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House floor session

Monday, April 14, 2008 - 12:46:00 PM

01:52 - Gavel. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 14:58 - Motion to concur to Senate amendments to <A HREF=>HF3138</A> (Bigham) State labor contracts ratified. CONSENT CALENDAR. 21:53 - <A HREF=>SF2806</A> (Solberg) Local economic development authorities conflict of interest rules clarification. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 25:27 - <A HREF=>HF2837</A> (Thao) Optometrist practice and licensing provisions modified. 30:42 - <A HREF=>SF3084</A> (Jaros) Spirit Mountain recreation area authority land description correction. 35:27 - <A HREF=>SF1018</A> (Thissen) Physical therapists licensing provisions modifications. 48:13 - <A HREF=>SF1436</A> (Hilstrom) State auditor provisions modifications. 51:11 - <A HREF=>SF3082</A> (Hortman) Impounded motor vehicles sale, notice and retrieval procedures modifications; motor vehicles damage disclosure requirements modifications; towing oversized and overweight vehicles permit requirements. 55:48 - <A HREF=>SF3070</A> (Simon) Custodial trust account withdraw method modification. 58:18 - <A HREF=>HF3372</A> (Thissen) Uniform billing and electronic claim filing provisions changed and compliance procedures for electronic transactions established. 1:30:58 - <A HREF=>SF3135</A> (Winkler) Minnesota Responds Medical Reserve Corps; interstate assistance by local governments authorization. 1:33:04 - <A HREF=>SF3397</A> (Winkler) Foreign cooperatives regulation. 1:35:00 - <A HREF=>SF3202</A> (Pelowski) Employee relations department elimination and duties transfer. 1:37:54 - <A HREF=>SF3362</A> (Mullery) Peace officer disciplinary hearing representation provisions modification. 1:40:00 - <A HREF=>SF2667</A> (Thissen) Radiation therapy facility construction moratorium extension. 2:00:05 - <A HREF=>SF1918</A> (Masin) Ultra high speed broadband goal task force. 3:05:12 - <A HREF=>SF2755</A> (Brod) Public safety department deputy register of motor vehicles New Prague office move. 3:07:01 - <A HREF=>SF1578</A> (Gardner) Consumer reports security freezes regulated, and fees provided. 3:13:26 - <A HREF=>SF2765</A> (Dominguez) Auto insurance and certain claims practices regulated. 3:48:36 - <A HREF=>SF2915</A> (Peterson, N.) Human rights hearings civil penalties and punitive damages provision modification; residential mortgage fraud penalties sentencing provision modification. 3:53:22 - <A HREF=>SF3622</A> (Marquart) Uniform municipal contracting law contract threshold amounts modification. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 5:00:26 - Motion to adopt the Conference Committee Report on <A HREF=>SF2822</A> (Atkins) Insurance standard of conduct (first party good faith) insurance claims practices regulation. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS. 5:24:28 - Motion to refuse to adopt the Conference Committee Report on <A HREF=>HF1351</A> (Hornstein) 2007 Omnibus transportation policy bill. 5:57:05 - Motion to adopt the Conference Committee Report on <A HREF=>HF1351</A> (Hornstein) 2007 Omnibus transportation policy bill. MOTIONS AND RESOLUTIONS. 6:01:55 - Motion to re-refer <A HREF=>HF3644</A> to the House Energy Finance and Policy Division. Runs 6 hours, 12 minutes.