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2014 Minnesota State Fair poll results

Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota State Fair polltakers are narrowly opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state, but strongly support same-day voter registration and lean toward increasing the state’s gas tax for road and bridge construction.

Conducted by the nonpartisan House Public Information Services Office, the annual poll at the House of Representatives booth during the 12-day Minnesota State Fair is an informal, unscientific survey of issues discussed in prior legislative sessions and may be topics of discussion in 2015.

Of the 7,607 people filling out a ballot in 2014, 48.1 percent are against the state allowing the recreational use of marijuana for persons age 21 and older; however, 43.3 percent support the idea. Nearly 9 percent of those taking the poll were undecided or had no opinion.

The 2014 Legislature passed a law for use of medical marijuana for nine specific illnesses, but not for recreational use of the drug. Only the use of pills, oils or vaporizing of a cannabis compound through a device similar to an e-cigarette is allowed. (Read more)

(See the full results here and view a video on the 2014 Minnesota State Fair opinion poll on our YouTube channel)

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Event Schedule

The 88th Session of the Minnesota Legislature has adjourned sine die
Saturday, May 17 2014 8:00 AM
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The 88th Session of the Minnesota Legislature has adjourned sine die.

Tuesday, January 6 2015 12:00 PM
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Per Minnesota Statute, the 89th Session of the Minnesota Legislature is set to convene on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 12 p.m.

News and Notes

When news from the House warrants

The 2013-2014 legislative session concluded May 16, and the 2015 session is scheduled to convene Jan. 6. Until then, Session Daily will not be published on a regular basis. However, you can be assured that we will keep you informed when news from the House warrants.

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Please visit the House of Representatives booth during the Minnesota State Fair Aug. 21-Sept. 1.  Besides visiting with lawmakers, fairgoers can let their opinions be known on a number of state issues by taking the annual House of Representatives State Fair Poll.

If you have comments about our services and suggestions for improvements to our coverage, please call me at 651-296-0337, or email at leeann.schutz@house.mn.

Until next year (or when news from the House warrants).


Key 2014 election dates
  • June 27 — Absentee ballots will be available for the Aug. 12 primary election
  • July 22  — Pre-registration deadline for primary election. Voters may still register at their polling place on primary election day
  • Aug. 12  — Primary election day
  • Sept. 19 — Absentee ballots will be available for the Nov. 4 general election
  • Oct. 14 — Pre-registration deadline for the general election. Voters who miss this deadline may still register at their polling place on Election Day
  • Nov. 4 — Election Day

For more information, go to the Office of the Secretary of State’s website.

Looking to the 2015 session

Operating on a biennium, and according to Minnesota Statute 3.011, the Legislature convenes on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January of each odd-numbered year. So the start date for the 2015 session is Jan. 6, 2015. In the even numbered years, it convenes on a date set by joint agreement of both bodies. The state constitution limits the Legislature to meeting 120 legislative days during each biennium. 

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