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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Committee members hear about impact of racism on kids

The House Select Committee on Racial Justice learned more about underlying problems Tuesday during the second of five planned meetings meant to guide the Legislature as it seeks ways to tackle racism in the state.

House kicks off series of hearings on racial justice issues

A 13-member bipartisan group began Tuesday to delve deeper into the how and why of such inequality as part of the new House Select Committee on Racial Justice.

House again backs governor's emergency powers in special session

Just like the June, July and August gatherings, the House voted against bringing up a concurrent resolution that would end Gov. Tim Walz’s peacetime emergency powers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fourth special session of the year set for Friday

Gov. Tim Walz on Wednesday issued a proclamation calling the House and Senate back to St. Paul at noon, Sept. 11, and noted he intends to extend the COVID-19 peacetime emergency by 30 days to help the state continue to quickly an effectively respond to the ongoing pandemic.

House pandemic response committee learns about disparities surrounding the disease

Health experts on Wednesday briefed lawmakers on the toll the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on communities of color and the disparities that can make the virus more dangerous to some Minnesotans than others.

‘Senate inaction’ led to decision on prison closures, corrections chief tells House panel

The state’s top corrections official on Tuesday linked the planned closure of a pair of Minnesota correctional facilities to the Senate’s failure to pass a public safety supplemental budget bill that had previously cleared the House.

Lawmakers updated on efforts to contain chronic wasting disease

Although chronic wasting disease remains rare in Minnesota, new areas of concern have been identified this year and an aggressive approach is still needed to protect the state’s deer population.

Select committee looks at economic impacts of racism, ponders 'what's next?'

The House Select Committee on Racial Justice was created last month to examine disparities Minnesotans of color face in areas including health, public safety, education and employment.

House passes bonding, tax, spending bill with bipartisan support

The bill, which includes $1.36 billion in general obligation bonding, would also provide tax relief for farmers and small businesses, funding for low-income housing and $31 million in supplemental General Fund budget spending.

House panel on racial justice hears hours of public testimony

The House Select Committee on Racial Justice was created last month to examine disparities Minnesotans of color face regarding health, public safety, education, employment, housing and in?other areas.
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