Lawmakers worry student data vulnerable with state law behind the times
By Jonathan Avise
The State Capitol in St. Paul. Photo by Andrew VonBank

Data collected from Minnesota students’ school-issued devices would be more closely guarded under a bill heard Tuesday by a legislative data privacy panel.

Rep. Eric Lucero (R-Dayton) sponsors the legislation that would restrict how student data collected from software applications and computer devices can be used, accessed, sold, shared or retained.

Called the “Student Data Privacy Act,” HF1507 would complement existing student data rules in the Minnesota Data Practices Act and the federal Education Rights and Privacy Act.

The legislation represents an effort, Lucero said, to catch state law up with technological advances in the state’s schools. There have been “tremendous advances” in technology available to teachers and students since student data privacy provisions were first addressed in state law, he said. But those statutes have not necessarily kept up.

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House passes eye drop prescription refill mandate for health plans
By Ricky Campbell

The House passed a bill Wednesday that would require health plans that cover prescription eye drops to also cover refills for those eye drops.

House approves $35K in medical claims for eight injured people
By Ricky Campbell

Eight injured individuals would receive a combined $35,264 under a bill passed Wednesday by the House.

House passes update to individual item retail price labeling
By Ricky Campbell

Affixing individual pricing labels to things like groceries wouldn’t be required any longer, under a bill passed 130-0 Wednesday by the House.

Changes to CNA training reimbursement could increase access
By Tory Cooney

Under current law, nursing homes reimburse certified nursing assistants for some expenses related to their training and evaluation, even if the cost is covered by another entity...

Health Department official updates House committee on measles outbreak
By Tory Cooney

More than 50 cases of measles have been reported in Minnesota this spring, mostly amongst young children, making it the worst outbreak of the disease since 1990, Kristen Ehresma...

Omnibus health and human services bill heads for Dayton's desk
By Tory Cooney

The conferred bill would cut $482.44 million from projected state spending in the areas of health and human services during the 2018-19 biennium, totaling about $14 billion.

State government budget bill repasses House
By Ricky Campbell

The House on Tuesday repassed a $973.5 million spending bill that funds most executive branch agencies, the Legislature and constitutional offices.

Agriculture omnibus finance bill repassed by House
By Jonathan Mohr

The omnibus agriculture finance bill — initially passed in the House without a vote against it — was repassed by the House 77-53 Tuesday. A 10-member conference committee re...

Education finance bill moves to Senate after House repassage
By Lee Ann Schutz

Bill would increase General Education Basic Formula funding by 1.5 percent over the 2018-19 biennium.

House votes to honor soldiers’ sacrifice with highway designations
By Jonathan Avise

Lawmakers voted Tuesday to rename two stretches of Minnesota highway after fallen soldiers.

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Mediation ordered to work out legislative, gubernatorial funding dispute
By Mike Cook

The Minnesota Supreme Court has ordered the Legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton to use mediation to resolve a funding dispute. In an opinion issued Friday, the court also ruled that Dayton’s use of the line-item veto to strip biennial funding for the Legislature was constitutional.

Judge rules Dayton’s veto of Legislative funding violated constitution
By Jonathan Avise

A Ramsey County judge on Wednesday ruled that Gov. Mark Dayton’s line-item veto of legislative funding violated the state’s constitution.

House, Senate head toward lawsuit over governor's legislative funding veto
By Jonathan Avise

House and Senate leadership OK a resolution to seek outside legal representation in an effort to restore funding for the Legislature that Gov. Mark Dayton line-item vetoed earlier this week.

Weary lawmakers pass final budget bills, wrap 2017 special session
By Mike Cook

Day three of the 2017 special session saw lawmakers pass final omnibus bills to be sent to Gov. Mark Dayton, with weary House members wrapping up their work at 2:42 a.m. Friday following a week of long days — and nights — at the State Capitol.

'Inefficient and efficient at the same time': It’s conference committee season
By Ricky Campbell

Lawmakers on conference committees must sort through competing bills before finalizing a product to send to the governor.

Omnibus bills provide framework for the state's biennial budget plan
By Ricky Campbell

The budget process explained — and why it matters

Dayton’s budget proposal prioritizes health, education and transportation
By Ricky Campbell

$45 billion plan is about a 10 percent increase over current biennium

Dayton proposes $1.5 billion bonding bill
By Jonathan Avise

Governor urges lawmakers to pass a big capital investment bill during budget-setting year; House Speaker has expressed doubt over bonding this session

Session opens with a number of unresolved issues
By HPIS Staff

It was a day of selfies, swearings-in and standing ovations as the House opened the 2017­-18 biennial session Tuesday.