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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Labor committee advances bill to help land veterans construction apprenticeships

A bill that would grant $800,000 in the upcoming biennium to help veterans and active and retired military service members get into building and construction apprenticeship programs was approved by the House Labor Committee Wednesday.

District court judges set to ask for 5 percent salary increase

Minnesota District Judges Association plans to ask the division for a 5 percent salary increase for trial court judges in each year of the 2020-21 biennium.

U of M seeks funds to develop test for chronic wasting disease

Members of University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine appealed Wednesday for $1.8 million to fund research into early detection of Chronic Wasting Disease.

Scarce affordable housing causing a crisis for urban, rural Minnesota families

A scarcity of stable and affordable housing extends throughout the state, impacting thousands of families in both rural and urban areas.

Tax committee considers the fiscal upshots of non-conformity

So what happens if we don’t do anything? That was among the quandaries considered by the House Taxes Committee on Wednesday, its second day of hearings about the state changing its tax laws to conform to the 2017 federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

More kids than ever need mental health services, members hear during joint meeting

Children’s mental and behavioral health services are needed more now than possibly ever, according to several testifiers at a joint meeting Tuesday of the House Education Policy Committee and House Education Finance Division.

Greenhouse gas emissions down — but still falling short of goals

Greenhouse gas emissions are down in Minnesota, but not down enough. And air quality is good, but not good enough if you suffer from respiratory or cardiac illnesses.

Federal shutdown environmental impact muted at state level, but lasting effects likely

With the federal government shutdown dragging on, state agencies are working to forecast the impact on state services.

Hands-free cellphone bill clears its first House hurdle

A renewed push to ban cellphone use behind the wheel without a hands-free device cleared its first hurdle Tuesday, earning a thumbs-up from a House transportation panel.

Anoka County landfill clean-up requires additional funding

If cleanup of Minnesota’s worst landfill is to get underway later this year, the state needs to provide $10.3 million by March.
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