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Fiscal Analysis Department: Legislative Session Tracking Sheets

Each legislative session, the Department of Fiscal Analysis creates tracking sheets that record executive and legislative budget decisions. Tracking sheets are available for each finance committee, and for major bills that cross finance committee jurisdictions. Current legislative session tracking sheets are available, as well as historical documents for prior legislative sessions.

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Current Legislative Tracking Sheets.
(Tracking sheets from previous legislative sessions are also available.)

2014 Session Legislative Tracking Sheets

House Budget Resolution - Amended by Ways & Means on April 8, 2014

Capital Budget - HF 2490, 1E (passed Capital Investment)

Capital Budget (General Fund) - HF 1068, 2E (passed Capital Investment)

Capital Investment: General Fund Tracking

HF 3172, Supplemental Budget Summary - Conference Comparison

-- Article 1, Higher Education Finance

-- Article 2 to 6, Jobs and Economic Development, Housing & Commerce

-- Articles 7 to 10, Public Safety Policy & Finance

-- Articles 11 to 13, Transportation Finance

-- Articles 14 & 15, Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture

-- Articles 16 to 23, Education Finance Appropriations

-- Articles 16 to 23, Education Finance Levies

-- Articles 24 to 32, Health & Human Services Finance

-- No House Article, State Government Finance

Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund, HF 1874 3E (passed House floor)

Legacy Funds: Current Fund Balance with Impact of Tax Bill (Chapter 150)

Outdoor Heritage Fund, HF 1926 3E (passed House floor)

Taxes, Tax Bill 1, Chapter 150 (HF 1777)

Taxes, Tax Bill 2, HF 3167 - Conference Comparison

Taxes, HF 1884, Property Tax Division Report

HF 2536, Women's Economic Security Act

2013 Special Session Legislative Tracking Sheet.

2013 First Special Session Severe Storm Relief Bill

2013 Session Legislative Tracking Sheets.
(These tracking sheets, for the 2013 Legislative session, are used for the biennial budgeting process for the fiscal years 2014-15 budget, and include the impact on fiscal years 2016-17).

2013 Session Final Budget Tracking by Committee Area

General Fund Spending and Revenue Change by Committee

Capital Investment, Chapter 136

Education Finance Appropriations, Chapter 116

-- Education Finance Levies, Chapter 116

Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture Finance, Chapter 114

-- Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, Chapter 52

Health & Human Services Finance Changes, Chapter 108

-- Health & Human Services Finance Appropriations, Chapter 108

-- Health & Human Services Finance, Supplemental Appropriations, Chapter 108

Higher Education Finance, Chapter 99

Jobs, Commerce and Housing Policy & Finance, Chapter 85

Judiciary & Public Safety Finance, Chapter 86

Legacy, Chapter 137 with Line-Item Vetoes

State Government Finance, Chapter 142

-- State Government Finance, Change Items Only, Chapter 142

Taxes - Revenue and Spending Changes, Chapter 143

Tax Aids & Credits, GF Detail, HF 677 3E

-- Property Tax Division Report - HF 2, Division Report

-- Federal Tax Conformity - Chapter 3

Transportation, Chapters 117 and 140

From time to time during the session, bills with fiscal impacts will move through the process. Those non-omnibus bills will be linked here:

2013 Session Legislative Tracking Sheets.

2013 Omnibus Pension Bill, Chapter 111

2013 Omnibus Elections Bill, Chapter 131

2012 Session Legislative Tracking Sheets.

2012 Chapter 299, Vikings Stadium & Lawful Gambling Modifications

2012 HF 2555, Sunset Review Changes

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