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Bill Summaries: 2017–2018

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 1First engrossmentPremium Assistance and Insurance Market ReformsAll versions
HF 2First engrossmentFederal conformityAll versions
HF 3Conference committee reportREAL ID Act implementationAll versions
HF 4Conference committee report (CCRHF0004)Omnibus tax billAll versions
HF 5Fourth engrossmentMinnesota premium security planAll versions
HF 6The second delete everything amendment (H0006DE2)Public Utilities CommissionAll versions
HF 7First engrossmentMetropolitan Council, staggered termsAll versions
HF 8As amended by the author's amendment (H0008A1)Income tax credit for student loan payments 
HF 9As introducedPhased-in income tax exemption for social security benefits 
HF 10First engrossmentHealth insurance exchange; federally facilitated marketplaceAll versions
HF 12Delete everything amendment (H0012DE1)State general levy 
HF 13First engrossmentNonprofit corporationsAll versions
HF 14First engrossmentCapital Investment; Rural Finance AuthorityAll versions
HF 16As introducedModifying income tax credit for past military service 
HF 17As introducedExemption from Motor Vehicle Registration Tax for Disabled Veterans 
HF 17First engrossmentOLA transit financials auditingAll versions
HF 18As introducedEstate tax – increase exempt amount to the federal exclusion 
HF 19First engrossmentIncome tax credit for student loan paymentsAll versions
HF 20As amended by the author's amendment (H0020A1)Income tax credit for student loan payments 
HF 22As introducedReporting requirement exemption for revocable trusts for family farms 
HF 33As introducedLegislative approval required for sentencing guideline modifications 
HF 36As introducedProperty taxation of garage condominiums 
HF 40As introducedAllowing certain property to qualify for agricultural homestead classification 
HF 46First engrossmentChanges to real property statutes; recording; registration; and titlesAll versions
HF 51As introducedDisabled veteran's property tax exclusion 
HF 54With author's amendment (H0054A1)Sales tax exemption for Internet service machinery and equipment 
HF 77As introducedEstate tax – increase exemption 
HF 79As introducedAppropriating money for a veterans home in Fillmore County; authorizing the sale of bonds 
HF 83As introducedInsurance rate data; use of medical records in applying for transition of care coverage; verification of residency and eligibility for premium assistance 
HF 85As introducedRepeals estate tax 
HF 89With author's amendment (H0089A4)Angel investment credit modified and made permanent 
HF 90As amended with author's amendment (H0090A1)Research credit – allowing alternative computation 
HF 94First engrossmentDriver's license agent; New BrightonAll versions
HF 99As introducedInsurance Market Reform 
HF 102First engrossmentAmbulance Service IGTAll versions
HF 103First engrossmentMA Rate Increase for Ambulance ServicesAll versions
HF 106First engrossmentCommunity Medical Response Emergency Medical Technician ServicesAll versions
HF 107As introducedPremium Assistance and Transition of Care Coverage 
HF 111As introducedRaffles conducted by candidate 
HF 112As introducedLocal government finance, reverse referendum for certain leases 
HF 113First engrossmentEnergyAll versions
HF 115As introducedIncome tax subtraction for meal expenses of first responders 
HF 118As introducedSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 
HF 119First engrossmentDisabled veterans homestead exclusion modificationsAll versions
HF 122First engrossmentStart seeing motorcycles special plate; endorsement fee allocationAll versions
HF 123As introducedPremium cigar tax 
HF 124First engrossmentDitch mowing in road right-of-wayAll versions
HF 135As introducedI-94/494/694 interchange study 
HF 136As introducedZero-based budgeting 
HF 137As introducedSales tax exemption for bullion and bullion coins 
HF 138With the author's amendment (H0138A1)Repealing June accelerated sales and use and excise tax payments 
HF 139First engrossmentChild Care Assistance Program Maximum Reimbursement RatesAll versions
HF 140Conference committee reportTeacher licensure changesAll versions
HF 146As introducedFull-service community schools 
HF 149As IntroducedSchool finance task force 
HF 150As introducedScopes on Muzzleloaders 
HF 153As introducedExpanding allowed use of Hermantown local sales tax 
HF 154As introducedAllows Proctor to increase its local sales tax; validates previous extensions of the tax 
HF 155First engrossmentIncome tax subtraction for medical care expensesAll versions
HF 156First engrossment, with the author's amendment (H0156A4)Income tax subtraction for charity care provided by medical professionalsAll versions
HF 163As introducedDue dates for property tax payments on rural vacant land 
HF 166With the author's amendment (H0166A1)Fiscal disparities program; limiting contributions for certain municipalities 
HF 171As introducedSchool building bond agricultural credit 
HF 172As introducedClay County local sales and use tax to finance a correctional and law enforcement facility 
HF 174As introducedHomestead credit state refund; agricultural property 
HF 179Fourth engrossmentProhibiting the use of ignition interlock devices enabled with location tracking capabilitiesAll versions
HF 182As introducedDefinition of resident for income and estate tax purposes 
HF 183With author's amendment (H0183DE1)Refundable credit for taxes paid to other states 
HF 184As introducedPredatory Offenses 
HF 186As amended by the author's amendment (H0186A2)Providing a vendor allowance for those collecting and remitting the sales taxAll versions
HF 188As introducedConstitutional right to carry firearm 
HF 191As introducedAllows the city of Moose Lake to impose a local sales tax for various projects 
HF 192First EngrossmentDriving without a valid license penaltiesAll versions
HF 199First engrossmentNoxious weedsAll versions
HF 200As introducedStudy of agricultural valuation based on production value 
HF 201As introducedMetropolitan Council 
HF 202As introducedException for dental providers from the state health care program participation requirement 
HF 204First engrossmentHighway construction costs studyAll versions
HF 208First engrossmentAgricultural preservesAll versions
HF 210As introducedIncome tax – residency definition 
HF 211As introducedState general levy 
HF 213As introducedPhased-in income tax exemption for social security benefits 
HF 214The delete everything amendment (H0214DE1)Sales tax exemption for bullion coinAll versions
HF 215As introducedModify the sales tax exemption for nonprofit fund-raising events on leased property 
HF 217As introducedSpecial closing times during the Super Bowl 
HF 225First engrossmentMA Asset and Spenddown StandardsAll versions
HF 226As amended (H0226A1)Gambling taxes – lawful purpose expenditure deductionAll versions
HF 227As introducedEconomic development; revising contents of required cost-of-living study 
HF 231As introducedCorridors of Commerce appropriations 
HF 232As introducedHeritage Funding – Veterans Related 
HF 234As introducedRegulation of municipal utilities and rural electric cooperatives 
HF 235Second engrossmentSolar energyAll versions
HF 237Delete everything amendment H237DE5Direct Contracting Pilot ProgramAll versions
HF 238First engrossmentJustifiable use of deadly force in self-defenseAll versions
HF 241As introducedCompressed natural gas (CNG) tax rate 
HF 242As introducedAllows the city of Walker to impose a local sales tax for various projects 
HF 244As introducedBoard of appeals and equalization course waiver 
HF 246As introducedRedistricting Principles and Commission 
HF 248As introducedTax credit for overvalued property