

Health and human services omnibus highlights focus on prevention and equity
The omnibus health and human services finance bill focuses on initiatives intended to ensure equity and emphasizes prevention-focused approaches meant to address issues by “getting upstream.”
Environment and natural resources funding could increase by nearly $80 million
What is expected to become the omnibus environment and natural resources bill was unveiled by the House Environment and Natural Resources Finance Division Tuesday. Sponsored...
Omnibus public safety bill focuses on community-centered criminal justice reform
The House Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform Finance and Policy Division unveiled its omnibus bill Tuesday that includes both policy matters and financing for the Public Safety and Corrections departments.
Stepped-up confinement at deer farms, fighting chronic wasting disease aims of ag omnibus bill
Efforts to contain farmed deer and the spread of chronic wasting disease are included in the omnibus agriculture and food finance bill for the 2020-21 biennium.
Energy and climate division lays out its proposed appropriations
The omnibus energy and climate finance bill, as amended, would appropriate $26.2 million from the General Fund to the Department of Commerce and the Public Utilities Commission for energy resource operating expenses and various projects.
Jobs omnibus focuses on helping people get out of poverty, to benefit both individuals and state
Introduced Tuesday, the omnibus jobs and economic development finance bill was amended and tabled for further discussion. Testimony is scheduled to be taken Wednesday, followed by division mark-up Thursday.
House DFL mirrors Walz plan for boosting transportation investment through gas, metro sales tax increase
Minnesota’s roads, bridges and transit systems have suffered from years of underinvestment, House DFL leaders say. The omnibus transportation finance bill they released Tuesday aims to change that in a big way.
Starting Line: How’s your cursive handwriting?
Rep. Heather Edelson (DFL-Edina) tells us about her proposal to ensure cursive handwriting is part of elementary school curriculum on this week’s Starting Line.
House approves addition of new lease requirements to state statute
Tenant protections inspired by the struggles of University of Minnesota students could impact people throughout the state, though lawmakers disagreed about whether that would be a good thing.
Omnibus education finance bill proposes $900 million in added investments
Prioritizing additional investments in general education basic revenue and special education funding, the House Education Finance Division began hearings on its omnibus education funding bill Monday.

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Priority Dailies

Budget forecast: Projected surplus drops by almost $500 million, still tops $1 billion
The state has a $1.05 billion projected budget surplus for the upcoming biennium, Minnesota Management and Budget officials announced Thursday.
Walz budget would raise gas tax, emphasize education, health care
Education, health care and community prosperity are key targets for funding in the 2020-21 biennial budget proposed by Gov. Tim Walz.
Committee deadlines for 2019 unveiled
Legislators and the public officially know the timeline for getting bills through the committee process.

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