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Friday, March 13, 2020

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Friday, March 13, 2020
Friday, March 13, 2020 , 8:30 AM
Time Note: *****MEETING CANCELED*****

Education Policy

Hearing Canceled
Chair: Rep. Cheryl Youakim
Location: Remote Hearing

HF4415 (Davnie): Compensation for hourly employees required for school days cancelled due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) during the 2019-2020 school year.

HF2383 (Sandstede): School trust lands director provisions modified, and prior appropriations modified.

HF4075 (Carlson, L.): School meal policy and aid provisions modified, and money appropriated.

HF881 (Urdahl): School districts required to establish teacher mentoring programs, and staff development revenue allowed uses modified.

HF3388 (Youakim): Safe and supportive school environment, student admission, or readmission plan provision modification required.

HF4098 (Sandell): Innovation research zone program established, and money appropriated.

HF4201 (Sandell): State auditor funding for school finance accountability team provided, work billing exempted until July 1, 2024, and money appropriated.

More agenda items may be added.

HF2282 (Haley): Maximum number of e-learning days extended.

Please note that the Chair has waived the 24-hour amendment rule and the new amendment deadline for bills being heard during the Friday, February 13 Education Policy meeting is 2:30 PM today, Thursday, February 12.

Testifiers should contact Alyssa Fritz ( to be added to the testifier list or submit written materials. Members of the public will be asked to limit their comments to two minutes each.

Materials must be submitted by 3 PM the day before the hearing start time in order to be included in committee member folders.


Bills Added

Friday, March 13, 2020 , 9:00 AM


Hearing Canceled
Chair: Rep. Laurie Halverson
Location: Remote Hearing
HF 3757 (Halverson) Emergency service payment parameters determined.

HF 2175 (Poppe) Austin and Rochester; on-sale liquor license issuance authorized.

HF 4002 (Grossell) Lake of the Woods County temporary liquor licenses authorized for Baudette Arena Association.

HF 2095 (Gunther) Pemberton; on-sale license issuance authorized.

HF 3572 (Wolgamott) St. Cloud; on-sale liquor license at St. Cloud municipal ice arena authorized.

HF 3573 (Wolgamott) On-sale liquor licenses modified.

HF 3758 (Wolgamott) Small brewer off-sale license provisions changed.

HF 4284 (Olson) Malt liquor off-sale requirements and provisions modified.

HF 4283 (Olson) Brew pubs permitted to assist in tasting events.

HF 3246 (Nash) Microdistillery license requirements changed.

HF 3890 (O'Driscoll) Sartell; special liquor license amended.

HF 3840 (O'Neill) Wright County; temporary on-sale liquor license issuance authorized.

HF 3283 (Davnie) Minneapolis; liquor license issuance at Downtown Commons Park, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and Boom Island Park authorized.

HF 3653 (Dettmer) Forest Lake; Castlewood Golf Course on-sale intoxicating liquor license authorized.

HF 2142 (Kresha) Pierz; on-sale liquor license issuance authorized.

HF 4401 (Carlson, A) Liquor; clarifying deliveries

HF 2981 (Tabke) Liquor; caterer permit requirements modified.

HF 4040 (Lesch) St. Paul; on-sale liquor license authorized for a food hall.

With the exception of HF 3757, all bills will be laid over for possible inclusion in an omnibus bill.

If you have any questions please contact Travis Reese at or 651-296-7175

Bills Added
Friday, March 13, 2020 , 9:00 AM

Health and Human Services Policy

Hearing Canceled
Chair: Rep. Rena Moran
Location: Remote Hearing

HF3880 (Pryor) Dept. of Human Services child support policy bill
HF3813 (Noor) Dept. of Human Services child support technical & housekeeping bill
HF3812 (Noor) Dept. of Human Services child protection policy bill *INFORMATIONAL ONLY*
HF3814 (Noor) SNAP federal funds for employment and training disbursement authorized
HF4204 (Jordan) Dept. of Human Services community supports administration policy bill
HF4241 (Schultz) Dept. of Human Services technical corrections bill
HF3780 (Edelson) Child welfare response to child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children provisions modified
HF3727 (Moran) Dept. of Human Services health care administration policy bill
HF3972 (Moran) Dept. of Human Services operations policy bill

NOTE: HF4277 and HF3887 have been removed from the agenda at the requests of the authors

Bills Added

Friday, March 13, 2020 , 12:00 PM

Legislative Task Force on Child Protection

Hearing Canceled
Chair: Representative Rena Moran
Location: 1150 Minnesota Senate Building

Informational Hearing on SF3692
Public Testimony in regard to SF3692
Update from Department of Human Services
Presentation from Hennepin County

To testify, please email Ruth Gredvig at by March 11, 2020 at 5:00pm

Written testimony can be submitted to Ruth Gredvig at by March 12, 2020 at 5:00pm