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Board certifies MN election results; House recounts still possible

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Confirmation of all House election results is complete. However, recounts could still occur in at least three contests.

The State Canvassing Board unanimously certified the 2020 General Election results Tuesday, including state and judicial offices; the U.S. Senate race; and eight U.S. House of Representatives’ races.

“The election was secure on multiple levels,” said Secretary of State Steve Simon. “As of today, there have been no reports to the Office of the Secretary of State of particularized fraud or voter misconduct. Minnesota’s record of election integrity has been upheld. As of today, there is no evidence of any successful attempt by any unauthorized source, any adversary and so forth, to infiltrate election infrastructure.”

As things currently stand in Minnesota, the DFL will have a 70-64 seat advantage in the House when the 2021 session begins Jan. 5. However, by law, three races separated by less than one-half of 1 percent are eligible for publicly funded recounts if requested by the losing candidate by Nov. 30:

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