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About House Research Department

House Research was established by the House of Representatives in 1967 to provide research and legal services to the House and its members and committees. The work of House Research focuses on legislative decision-making, helping House members and committees develop and evaluate government policies and laws. The department is an agency of the House of Representatives as a whole.

House Research is nonpartisan: its services are available to all members of the House. The department strives to be politically neutral and impartial on issues.

House Research Mission

  • To help legislators and committees make informed legislative decisions, by providing information and analysis that is credible, accurate, and useful for legislative decisions.
  • To help legislators and committees develop legislation that carries out their legislative decisions, by providing expert and experienced help in developing and drafting legislation and in evaluating and understanding the effects of legislation.
  • To advise the House on legal matters arising from the conduct of House business. Attorneys in House Research serve as legal counsel to the House as a government agency.

How House Research Delivers Services

  • We handle requests from individual House members, ranging from answering research or policy questions to drafting bills and amendments. We treat all such requests as confidential, meaning that in fulfilling a request for services, the request, the member making the request, and the response will not be revealed to individuals outside House Research. House Research will occasionally cooperate with House Fiscal staff and the Office of the Revisor, on a confidential basis.
  • We provide legal and research staff support for each House committee. House Research staff are present at committee hearings and are available for answering questions, investigating policy issues, and providing amendment drafting services.
  • We summarize pending and enacted legislation:
  • We create publications and other web-based materials that provide information and analysis for use by all members of the House, other staff, and the general public.

Contact Information


Phone: 651-296-6753

Fax: 651-296-9887

House Research Department
600 State Office Building
St. Paul, MN  55155

House Research Department  ♦  600 State Office Building, Saint Paul, MN  55155  ♦  ♦  651-296-6753