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Fiscal Analysis Department: Legislative Session Tracking Sheets

Each legislative session, the Department of Fiscal Analysis creates tracking sheets that record executive and legislative budget decisions. Tracking sheets are available for each finance committee, and for major bills that cross finance committee jurisdictions. Current legislative session tracking sheets are available, as well as historical documents for prior legislative sessions.

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Current Legislative Tracking Sheets.
(Tracking sheets from previous legislative sessions are also available.)

2015 Session Legislative Tracking Sheets
(These tracking sheets, for the 2015 Legislative session, are used for the biennial budgeting process for the fiscal years 2016-17 budget, and include the impact on fiscal years 2018-19).

Nov 2014 Forecast and Governor's January Budget Recommendations

Disaster Relief, Chapter 2

Deficiency Appropriations, SF 174, Conference Committee Report

Agriculture Finance

Capital Investment

Education Finance Appropriations: Governor's Recommendations

Environment & Natural Resources Finance

-- Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, HF 390 1E

Health & Human Services Finance: Governor's Recommendations

Higher Education Finance

Jobs Growth and Energy Affordability Policy & Finance

Legacy Finance

-- Clean Water Fund

-- Outdoor Heritage Fund

-- Parks and Trails Fund

Public Safety Finance

State Government Finance: Governor's Recommendations

-- State Government Finance - Change Items

Taxes: Governor's Recommendations

-- Taxes, Chapter 1: Federal Conformity and Destination Medical Center


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