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Minnesota Legislature

Utility shutoffs must be posted (new law)

Published (4/8/2010)
By Sue Hegarty
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When a landlord falls behind on paying utility costs, tenants may not know until the utility is shut off.

A new law signed April 1 by Gov. Tim Pawlenty requires those who plan to discontinue supplies of home heating oil, propane, natural gas, electricity or water to a building due to a building owner’s non-payment to notify building residents. The posting must be placed in a conspicuous location in, or on, the building. The provision to post on a building’s exterior was added to enable suppliers to notify tenants when they are unable to gain access inside a building. Tenants would then have the option of paying for continued services.

Sponsored by Rep. Mike Beard (R-Shakopee) and Sen. Rick Olseen (DFL-Harris), the law is effective April 2, 2010.

HF3259*/ SF2875/CH210

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