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Minnesota Legislature

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes / 2019 - 2020 Regular Session

As recorded by the House Chamber Voting System

* This list includes only actions by the House where there was a recorded roll call floor vote. This list does not include votes taken in committees. Please remember that not all actions on the House floor require a roll call vote.

Please see the Minnesota Constitution Article IV, Section 22 and House Rule 2.03 for more information on roll call votes

This information comes from the House Chamber voting system. In the case of system failure the vote will be taken by voice and will not be available electronically except that it is recorded and available in the House Journal.

HF0005 - Paid family, pregnancy, bonding, and applicant's serious medical condition benefits provided; employment leaves regulated and required; data classified; rulemaking authorized; and money appropriated.

HF0008 - Firearm transfer criminal background checks required, and transferee permit disqualification grounds modified.

HF0009 - Firearms; law enforcement and family members enabled to petition a court to prohibit people from possessing firearms if they pose a significant danger to themselves or others by possessing a firearm, and money appropriated.

HF0010 - Sexual harassment definition clarified.

HF0013 - Equal rights; gender equality provided for under the law, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0014 - Help America Vote Act money transferred and appropriated.

HF0015 - Voluntary relationship defense for criminal sexual conduct crimes eliminated.

HF0017 - Help America Vote Act appropriations authorized for purposes of modernizing, securing, and updating statewide voter registration system and for cybersecurity upgrades.

HF0050 - Cell phone use prohibited by person operating a vehicle while vehicle is in motion or a part of traffic, and voice-activated hands-free mode exception provided.

HF0051 - Protected class restrictive covenants that are prohibited under state and federal law statutory form provided for making declarations.

HF0058 - West Lakeland Township, Bayport, and Oak Park Heights; Trunk Highway 95 segment designated as Corrections Officer Joseph Gomm Memorial Highway.

HF0070 - Task Force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women created, violence against indigenous women and girls annual report required, and money appropriated.

HF0071 - Equal rights; a resolution memorializing Congress to remove the deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution by the states.

HF0080 - Capital investment; previously authorized capital projects funding source changed, spending authorized to acquire and better public land and buildings and other improvements of a capital nature, bonds issued, prior appropriations modified, and money appropriated.

HF0085 - Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board authorized to propose guidelines authorizing patient-assisted medication administration in emergencies.

HF0090 - Assisted living resident consumer protections and licenses established, deceptive marketing and business practices prohibited, independent senior living facilities provisions and health services executive license established, Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators name changed, fees imposed, conforming changes made, penalties provided, rulemaking authority granted, reports required, and money appropriated.

HF0129 - Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities public member compensation and expense reimbursement required.

HF0148 - Community emergency medical technician permitted to be a member of a basic life support ambulance service, and occupational title of emergency medical technicians modified.

HF0168 - Disability waiver rate system modified.

HF0211 - Licensed physical therapists authorized to provide a medical statement for parking privileges for physically disabled persons.

HF0232 - Farm advocates, farmer-lender mediators, and mental health counseling support for farm families and business operators additional money appropriated.

HF0281 - Open Meeting Law; interactive television attendance requirements modified.

HF0285 - Department of Human Services and Metropolitan Council data sharing for transportation purposes authorized.

HF0286 - Rail carrier minimum crew size required, and criminal penalties imposed.

HF0349 - Electronic cigarettes included in definition of smoking for purposes of the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act, and technical and clarifying changes made.

HF0359 - Flame-retardant chemical use in certain products prohibited, and exemptions allowed.

HF0390 - Trunk highway, airport, or transit traffic obstruction penalties increased.

HF0400 - Opiate product registration fee and the Opiate Epidemic Response Advisory Council established, licensure and registration fees modified, prescription drug and controlled substance sections modified, reports required, and money appropriated.

HF0462 - Bicycle traffic regulations, powers, and duties modified.

HF0476 - Boat insurance; property and casualty policy exclusion coverage regulated.

HF0495 - Residential lease requirements amended.

HF0554 - Parent permitted to petition for reestablishment of the legal parent and child relationship.

HF0559 - Provider-patient relationship required in order to make ophthalmic prescriptions.

HF0586 - Veteran suicide awareness day declared.

HF0608 - St. Louis County Civil Service Commission amended, technical changes made, and obsolete language removed.

HF0619 - Central Iron Range Sanitary Sewer Board members of the governing bodies of participating municipalities appointment permitted.

HF0622 - Real estate broker and licensee advertising requirements modified.

HF0637 - Health-related professions temporary license suspensions and background checks modified.

HF0653 - Omnibus legacy finance bill.

HF0679 - Children's residential treatment payment provisions effective date amended, and money appropriated.

HF0680 - Leashed dog use allowed to track big game, artificial light use modified, and criminal penalties provided.

HF0745 - Marriages by minors provisions eliminated, and proof of age required.

HF0810 - World War I Minnesota veterans plaque authorized to be placed in Capitol grounds court of honor to honor all Minnesota veterans who served in the United States armed forces, both at home and abroad.

HF0819 - Cardiovascular technologist x-ray practice authorized.

HF0861 - Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS) and Driver and Vehicle Services funding provided, report required, and money appropriated.

HF0873 - Portorama; unauthorized use of name and mark crime eliminated.

HF0892 - Pharmacy licensure requirements modified.

HF0990 - Residential mortgage originators licensing requirements exemption added, and conformity with federal truth in lending requirements provided.

HF1065 - Revisor's bill; miscellaneous technical corrections made to laws and statutes; erroneous, obsolete, and omitted text and references corrected; and redundant, conflicting, and superseded provisions removed.

HF1188 - Drivers required to slow down when passing stopped service vehicles, and recycling trucks authorized to be equipped with and to use amber lights when collecting recycling.

HF1244 - Public drainage system acquisition and compensation of ditch buffer strips accelerated, and runoff and sediment option provided when charging for public drainage ditch repairs.

HF1262 - Marriage and family therapist provisions modified, and technical and clarifying changes made.

HF1300 - Month of May designated as Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month.

HF1487 - Elections administration, voting, voter registration, polling places, ballots, recounts, contests, candidates, and related provisions technical and policy changes made.

HF1500 - Noncompliant driver's license or Minnesota identification card requirements modified and related changes made, including eligibility, proof of lawful presence, primary and secondary documentation, voter registration, and data practices; technical changes made; and money appropriated.

HF1503 - Tribal public health access added to birth data.

HF1555 - Omnibus transportation finance bill.

HF1710 - Department of Commerce appropriated fund use prohibited to support certain legal proceedings.

HF1733 - Omnibus agriculture policy bill.

HF1840 - Subprime references in Minnesota Statutes removed.

HF1883 - Foster care student enrollment in school required, and foster youth school enrollment report required.

HF1960 - Department of Commerce technical changes made to various provisions.

HF1983 - Deafblind intervener services modified.

HF1997 - Hennepin County; job order contracting authority extended.

HF2032 - Environment and natural resources trust funds appropriated, and previous appropriations modified.

HF2097 - Hennepin County; library director qualifications modified.

HF2125 - Omnibus tax bill.

HF2154 - Gambling Control Board regulatory provisions modified; and clarifying, conforming, and technical changes made.

HF2181 - Telecommuter Forward! certification created.

HF2208 - Omnibus jobs and economic development, energy and climate, and telecommunications policy and finance bill.

HF2225 - Legislative Audit Commission; agency duties and responsibilities to notify legislative auditor of unlawful access to not public data modified.

HF2265 - Permanent bar modified to set aside a background study disqualification.

HF2276 - Trichloroethylene banned for use in manufacturing processes.

HF2311 - Workers' Compensation Advisory Council recommendations adopted, and implementation of the workers' compensation Claims Access and Management Platform User System (CAMPUS) authorized.

HF2400 - Omnibus education finance bill.

HF2414 - Omnibus health and human services finance bill.

HF2515 - Great Lakes; a resolution declaring September 7, 2019 as Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Appreciation Day in Minnesota, learning about Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River importance to economic and environment encouraged, and recognition across region urged.

HF2542 - Minnesota Bond Allocation Act modified relating to housing bonds, manufactured home park lot rentals and sales modified, Housing Finance Agency tax credit allocations modified, eviction cases expungement allowed, residential lease agreement terms mandated, eviction data classified, and housing improvement areas expanded.

HF2697 - Claims against the state settlement provided, and money appropriated.

HF2796 - Labor agreement and compensation plan ratified.

HF2815 - Department of Commerce appropriated fund use prohibited to support certain legal proceedings.

HF2821 - Federal Reserve Bank disclosure of taxpayer return information authorized for study.

HF2822 - Housing infrastructure bond issuance authorized, and money appropriated.

HF2849 - Argosy University closure student relief provided, and report required.

HF2959 - Rural Finance Authority funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF3068 - Voter data access related to presidential nomination primary regulated, and voters allowed to request that their data be excluded from the lists.

HF3100 - Emergency insulin program established, Minnesota insulin patient assistance program established, pharmacy and insulin manufacturer participation required, reports required, and money appropriated.

HF4531 - COVID-19 response fund established, prescription refill and property tax appeals timelines modified, unemployment insurance provided, and money appropriated.

SF0131 - Health care facility fee disclosure requirement

SF0278 - Minnesota Pharmacy Benefit Manager Licensure and Regulation Act; appropriations

SF0307 - Disaster contingency account funds transfer

SF0316 - State and local governments impacted by new information technology business software user acceptance testing involvement requirement

SF0322 - Medical assistance (MA) waiver customized living services provider authorization to transfer capacity to up to three other housing services located in Hennepin county

SF0326 - Body art technicians supervisors requirements modification

SF0328 - Carver county hospital construction or moratorium exception modification

SF0558 - Public procurement actions original jurisdiction granted to district courts

SF0573 - Elderly waiver language recodification and technical changes

SF0584 - Allied health professions conversion to a birth month renewal cycle authorization

SF0621 - Deputy registrars reimbursements appropriation

SF0761 - Minnesota premium security plan funding operation extension; reporting specifications

SF0802 - Omnibus judiciary and public safety bill

SF0955 - Health licensing technical changes; mental health professionals duty to warn and reciprocity expansion

SF0973 - University of Minnesota (U of M) advisory council on rare diseases establishment request and appropriation

SF0998 - Cities written estimate of consultant fees request authorization

SF1003 - Richard J. Ames memorial highway designation

SF1100 - Prairie Island Indian Community to exercise concurrent state law enforcement jurisdictional authority

SF1257 - Epinephrine auto-injectors use by certain individuals completing training program authorization

SF1261 - Ryane Clark memorial highway designation in Kandiyohi county

SF1339 - Light rail transit (LRT) operators subject to reckless and careless driving law provisions

SF1618 - Captain Jeffery Vollmer Memorial Highway designation

SF1703 - Credit union conversion, merger or consolidation supermajority requirements elimination

SF1732 - Outpatient surgical centers facility sharing authorization

SF1743 - Snow day relief bill; calculation of days and hours of instruction for students affected by snow days during the 2018-2019 school year modification

SF1753 - Peace officer citation issuance based on report from work zone flagger authorization

SF1757 - Commerce department use of appropriations for certain legal proceedings prohibition

SF2081 - Volunteer health care provider program requirements modification

SF2089 - Nonemergency medical transportation advisory committee membership modification

SF2225 - Disaster recovery loan program expansion; retroactive effective date

SF2226 - Omnibus agriculture department, rural development, and housing finance bill

SF2227 - Omnibus state government appropriations

SF2313 - Insurance provisions modifications for conformance with certain model regulations authorization; rulemaking authorization; supplemental Medicare coverage federally conforming changes

SF2314 - Omnibus environment and natural resources bill

SF2415 - Omnibus higher education appropriations and policy provisions

SF3564 - Disaster contingency account transfer

SF3813 - Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) public health response planning and preparation and federal funds appropriation

SF3878 - Nicollet to New Ulm trunk highway #14 reconstruction; transportation loan pilot program and appropriation; Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (FIFIA) of 1998 repeal

SF4334 - Public health response contingency account money transfer authorization; health care response fund and provider grant loan program establishment; telemedicine services coverage authorization

Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes