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State Fair poll shows majority favors masks in schools, increased role for Legislature

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A majority of those who responded to the 2021 House of Representatives State Fair Poll support requiring K-12 students to wear masks in school during the 2021-22 school year. The poll found 51.3% of respondents support the idea, 41.3% said they are against the requirement and 7.4% are undecided.

Polltakers also favor an expanded role for the Legislature when it comes to oversight of the governor’s peacetime emergency powers. Asked whether lawmakers should have the power to terminate any rule or order issued by the governor if a peacetime emergency lasts more than 30 days, 45.9% answered “yes,” 37.4% said “no” and 16.7% are undecided.

Conducted by the nonpartisan House Public Information Services Office, the poll is an informal, unscientific survey of issues discussed in prior legislative sessions and may again be topics of discussion in 2022. This year’s poll was taken by 5,231 fairgoers, a significant drop from 2019, when 11,239 people took the poll, reflecting the overall decline in attendance at this year’s fair.

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House passes omnibus legacy bill
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Officials, advocates tout housing help in House bonding package
If Minnesota is experiencing a housing crisis, a lot of people think bonding may be a good route out of it.

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