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Sergeant-At-Arms Office

B-17 State Office Building
St. Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-296-4884
Bob Meyerson, Chief Sergeant at Arms

The office provides many services for members, staff, and the public. The chief sergeant at arms heads the department. Other staff members include three full-time assistant sergeants, the postmaster and assistant postmaster, and an administrative assistant. The chief sergeant is appointed by the speaker. The assistant sergeants, postmaster, and assistant postmaster are elected by the House members to serve with the chief sergeant as officers of the House. A number of pages are hired during a legislative session to assist in performing necessary duties.

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Pages serve as support staff for all House and conference committee hearings and aid all departments in accomplishing their duties. During session, pages assist members in the House chamber by obtaining copies of bills or other legislative materials and delivering messages from the public or other members. They also assist in preparing for a daily session by placing agendas and orders on each member's desk, as well as passing out amendments and other data during debate. Pages also maintain chamber and State Office Building files of Senate and House journals and copies of bills pending before the House.

Parking and Transportation
The sergeant's office assigns parking spaces for members and staff. An assistant also is responsible for providing handicapped parking for members, staff, and the general public. Parking information for the public is available from the sergeant's office for those attending meetings or visiting House lawmakers. Transportation services for meetings away from the complex can be provided upon request.

The sergeant's office serves as a liaison with Capitol Security in providing security for House office areas. A major role for the chief sergeant is to provide a safe environment for members (and staff) at all times, particularly during session in the House chamber or during committee meetings. The assistant sergeants, postmaster, and assistant postmaster aid in this duty.

The chief sergeant is responsible for decorum and protocol, and may be requested by the speaker to locate and escort members to the chamber during a roll call vote. Members may be escorted from the chamber, or even members of the public from the gallery, if they become disruptive.

The sergeant's office orders and distributes keys for offices, files, and desks; unlocks committee rooms for meetings; and issues Capitol Complex I.D. cards.

Post Office
The House post office receives and distributes mail for members and staff. The post office is staffed by the postmaster and assistant postmaster. The postmaster coordinates with the chief sergeant at arms and House Administrative Services to maintain responsibility for approximately $96,000 of postage per year. The postmaster, during session days, coordinates with the chief sergeant to insure the security and smooth operation of the House chamber. The postmaster also is responsible for supervising session-only chamber staff.

Educational Programs
An assistant sergeant coordinates the High School Page Program, and the College Internship Program. Another responsibility is to organize and lead seminars about the legislative process and conduct tours for constituents and special guests upon request.

Text taken from the House of Representatives Legislative Handbook, published by the House of Representatives Public Information Services Office and House Educational Programs.

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