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Bill Summaries: 2013–2014

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 1As IntroducedRepaying the School District Aid Payment Shift 
HF 2First committee engrossmentProperty and Local Tax Division ReportAll versions
HF 3As introducedMinnesota Investment Fund 
HF 4As introducedMinnesota Trade Office 
HF 5Ninth engrossmentHealth insurance exchangeAll versions
HF 5Conference Committee ReportHealth insurance exchange 
HF 6First engrossmentIncome tax federal conformity for tax year 2012All versions
HF 8The H0008A13 amendmentForeclosures; loan modification requests 
HF 9Third EngrossmentMedical Assistance ExpansionAll versions
HF 16As IntroducedHiring and unemployment status 
HF 19Second EngrossmentMultiparty accounts and agency designationAll versions
HF 20First Data Practices Subcommittee EngrossmentData Practices; Personal Contact InformationAll versions
HF 31As IntroducedSchool Lunch Aid; Increasing State Reimbursement for Reduced Price Meals 
HF 34As amended by H0034A2Requiring persons to pass the basic skills examination before enrolling in a teacher preparation programAll versions
HF 37As introducedCorporate franchise tax – throwback sales rule 
HF 39As IntroducedLocal sales tax in the city of Walker 
HF 40First engrossmentGuardian and Conservator Appointment and Criminal Background ChecksAll versions
HF 46As introducedNeighborhood Development Center 
HF 53As IntroducedSchool District Aid Payment Shift; Requiring a Three-fifths Passage Rate 
HF 54First engrossmentConsumer FraudAll versions
HF 55As introducedCarlton County levy for Sawyer Cemetery 
HF 57As introducedModifying the levy authority of the Cook-Orr Hospital District 
HF 59As introducedMilitary; Income tax subtraction for military retirement pay; no phase-in 
HF 60As introducedMilitary; 5-year phase-in of income tax subtraction for military retirement pay 
HF 61As IntroducedVeterans; Reducing the rate of the income-based reduction of the income tax credit for past military service 
HF 62As IntroducedVeterans; broadening eligibility for a tax credit for past military service 
HF 63As introducedIncome tax federal conformity for tax year 2012 
HF 64As introducedQualifying the South St. Paul School District for Alternative Facilities Revenue 
HF 66First engrossmentDrainageAll versions
HF 67As introducedSales tax filing requirements and vendor allowances 
HF 68As introducedHonor and Remember Flag 
HF 71The delete everything amendment (H0071DE2)Estate tax – conforming to federal exemption amount 
HF 74As introducedAmbulance Service Payment Rates 
HF 75First engrossmentCommunity paramedicsAll versions
HF 80As introducedDebt buying and collection on default judgments 
HF 81As IntroducedAuthorization to impose aggregate tax 
HF 83Second engrossmentMortgage foreclosure notice requirements and limits on “dual tracking”All versions
HF 84Third engrossmentDog and Cat Breeder Regulation BillAll versions
HF 87As introducedMortgage satisfaction, partial satisfaction, affidavit of survivorship 
HF 88First engrossmentVeterans; Rehabilitation presumed through honorable military serviceAll versions
HF 90First engrossmentFinancial exploitation of a vulnerable adultAll versions
HF 91As amended (H0091A2 author's amendment)Tobacco Taxation 
HF 924th engrossmentMinimum wageAll versions
HF 102As introducedLimiting market value increases for properties on Central Corridor LRT line 
HF 104As introducedDakota County Community Development Agency (CDA) – special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 105As IntroducedAuthorizing Funding for Voluntary Full-Day Kindergarten 
HF 107First engrossmentChild care provider absent days reimbursementAll versions
HF 109First EngrossmentNew veterans nursing home authorized, to be located in Brainerd 
HF 110As IntroducedBrainerd Civic Center/Bonding Request 
HF 111As introducedPSEO enrollment priorities for otherwise qualified veterans 
HF 113As amended by H0113A1Cyrus/Morris School District Consolidation 
HF 114As introducedCity of Oakdale – special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 118As introducedExpands the existing sales tax for public safety radio purchases to the entire state 
HF 119As introducedNursing Facility Property Rate Increase 
HF 122First engrossmentVacancies in Nomination; Non-partisan OfficesAll versions
HF 123First EngrossmentReview of excess MnDOT propertyAll versions
HF 126As introducedHomestead credit refund for homeowners and renter property tax refund 
HF 128First engrossmentSolid waste collection in cities and townsAll versions
HF 129First engrossmentForeclosure Consultant definition 
HF 130As IntroducedBoard of Accountancy 
HF 131As introducedEstate Sales 
HF 134As IntroducedRepaying the School District Aid Payment Shifts 
HF 135As introducedUse of Laser Sights by Visually Impaired Hunters 
HF 136Third engrossmentDefinition of public official, campaign finance, and public disclosureAll versions
HF 138As introducedMini trucks 
HF 139As introducedNursing Facility Operating Payment Rate Increase 
HF 141As introducedSoil and water conservation districts, redistricting schedule 
HF 142As introducedCriminal Sexual Conduct 
HF 145As IntroducedVeterans; appropriating money for homeless veterans outreach and services 
HF 146As introducedOfficer Tom Decker Memorial Highway 
HF 147As introducedCultural competency training for educators 
HF 149As introducedSale of State Nursery Plantings to Soil and Water Conservation Districts 
HF 150As IntroducedMilitary; Prisoners of War - Missing in Action; memorializing Congress 
HF 1511st EngrossmentPesticide applicator education and certificationAll versions
HF 152As introducedTransportation Department ombudsperson 
HF 153As introducedAdjusting Legislative District Boundaries 
HF 155First engrossmentNotaries Public 
HF 157Sixth engrossmentRegulation of bullion coin dealersAll versions
HF 161First engrossmentHomicide victims; probateAll versions
HF 162As introducedState Park Permits for Disabled 
HF 164As introducedRadiation Therapy Facilities Construction 
HF 165As amended by H0165A1Additional funding for Recovery School Programs 
HF 166As introducedAllowing pupils temporarily placed in a care and treatment center to continue participating in district extracurricular activities 
HF 168As introducedLiquor License for Valley Fair 
HF 169As introducedScopes on Muzzleloaders 
HF 171As introducedRepealing the requirement that teacher candidates pass a basic skills exam before receiving a teaching license 
HF 172As IntroducedFederal contingency planning 
HF 173As introducedRenter property tax refund; percentage of rent constituting property tax 
HF 174With author's amendment H0174A1Property tax exemption for nonprofit property owned by Indian tribes 
HF 176As introducedMA Dental Coverage for Disabled Adults 
HF 181Second engrossmentHealth insurance coverage of autism spectrum disordersAll versions
HF 182As IntroducedBeer educator license established 
HF 183First EngrossmentGovernment data; breaches of security 
HF 184As introducedPublic Safety; firearms; establishment of a voluntary registry 
HF 185As IntroducedMayo Civic Center/Bonding Request 
HF 186As IntroducedBeer tastings allowed 
HF 193As introducedNo-excuse absentee voting 
HF 194As introducedPreventing fraud in money transmissions 
HF 195First engrossmentDieticians and nutritionists; prescription protocolAll versions
HF 197As introducedRecounts 
HF 198As introducedIncreasing the compulsory attendance age 
HF 199As IntroducedSpecial firefighter plates 
HF 201As IntroducedEmergency Medical Services 
HF 204As introducedLevel I Trauma Center Payment Rates 
HF 205As IntroducedMortgage and Deed Tax Reinstatement 
HF 206As introducedResearch Credit 
HF 207First engrossmentOutdoor Heritage Fund AppropriationsAll versions
HF 208As introducedBloomington South Loop development authority 
HF 210As introducedTrunk Highway 14 appropriations 
HF 211As introducedHighway 14 project planning 
HF 212First EngrossmentAppeals in certain tax mattersAll versions
HF 213As introducedHennepin County Pilot and MA Copayments 
HF 214Delete everything amendment (H0214DE3)Basic Health Program 
HF 215As introducedOccupational therapists 
HF 216As IntroducedLegislative Days 
HF 218As introducedPermanent Deer License for Disabled Veterans 
HF 220First engrossmentChild care licensing requirementAll versions
HF 222As introducedI-694/Rice St. interchange 
HF 224As amended by Elections CommitteeMail ballotingAll versions
HF 225As IntroducedRed Lake School District; Maximum Effort Capital Loan 
HF 226As introducedLocal road and bridge bonding 
HF 228First engrossmentWildfire arsonAll versions
HF 232Second engrossmentStatutory Short Form Power of AttorneyAll versions
HF 234As introducedAuthorizing a school district to renew an operating referendum by board approval 
HF 235As IntroducedSchool District Aid Payment Shifts; Requiring a Three-fifths Passage Rate 
HF 237Delete-everything amendment (H0237DE5)FirearmsAll versions
HF 238As introducedUnlawful possession of firearms on school property 
HF 239As introducedViolating private land owners' firearm prohibitions 
HF 240As introducedFirearms Access for Mentally Ill 
HF 241As introducedAssault Weapon Regulation 
HF 242As introducedRegulating Large Capacity Magazines for Firearms 
HF 244As introducedFirearms 
HF 247First EngrossmentImplementing integration revenue replacement advisory task force recommendationsAll versions
HF 248As IntroducedSchool District Equalization Levels for Debt Service and Operating Referenda 
HF 251As introducedFarmer-lender mediation 
HF 252First engrossmentTransfer of child protection proceedings to tribal courtAll versions
HF 253As IntroducedState Auditor Enterprise Fund 
HF 256As introducedMFIP Family Cap 
HF 261First engrossmentAllowing school districts to begin the school year before Labor dayAll versions
HF 262As IntroducedSpinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury research 
HF 263First engrossmentCrime of violence 
HF 266As IntroducedBrewer taprooms in municipal cities 
HF 270Second engrossmentOmnibus Capital InvestmentAll versions
HF 272As introducedPort Development Assistance Program 
HF 274As introducedTwin Cities Army Ammunition Plant highways 
HF 275As introducedCapitol Security 
HF 276As introducedRights of corporations; federal constitutional amendment 
HF 278As introducedUniform Electronic Material Act 
HF 279First engrossmentLegislative Auditor to take over audit of JOBZ; Dairy Research, Teaching, and Consumer Education Authority 
HF 283As introducedCollaborative law process; exceptions for testimony of witnesses 
HF 284As amended (with H0284A3 author's amendment)Tobacco TaxationAll versions
HF 285First EngrossmentFirearmsAll versions
HF 286As IntroducedEmerge Career and Technology Center 
HF 288As IntroducedAllowing the sales tax exemption for capital equipment at the time of purchase 
HF 289As IntroducedSpecial Anatomical Gift plate 
HF 290First EngrossmentFalse Claims ActAll versions
HF 291Second engrossmentAssisted reproduction, determination of paternity and maternityAll versions
HF 292First engrossmentJob training cost reimbursement/tax creditAll versions
HF 295As amended by H0295A1Exempts certain purchases by local governments from the sales tax 
HF 296First engrossmentMental healthAll versions
HF 297As IntroducedModifies the Rochester local lodging tax and repeals its food and beverage tax 
HF 298As IntroducedPublic Safety; Firearms; State Preemption of Local Regulatory Authority Repealed in Part 
HF 300First engrossmentNotice to quit or pay prior to evictionAll versions
HF 301As introducedClarifying local education and employment transitions system objectives 
HF 304As IntroducedAllowing the sales tax exemption for capital equipment at the time of purchase 
HF 307As IntroducedPublic Safety; Firearms; Issuing Authority for Permit-to-Carry a Pistol is Changed from Sheriff to Chief of Police 
HF 308As introducedBody Armor 
HF 310First engrossmentCultural and Ethnic Leadership Communities CouncilAll versions
HF 312As introducedAuthoring a technology levy for Lake Superior School District 
HF 314As introducedCity of Canby – tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 315As introducedFood Shelves and Food Stamp Outreach 
HF 316First engrossmentMotor vehicle transaction feesAll versions
HF 318With author's amendment (H0318A4)Federal conformityAll versions
HF 319As introducedModifying local lodging tax authority 
HF 320As introducedSchool energy conservation loans 
HF 321First engrossmentMinneapolis park dedication feeAll versions
HF 322As introducedAgriculture education 
HF 324As introducedModifying the allowed uses of the Clearwater local sales tax 
HF 326As introducedFergus Falls - border city development zone authority 
HF 327As introducedIce Fishing 
HF 328Second engrossmentMinnesota Task Force on PrematurityAll versions
HF 330As introducedCourt of Appeals judges; reimbursement housing/travel expenses 
HF 333As introducedModifying the definition of income for the property tax refund program 
HF 334Second EngrossmentEarly votingAll versions
HF 336As introducedSchool lunch aid policy and funding 
HF 337First engrossmentProperty taxation; providing an exemption for certain utility personal property 
HF 338Third engrossmentEminent domain compensation with respect to a high-voltage transmission lineAll versions
HF 348First engrossmentEligibility for driver's license and identification cardAll versions
HF 349As introducedBiofuel 
HF 350As introducedSpecial service districts, housing improvement areas, repeal of expiration date 
HF 351First engrossmentIron Range Resources and Rehabilitation BoardAll versions
HF 353First engrossmentSchool-linked mental health servicesAll versions
HF 354As introducedMaking in-depth preparation in child and adolescent mental illness a requirement for teacher re-licensure 
HF 356First engrossmentUsing safe school levy proceeds for collaborating with mental health professionalsAll versions
HF 357First engrossmentChildren's mental healthAll versions
HF 358First engrossmentChildren's mental healthAll versions
HF 359First engrossmentChildren's mental healthAll versions
HF 361As introducedProviding education in care and treatment settings 
HF 362First engrossmentMFIP Child Care AssistanceAll versions
HF 363First engrossmentEstablishing minimum student/counselor ratiosAll versions
HF 364As introducedIncreasing Funding For School Extended Time Programs 
HF 365First engrossmentElectronic funds transfers and Article 4A of the Uniform Commercial CodeAll versions
HF 366First engrossmentBuilding Grants from State Bond Proceeds: Rushford-Peterson; Moose LakeAll versions
HF 367First EngrossmentRanked-Choice Voting AuthorizationAll versions
HF 368As IntroducedRedevelopment demolition loans 
HF 369As introducedUniform Community Property Rights at Death Act 
HF 371As IntroducedVeterans; CVSO grant program modified; money appropriated 
HF 374As introducedCounty Timber Intermediate Auction Sales 
HF 375As introducedNursing Facility Operating Payment Rate Increase 
HF 377As amended (H0377A1)Extends the Central Minnesota Cities (St. Cloud area) local sales tax 
HF 382As introducedFood Shelves 
HF 383As amended by the H0383A3 amendmentLocation Equity Revenue 
HF 386As introducedEstate taxation 
HF 387As introducedCritical access mental health services rate increase 
HF 388As amended by author's amendment (H0388A1)Estate tax – filing requirement and exemption amountAll versions
HF 389First engrossmentExtending E911 and Telecommunications Access Minnesota fees to prepaid wireless customersAll versions
HF 390The delete everything amendment (H0390DE1)Minnesota State Academies; bonding for design of new residence hall 
HF 391As introducedImpounded domestic animals 
HF 392First engrossmentJuvenile delinquency hearings/recordsAll versions
HF 393First engrossmentCompensatory Revenue Authorized for Early Education ProgramsAll versions
HF 395As IntroducedAutism Spectrum Disorder/Employment Supports 
HF 396As introducedSt. David's Center for Child and Family Development 
HF 397As introducedQualifying the Inver Grove Heights School District for Alternative Facilities Revenue 
HF 400As introducedTrunk Highway 610 
HF 404First engrossmentReturn on taxpayer investmentAll versions
HF 406As introducedLocal government debt limits, tax, and other limits based on market value 
HF 408As introducedDental Reimbursement 
HF 409First engrossmentRochester Area Medical Center Development AuthorityAll versions
HF 410First EngrossmentRestitution; victim's estateAll versions
HF 411As introducedForfeiture; prostitution and sex trafficking offenses 
HF 413As IntroducedProviding for inflation adjustments in PILT payments 
HF 415As introducedTransfer of assets; pooled trusts 
HF 416As introducedGeneral Education Basic Formula Allowance; Linked to Inflation Rate 
HF 421As introducedHydroelectric power loan program 
HF 424As IntroducedSpecial Red Cross plate 
HF 426As IntroducedProviding for a method of calculating the sales tax on motor vehicle paint and materials 
HF 427As IntroducedPermitted Charges for Providing Health Records to Patients 
HF 428As amended by H0258A1Expand the existing sales tax exemption for public safety radio systems 
HF 430As introducedFamily Economic Security Act 
HF 431As introducedFund Transfer; St. Cloud School District 
HF 434As introducedFranklin Avenue bridge 
HF 435First engrossmentAdvanced practice registered nursesAll versions
HF 436First engrossmentWastewater Use Project FundingAll versions
HF 437As introducedHigher education; governor's budget (initial recommendation) 
HF 440As introducedState Guardian Ad Litem Board 
HF 444As IntroducedTwin Cities RISE! 
HF 446As introducedBuilding and service contracts and indemnification agreements 
HF 448As IntroducedSchool Lunch Aid; increasing the state reimbursement by 2 cents for each lunch served 
HF 449First EngrossmentStatewide Public Safety Radio Communications FundingAll versions
HF 450First engrossmentClaims related to real property; limitations periodAll versions
HF 452As introducedCity of Maple Grove – special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 453As introducedPsychologists; medical assistance coverage 
HF 455As introducedChemical health navigation program 
HF 457As Introduced$85,000 Grant to Minnesota State Academies for Kitchen Upgrade 
HF 458Third engrossmentBanning Formaldehyde in Children's ProductsAll versions
HF 459Second engrossmentSale of children's food containers with Bisphenol-AAll versions
HF 461First EngrossmentHybrid and Narrow-Leaved CattailsAll versions
HF 462First engrossmentBiofuel use mandate; motor vehicle fuelAll versions
HF 463As introducedEmployment accommodations and leave for pregnant women 
HF 465As introducedI-494 expansion 
HF 466As amended by H0466A1Exempts certain purchases by local governments from the sales tax 
HF 467As introducedRange Regional Airport GO bonds 
HF 469As amended by H0469A1Exempts certain purchases by local governments from the sales tax 
HF 473First engrossmentOmnibus agriculture finance billAll versions
HF 474First engrossmentAutomatic License Plate Reader Data 
HF 476With the H0476A1 amendmentModify the list of cities that receive a portion of the Rochester sales tax 
HF 477First engrossmentStandardizing requirements for an adult high school diplomaAll versions
HF 479As introducedCertificates of Good Conduct 
HF 482First engrossmentSurvivability of ActionsAll versions
HF 483Second EngrossmentNewborn Screening for Critical Congenital Heart DiseaseAll versions
HF 485First EngrossmentSexually exploited youthAll versions
HF 487As IntroducedAutomated traffic enforcement 
HF 490As introducedDepartment of Revenue tax policy provisions, data practices only 
HF 491First engrossmentRestoration of Civil RightsAll versions
HF 496As introducedExpedited Issuance of Food Stamps 
HF 497As introducedReattaching the St. Paul airport to the city and school district tax bases 
HF 500As introducedDriver's license filing fee 
HF 502As introducedAdoption assistance 
HF 504As introducedWorkers' compensation reinsurance 
HF 507First engrossment (with author's amendment H0507A2)Tax Expenditure Advisory CommissionAll versions
HF 511As introducedLocal government, financing parks, trails and recreational facilities 
HF 515As introducedBorder city enterprise zone allocations 
HF 520As introducedUtility License for Crossing Public Lands 
HF 524As introducedRates for Congregate Living for Individuals with Lower Needs 
HF 525As AmendedVeterans, Reciprocity Exam 
HF 526First EngrossmentUniform Faithful Presidential Electors ActAll versions
HF 527As introducedMoney transmitters 
HF 528As introducedPublic housing rehabilitation funding 
HF 529As introducedCity of Maplewood – tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 530As IntroducedMotor vehicle driving rules and bicycles 
HF 531As IntroducedParking in bicycle lanes 
HF 532First EngrossmentBusiness income tax credit for employers who hire veteransAll versions
HF 533As introducedBusiness income tax credit for employers who hire certain veterans 
HF 534As introducedCenters for Independent Living 
HF 536Second EngrossmentContract for deed noticeAll versions
HF 537As introducedFiscal disparities; freezing tax rates used to determine distribution levies 
HF 538As introducedFamily Assets for Independence 
HF 542First EngrossmentState employmentAll versions
HF 548As IntroducedUse of American Steel 
HF 549As introducedSt. Cloud Civic Center bonding 
HF 550As introducedIntegrated behavioral health care 
HF 554Delete everything amendment (H0554DE1)Property taxation; sustainable forest incentive act payments 
HF 555As IntroducedVeterans; extending the effective period of the homestead market value exclusion for the surviving spouse of a deceased service member, or the surviving spouse of a 100 percent total-and-permanent disabled veteran 
HF 558As introducedGrave markers or memorial monuments for unmarked graves 
HF 562First engrossmentProviding medical assistance coverage for licensed professional counseling servicesAll versions
HF 563As introducedProperty taxation; partial payments 
HF 565As introducedLease termination of unmarried tenant living alone 
HF 567First EngrossmentSolar energy in state buildingsAll versions
HF 568First EngrossmentSick leave benefitsAll versions
HF 572As introducedCompliance orders/misrepresentation of employee relationship 
HF 573Fourth engrossmentHealth insurance for school employeesAll versions
HF 576As introducedSecretary of state; authorization to solicit funds 
HF 577As introducedUnemployment tax rate 
HF 578As introducedConstruction codes and licensing; combative sports 
HF 579As IntroducedSchool District Equalization Levels for Debt Service and Operating Referenda 
HF 580First EngrossmentSafe-at-Home program 
HF 582As IntroducedAccreditation of Advanced Diagnostic Imaging 
HF 583As introducedWater Quality and Soil Conservation Standards and Practices 
HF 584First Data Practices Subcommittee EngrossmentTransportation and transit user dataAll versions
HF 585As introducedBlaze Orange Requirements for Ground Blinds 
HF 588Fourth engrossmentHospital Staffing LevelsAll versions
HF 589First EngrossmentTreatment of Genetic Information held by the Department of HealthAll versions
HF 590As introducedAssaulting transit operator 
HF 591As introducedVacancies in Nomination – Partisan Office 
HF 592Delete everything amendment (H0592DE2)Transfer of Crosswinds school to the Perpich CenterAll versions
HF 594As IntroducedSpecial Breast Cancer Research plate 
HF 595First EngrossmentPollinator habitatAll versions
HF 597As introducedCity of Savage – tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 602Second engrossmentModifying unemployment benefit eligibilityAll versions
HF 604First Data Practices Subcommittee EngrossmentPublic employee settlementsAll versions
HF 605Amended by author's H0605DE3Harmful chemicals in children's productsAll versions
HF 606As amended by author's amendment (H0606A1)Tax increment financing (TIF) for compact development and transit oriented development 
HF 607First engrossmentOptometristsAll versions
HF 608As introducedTax increment financing – extend temporary authority under 2010 Jobs Bill 
HF 613First engrossmentBoard of Water and Soil Resources AuthorityAll versions
HF 614First engrossmentLocal Water Management Performance ReviewAll versions
HF 617As introducedTIF for transit related improvements 
HF 619As introducedFederally Qualified Health Centers 
HF 622As introducedMinnesota Youth Council Committee 
HF 623As introducedBiomass energy 
HF 626As introducedMinnesota Film and TV Board 
HF 630Conference committee reportOmnibus K-12 Education Finance and Policy BillAll versions
HF 631First engrossmentMental health workforce developmentAll versions
HF 634Second engrossmentWeights and measures for bulk fuelAll versions
HF 636As introducedElevator licensing 
HF 637Third EngrossmentTask Force on Election Integrity; RecommendationsAll versions
HF 638As introducedVision therapy pilot project 
HF 639As IntroducedMnSCU purchasing 
HF 642As introducedConsumer Fraud 
HF 646Second engrossmentConcurrent driver's education; task forceAll versions
HF 647Third engrossmentDepartment of Commerce policy billAll versions
HF 649As introducedTwin Cities Public Television bonding 
HF 652As introducedTeacher skills test requirements for licensure 
HF 653Second EngrossmentOpen meeting law and social mediaAll versions
HF 654First engrossmentPreneed funeral insuranceAll versions
HF 657As introducedRemoval of Spear Fishing Restrictions on Certain Lakes 
HF 658As IntroducedTaconite School Districts; Levy Reduction through Taconite Production Tax Revenue 
HF 660As introducedProviding that certain equipment used in various fermentation processes is not real property 
HF 661As introducedExtending the sales tax to cosmetic procedures 
HF 662Second EngrossmentHealth Department (MDH) PolicyAll versions
HF 663As IntroducedNewborn screening fees and support services 
HF 664As introducedCampaign Finance 
HF 666As introducedAllocation of federal cap on private activity tax-exempt bonds 
HF 668As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) – adjustment to original tax capacity for the homestead market value exclusion 
HF 669As introducedPublic safety, Statewide Radio Board 
HF 672As IntroducedAcute Strokes 
HF 673As introducedYouth intervention programs 
HF 674With author's amendment H0674A1Income and corporate tax subtraction for fitness facility fees 
HF 677Conference Committee Report (CCRHF0677)Omnibus Tax BillAll versions
HF 681Second engrossmentChild Victims ActAll versions
HF 683Second engrossmentLegislative Water Commission/Water ManagementAll versions
HF 685As introducedEstablishing alternative routes to a standard diploma for students who are at-risk of not graduating and off-track to graduate 
HF 686As introducedMinnesota Children's Museum bonding 
HF 687As introducedState and Local Primary Election Dates 
HF 688First engrossmentAllowing schools to maintain a supply of epinephrine auto-injectorsAll versions
HF 689As introducedFetal alcohol syndrome; appropriation 
HF 690First EngrossmentCriminal history/employmentAll versions
HF 692As introducedSpecial assessments, adding to the definition of unimproved property for the purposes of deferments 
HF 694First engrossmentDebt CollectionAll versions
HF 695First engrossmentData Practices OmnibusAll versions
HF 697First EngrossmentHomeless Youth Task ForceAll versions
HF 698As introducedHomeless Youth Act 
HF 699As introducedLocal governments reimbursed for public safety personnel on authorized leave 
HF 703As introducedChild Care Assistance Programs 
HF 704As introducedFamily Reunification Act 
HF 706As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) – extending 2010 Jobs Bill provisions 
HF 707As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) – five-year rule 
HF 708As introducedCounty wheelage tax 
HF 709As IntroducedLocal option transportation taxes 
HF 712With the A13-0364 amendmentRental vehicle taxesAll versions
HF 716As introducedClarifying testing requirements for teacher licensure 
HF 717As introducedVehicle Registration and Licensing Exemptions 
HF 719As amended by the author's amendment (H0719A1)Sales tax exemption for St. John's University 
HF 722As IntroducedProperty Tax Payment Due Dates 
HF 724Second engrossmentPublic Safety Omnibus Finance BillAll versions
HF 729Conference Committee ReportOmnibus jobs and economic development billAll versions
HF 731Second engrossmentDNR Policy BillAll versions
HF 732As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) – four-year rule 
HF 737Second engrossmentMPCA Policy BillAll versions
HF 738As introducedMetropolitan Council housekeeping bill 
HF 739Third engrossmentDHS Children & Family Services Policy BillAll versions
HF 740Second engrossmentOmnibus Lands BillAll versions
HF 742Fourth engrossmentOmnibus Game and Fish BillAll versions
HF 744As introducedBail bond reinstatement fee 
HF 745Second engrossmentMunicipal street improvement districtsAll versions
HF 746First engrossmentOmnibus Liquor Bill 
HF 747As introducedProperty taxation; seasonal recreational property 
HF 748First EngrossmentPrompt payment of wagesAll versions
HF 749As introducedFunding of a minor league ball park and other economic activities in St. Paul 
HF 750As introducedSt. Paul Capital Improvement Program bonding 
HF 751As introducedCentral Corridor LRT station 
HF 752As introducedEminent domain, discharge of a portion of an easement 
HF 753As introducedLocal authority over flashing red lights 
HF 755As introducedGeneral Education Revenue; Low Revenue Disparity Reduced 
HF 757First EngrossmentMinnesota ZooAll versions
HF 759As introducedVolunteer first responder tax credit 
HF 760First engrossmentDHS State Operated Services Policy BillAll versions
HF 761As IntroducedMnDOT housekeeping and policy 
HF 763As introducedEmployment provisions/federal conformity 
HF 765As IntroducedOffice of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution 
HF 766First engrossmentHennepin County Pilot ProjectAll versions
HF 767Second EngrossmentDHS Continuing Care Policy BillAll versions
HF 771First engrossmentClarifications on using restrictive proceduresAll versions
HF 773The delete everything amendment (H0773DE1)Solar energy 
HF 774First engrossmentVehicle manufacturers and distributors regulationsAll versions
HF 775As introducedCity of Apple Valley – special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 776As introducedCity of Apple Valley – special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 777As introducedReimbursement Rate Increases for Continuing Care Providers 
HF 778First engrossmentDNR Forestry BillAll versions
HF 779Fifth EngrossmentHealth insurance exchange: federal ACA compliance and market rulesAll versions
HF 780As introducedWaste heat recovery 
HF 781As introducedCities; nonprofits exempt from certain fees and charges 
HF 782First Data Practices Subcommittee EngrossmentNewborn Hearing ScreeningAll versions
HF 789First EngrossmentOpen Educational Resource CouncilAll versions
HF 790As introducedConditional Release of Sex Offenders 
HF 791Second engrossmentRequiring suitability in marketing of annuitiesAll versions
HF 792As introducedWaiver of liability for negligent conduct 
HF 796First engrossmentMinneapolis and St. Paul entertainment facilities coordinationAll versions
HF 798As introducedTransportation-related data 
HF 799As introducedInterstate Compact; National Popular Vote for President 
HF 800First EngrossmentCounties: Allowing counties to change certain elected offices to appointed positionsAll versions
HF 801As introducedKandiyohi County, auditor-treasurer, recorder may be appointed 
HF 802As introducedDefining the sale of coin-operated amusement devices as a sale for resale 
HF 803As introducedMnDOT land conveyance 
HF 804As introducedCorrections access to offender employment data 
HF 805As introducedEstate and gift taxation 
HF 806As introducedEstate tax; pass-through entities 
HF 808As IntroducedAdult Basic Education; Growth Factor Increased from Two to Three Percent 
HF 811First engrossmentAviation taxesAll versions
HF 813As introducedInvasive Species Training Requirements for Service Providers 
HF 816First engrossmentRadon testing; “Janet's Law”All versions
HF 817As introducedPrivate Detective licensing 
HF 818As introducedMinnesota Principals' Academy; Appropriation 
HF 819As introducedPublic Facilities Authority Program Modifications 
HF 820First engrossmentHealth Care PolicyAll versions
HF 821As IntroducedAuthorizing Funding for Voluntary Full-Day Kindergarten 
HF 823As introducedCity of Glencoe – tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 824As IntroducedMinnesota Health Records Act 
HF 825Delete everything amendment (H0825DE1)Health and Safety Revenue; Authorizing Certain School Safety ProjectsAll versions
HF 826Sixth engrossmentCreating safe and supportive schools; prohibiting student bullyingAll versions
HF 828First EngrossmentBCA data; background checksAll versions
HF 829Second engrossmentTenant's rights in residential housingAll versions
HF 830As introducedElk River School District; Equity Revenue Adjustment 
HF 831As introducedFund Transfer; Elk River School District 
HF 833As introducedTransfer of the Harambee community school to the Roseville School District 
HF 834As introducedMetropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee continued 
HF 839As IntroducedUniversity of Minnesota venues expanded 
HF 841First engrossmentMA Long-Term Care Assessments 
HF 843As amended by the author's H0843A1Energy conservation 
HF 844First engrossmentHome and community based care/representationAll versions
HF 847As introducedJoint office for public-private partnerships 
HF 848As introducedBirth records; adoption information 
HF 851As introducedBusiness income tax credit for employers who hire veterans 
HF 854As introducedEnergy conservation programs for low-income consumers 
HF 855As IntroducedState government resource recovery 
HF 856As introducedAdult mental health 
HF 857First engrossmentInsurance surcharge; pension funding 
HF 859Third engrossmentLandlord and tenant remedies related to victims of violenceAll versions
HF 860As introducedIncreasing the length of time English language learning aid is available 
HF 863Second engrossmentCampaign FinanceAll versions
HF 865As introducedPromoting waste reduction and recycling through product stewardship 
HF 866First engrossmentDepartment of AdministrationAll versions
HF 867As IntroducedGeneral Education Revenue Definition Clarified 
HF 869First engrossmentMA Coverage of Inpatient Care for InmatesAll versions
HF 873As introducedPilot program for Rice County mediation 
HF 875As introducedMinnesota Dream Act 
HF 876First engrossmentSchool ForestsAll versions
HF 878As introducedCritical Access Dental Provider Designation 
HF 880As introducedEnergy 
HF 882As IntroducedTrade Policy 
HF 883First EngrossmentTrade policy advisory groupAll versions
HF 885As amended by author's amendment (H0885A1)Alcohol tax increase and funding of chemical dependency related programs 
HF 886As introducedNursing Facility and Elderly Waiver Rate Increases 
HF 890First engrossmentFamily child care pilot project 
HF 892As introducedUniform Interstate Family Support Act 
HF 894Conference Committee ReportElections OmnibusAll versions
HF 895As introducedReferendum Revenue; Obsolete Language Removed 
HF 896Second engrossmentFish BarriersAll versions
HF 902As introducedCosmetologists' continuing education 
HF 903First EngrossmentNew veterans nursing home authorized, to be located in Bemidji 
HF 904As IntroducedFood and beverage and entertainment taxes for the city of Proctor 
HF 905As amended by the author's amendment (H905A1)Modifying Proctor local sales tax and validating previous modifications 
HF 906Second engrossmentSilica SandAll versions
HF 909As IntroducedDivorce Education Requirements 
HF 917First engrossmentSnowmobile Odometer TamperingAll versions
HF 919As introducedLake County, auditor-treasurer, recorder may be appointed 
HF 920As introducedClay County, auditor-treasurer, recorder may be appointed 
HF 922As introducedCost-of-living study 
HF 924As introducedAssorted K-12 School Finance Changes 
HF 925As introducedClarifying school districts' ability to request education department assistance 
HF 927As introducedNetWork for Better Futures; appropriation 
HF 931As proposed to be amended by the H0931A1 amendmentTransportation finance 
HF 937As introducedAppropriations for Homeless Services, Transitional Housing, and Emergency Services 
HF 938First engrossmentState government, repealing a report requirement, free directoriesAll versions
HF 940As IntroducedAllowing samples by microdistilleries 
HF 941As Introduced.Limited microdistillery off-sales 
HF 942As IntroducedMicrodistillery on-sale 
HF 946First engrossmentUnderage drinking; seeking assistance; immunityAll versions
HF 947First engrossmentReorganization of civil commitment statutesAll versions
HF 949As introducedConsolidated Conservation Land Drainage Projects 
HF 950Fourth engrossmentFamily child care and direct support services providers/representationAll versions
HF 951As introducedChild Care Affordability Act 
HF 954As introducedAllowing a school district to lease a school building to a charter school it has authorized 
HF 955The first unofficial engrossment (H0955UE1)Distributed generation 
HF 956Third engrossmentEnergy omnibusAll versions
HF 957The delete-everything amendment (H0957DE5)Prohibiting school construction near former landfillsAll versions
HF 965As introducedAlternatives to passing the teachers skills exam 
HF 969First engrossmentDHS chemical and mental health; state-operated servicesAll versions
HF 973As introducedCollaborative Urban Educator Program Expanded 
HF 974As introducedLaw library fees; state court technology 
HF 975Third engrossmentDHS OperationsAll versions
HF 976Third engrossmentOmnibus environment, natural resources, and agriculture finance and policy billAll versions
HF 979As introducedElection Administration 
HF 981As IntroducedDisability parking 
HF 982As introducedMedical assistance reimbursement for health-related mental health services 
HF 983First engrossmentOffice of Higher Education Policy BillAll versions
HF 984As introducedProhibiting a school board from not renewing a coach's contract based solely on the existence of parent complaints 
HF 985As introducedTelecommunications 
HF 986As introducedSchool personnel notice and reporting requirements 
HF 991As introducedMinnesota Investment Fund (MIF) 
HF 993As introducedDisadvantaged nonprofit housing organizations funding eligibility 
HF 996As introducedSmall business investment credit modifications; promotion of credit in greater Minnesota 
HF 997As introducedARMER and 911 Funding 
HF 998As introducedCharter school accountability 
HF 1001As amended by the author's H1001A1 amendmentUtility disconnection notices 
HF 1002First engrossmentHealth occupations; criminal background checkAll versions
HF 1003As introducedEstablishing a Minnesota math corps program 
HF 1006As introducedClarifying continuing education requirements for teachers of deaf and hard-of-hearing students 
HF 1009As IntroducedPupil transportation regulations 
HF 1010As introducedSex Offender Sentencing 
HF 1011As introducedMetropolitan Council – transit bonding 
HF 1012As IntroducedSales tax exemption for an industrial measurement manufacturing and controls facility 
HF 1015As amended by the author's H1015A1 amendmentRecovery of natural gas pipeline assessment , repair, and replacement costs 
HF 1016As introducedMotor carriers; alcoholic beverages designated supervisor 
HF 1017As IntroducedLegislative routes & turnbacks 
HF 1019As introducedGrant for School District Energy Conservation Projects 
HF 1020First EngrossmentEmerging Adulthood Task ForceAll versions
HF 1021As introducedDitch Repairs 
HF 1022As amended by the H1022A1 amendmentWatercraft Surcharges 
HF 1027As introducedLevy authority for multi-county housing and redevelopment authorities 
HF 1028As introducedHennepin County Soil and Water Conservation District, may be discontinued 
HF 1029As introducedPetroleum inspection fee revenues 
HF 1031As introducedLife insurance 
HF 1036As introducedHigh-value vehicles; salvage titles 
HF 1037As IntroducedFood and beverage and lodging taxes for the city of Bemidji 
HF 1038As IntroducedLowertown Regional Ballpark license 
HF 1039First engrossmentMA Income Standard for Seniors and Persons with DisabilitiesAll versions
HF 1041As introducedSchool District Revenue; Alternative Attendance Adjustments Clarified 
HF 1043As introducedCrimes related to 911 calls 
HF 1044As IntroducedTransit finance 
HF 1047Second engrossmentMaternal depressionAll versions
HF 1050First engrossmentHugo, regional sewer and water system feasibility studyAll versions
HF 1051First EngrossmentCrime victim rights and programsAll versions
HF 1054First EngrossmentMarriage between two personsAll versions
HF 1055First EngrossmentAffordable Housing FundAll versions
HF 1057First engrossmentATVsAll versions
HF 1058First engrossmentEarly Learning Scholarships; Program Created and FundedAll versions
HF 1059As introducedRequiring an annual charter school report on finances and student performance 
HF 1060As introducedLawful gambling 
HF 1065As introducedGreater Minnesota Parks and Trails Commission 
HF 1067As introducedLand transfer authorized 
HF 1068The H1068DE3 amendmentOmnibus capital investment – general fund appropriationsAll versions
HF 1071First engrossmentOmnibus agriculture policy billAll versions
HF 1072As introducedCounties, Minnesota Accountable Government Innovation and Collaboration Act 
HF 1075As introducedNuclear waste storage fees 
HF 1079As introducedGeothermal energy 
HF 1080As introducedModifies the definition of vehicles subject to the tax and fee on short-term motor vehicle rentals 
HF 1081First engrossmentForfeiture; innocent ownersAll versions
HF 1082Second engrossmentForfeiture; criminal conviction requiredAll versions
HF 1083First EngrossmentJudicial selection; constitutional amendmentAll versions
HF 1084As amended by the author's H1084A1Energy transmission cost recovery 
HF 1088As introducedSupportive housing; adult mental health grants 
HF 1089As introducedClarifying charter school provisions 
HF 1091As introducedAquatic Invasive Species 
HF 1092As amended by author's amendment (H1092A1)Estate taxation 
HF 1095As IntroducedDepartment of Public Safety policy provisions 
HF 1096As introducedConditional release of nonviolent drug offenders 
HF 1100First engrossmentWater Appropriation PermitsAll versions
HF 1103As introducedCreating a Minimum Level of Compensatory Revenue for All Districts 
HF 1106As introducedChild protection screening; work group 
HF 1111As introducedIncreasing funding for school district deferred maintenance needs; eliminating health and safety revenue 
HF 1112As introducedChanging the duties of the Secretary of State 
HF 1113Second engrossmentLCCMR Funding RecommendationsAll versions
HF 1114Second engrossmentDHS licensing/OIG/background studiesAll versions
HF 1115First engrossmentMedical Practice ActAll versions
HF 1117Second engrossmentMethadone treatment program standardsAll versions
HF 1121As introducedAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 
HF 1124First engrossmentNurse Practice ActAll versions
HF 1125As IntroducedViolence Prevention Programs 
HF 1126First engrossmentSex Offenses by Persons in AuthorityAll versions
HF 1127As IntroducedSpecial quarry vehicle permit 
HF 1135As introducedWitness testimony 
HF 1136First engrossmentPharmacy regulation; compounding 
HF 1137Delete everything amendment (H1137DE1)Unemployment insurance 
HF 1138As introducedMilitary Affairs; Updating and Clarifying the Minnesota Uniform Code of Military Justice (MCMJ) for the National Guard in State Active Service 
HF 1139First engrossment as amended by H1139A6-1MSOP provisional discharge; victim notificationAll versions
HF 1141As IntroducedEarly intervention; homeless children 
HF 1141As IntroducedEarly intervention; homeless children 
HF 1142Second engrossmentModifying the MFIP and Child Care Assistance ProgramsAll versions
HF 1147As introducedEnergy conservation 
HF 1148As introducedI-394 ramps account 
HF 1151First engrossmentK-12 education policy proposalsAll versions
HF 1156As introducedTEFRA Parental Contributions 
HF 1157First engrossmentQuality AssuranceAll versions
HF 1158As IntroducedSchool climate council 
HF 1160Second EngrossmentJudiciary Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 1161As introducedValuation of land subject to certain conservation easements 
HF 1162As IntroducedMnPASS corridors 
HF 1166As introducedTeacher skills exam 
HF 1167As introducedSolar energy 
HF 1169As introducedCity of Ely – tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 1170As introducedNet metering provisions for distributed generation facilities 
HF 1174As introducedInterconnection of distributed energy generation 
HF 1174As introducedInterconnection of distributed energy generation 
HF 1175Third engrossmentAgricultural water qualityAll versions
HF 1178As IntroducedMilitary leave for public employees 
HF 1179As IntroducedResident Reimbursement Classifications 
HF 1181First EngrossmentDiscrimination; service animalsAll versions
HF 1182As IntroducedHuman rights certificates of compliance 
HF 1183Third engrossmentOmnibus legacy billAll versions
HF 1184Second engrossmentState Government FinanceAll versions
HF 1185First engrossmentElk License Auction to Control ElkAll versions
HF 1187As introducedSafe harbor provisions 
HF 1192First engrossmentAutism Service OptionsAll versions
HF 1195As introducedHennepin County authority to negotiate agreements relating to skilled trade and craft workers and apprentices 
HF 1196As introducedPublication, use of recognized industry trade journals 
HF 1197As IntroducedLegislative Auditor 
HF 1199As introducedSmall business investment credit modifications 
HF 1201As introducedCity of St. Cloud – tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 1204First engrossmentPublic-private partnership (PPP) pilot programAll versions
HF 1206As introducedBody art 
HF 1210As introducedSocial work 
HF 1214First EngrossmentScrap Metal RegulationsAll versions
HF 1217As introducedLife without possibility of release; juveniles 
HF 1219First EngrossmentMetropolitan Airports Commission meetingsAll versions
HF 1220First EngrossmentOnline Learning Advisory Council modificationsAll versions
HF 1221As introducedDepartment of Commerce technical bill 
HF 1222As introducedAntler Point Restrictions 
HF 1223As introducedWashington County BRT development 
HF 1226As introducedAssaults on prosecutors; enhanced penalties 
HF 1233Third engrossmentHealth and Human Services Finance BillAll versions
HF 1238As introducedDHS licensing/OIG/background studies 
HF 1239First engrossmentDHS licensing/OIG/background studiesAll versions
HF 1240As introducedDHS licensing/OIG/background studies 
HF 1241As AmendedVeterans, appropriation for de-escalation training for community safety personnel, for use with returning combat veterans in crisis situations 
HF 1246As introducedStudy of Iron Range fiscal disparities program 
HF 1249With the author's amendment (H1249A1)Imposing sales tax on certain snack foods 
HF 1255Second EngrossmentBroadbandAll versions
HF 1257Second engrossmentBasic skills requirements for teacher candidates and licensureAll versions
HF 1259First EngrossmentBackground studiesAll versions
HF 1263First engrossmentCrime of violence 
HF 1268As IntroducedAllowing the city of Moose Lake to impose a local sales tax 
HF 1280First engrossmentMotor carriers of railroad employees; driver feedback equipmentAll versions
HF 1284First engrossmentMotor vehicle fuel sales, local ordinances 
HF 1289As IntroducedPassenger rail 
HF 1291As IntroducedContinuing appropriations 
HF 1295As introducedExtension of Nursing Facility Level of Care Criteria 
HF 1302Second engrossmentMotor vehicle title transfer-on-deathAll versions
HF 1303As introducedProperty taxation; allows special farm homestead under certain conditions 
HF 1304Second engrossmentSpecial event school bus transportationAll versions
HF 1305As introducedBoard of Cosmetology 
HF 1306As introducedBarbers 
HF 1318As introducedMarshall local sales taxes 
HF 1320First EngrossmentMine inspections (metallic mineral mining)All versions
HF 1323As introducedFirearms 
HF 1324As IntroducedFirearms 
HF 1325As introducedFirearms 
HF 1326As amended by the author's H1326A1 amendmentUtility cost recovery for air emissions-reduction projects 
HF 1327As introducedTaconite production tax distribution to school districts 
HF 1328As introducedChild Care Assistance Accreditation Bonus 
HF 1331As introducedAutomobile insurance coverage 
HF 1332As introducedVehicle weight limit for idle reduction technology 
HF 1335Second engrossmentCollisionsAll versions
HF 1336As introducedSilica sand taxation 
HF 1337Second engrossmentProviding for a series of statewide assessmentsAll versions
HF 1338First EngrossmentChild protectionAll versions
HF 1341As introducedExpand the medical device sales tax exemption 
HF 1344First EngrossmentBudget for the Minnesota Housing Finance AgencyAll versions
HF 1345As introducedHealth Care and Health Disparities 
HF 1347As introducedDurable Medical Equipment and Other Supplies 
HF 1348First engrossmentMedical Assistance SpenddownAll versions
HF 1350As introducedEarly Learning Council youth advisory group 
HF 1351As introducedExpanding Minnesota's statewide longitudinal educational data system 
HF 1354As introducedHistoric structure rehabilitation credit 
HF 1357As introducedCreating Isanti Area Joint Fire District 
HF 1359Second EngrossmentWorkers' compensationAll versions
HF 1377Delete everything amendment H01377DE1Required action prior to a foreclosureAll versions
HF 1381As introducedChanges the timing of sales tax payments for certain motor vehicle leases 
HF 1382As introducedStreet reconstruction includes bituminous overlays 
HF 1383First engrossmentSpecial education case loads task forceAll versions
HF 1385As IntroducedParent-child Home Program 
HF 1389First engrossmentOffice of Enterprise Technology/MN.IT ServicesAll versions
HF 1390First engrossmentGeospatial Information OfficeAll versions
HF 1391Delete all amendment A13-0320Job-based education and apprenticeship program 
HF 1395As introducedRemoving Residency Ratio Restrictions from Certain Programs 
HF 1396As introducedSchool bus stop-signal violation; payable offense 
HF 1398As introducedCourt technology fund 
HF 1399As introducedConciliation court fee; graduated fee 
HF 1400As introducedDomestic abuse 
HF 1401As introducedGrant for Community Standards Initiative 
HF 1406As introducedCreating Education Advancement Revenue as a New Component of General Education Revenue for School Districts 
HF 1407As IntroducedContracted Pupil Transportation Expenses 
HF 1408First engrossmentSoil and Water Conservation District ElectionsAll versions
HF 1411As introducedAllowing retired teachers to work as behind-the-wheel instructors 
HF 1413First EngrossmentAdvisory Committee for Technology Standards for Accessibility and UsabilityAll versions
HF 1416Third engrossmentTransportation policy omnibusAll versions
HF 1417As introducedWindom local sales tax 
HF 1419First engrossmentCritical Access Dental Provider DesignationAll versions
HF 1423As introducedCoal Tar 
HF 1425First engrossmentAnnexationAll versions
HF 1426As introducedCity of Taylor Falls – Border City Development Zone Powers 
HF 1431As introducedModifying the sales tax exemption for qualified data centers 
HF 1432As introducedIncome tax credit for employers who hire veterans 
HF 1437As introducedCity of Forest Lake – tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 1438As introducedSchool Trust Lands – Minerals Management Costs 
HF 1439As introducedSchool Trust Lands – Forestry Costs 
HF 1440As introducedCorporate franchise tax – definition of domestic corporation 
HF 1442First engrossmentAquatic invasive species decals; fees and civil penaltiesAll versions
HF 1444Conference committee report (CCRHF1444)Transportation finance omnibusAll versions
HF 1445As introducedHealthy Housing Grants and Lead Poisoning Prevention 
HF 1448As introducedDHS Payment Methodology for Home and Community-Based Services 
HF 1449As introducedTransportation finance 
HF 1450As introducedEnergy 
HF 1451First EngrossmentDisposition of remnant steel from the I-35W bridgeAll versions
HF 1455As introducedBlue Earth County library governance 
HF 1462As introducedChildren's Hospital Payment Rates 
HF 1463First engrossmentBoard of DentistryAll versions
HF 1470As introducedDiscontinuing Child Support Enforcement in certain circumstances 
HF 1479First engrossmentAsthma CareAll versions
HF 1480As introducedOverweight vehicles special permit 
HF 1483As introducedSales tax exemption for materials used for resort and camping ground structural improvements 
HF 1491As introducedBonding Authority for Intermediate School Districts 
HF 1493With author's amendments H1493A1 and H1493A3Individual income tax, corporate franchise tax, and other taxes and aid programs 
HF 1499As introducedCulturally Targeted Tobacco Prevention Grants 
HF 1501As introducedLibrary Accessibility and Improvement Grants 
HF 1507As introducedLong-term capital gains exclusion 
HF 1508As introducedProviding a property tax exemption for the Target Center 
HF 1510First EngrossmentHennepin County, contracting, design buildAll versions
HF 1511As introducedForeign trained health professionals 
HF 1516As introducedeWorkPlace telework program 
HF 1540As introducedEliminating the extra tax on short term motor vehicle leases 
HF 1549First EngrossmentIgnition interlock device programAll versions
HF 1556First engrossmentCivil commitment; judicial holdAll versions
HF 1558As introducedHistoric structure rehabilitation credit 
HF 1570As introducedRequiring taxing jurisdictions to hold budget meetings 
HF 1585Second engrossmentFraudulent/improper financing statementsAll versions
HF 1586As introducedHome and Community-Based Services Waivers Rate-Setting Methodology Bill 
HF 1587As introducedInsurance 
HF 1593As introducedExpands the property tax exemption for manufactured homes held in dealer inventory 
HF 1595As introducedProperty repairs from 2012 flood and study and report for flood areas 
HF 1601With author's amendment H1601A1Fiscal disparities program; modifying contribution formula 
HF 1604First engrossmentDiversion of narcotics or controlled substancesAll versions
HF 1607As introducedLocal Lodging Tax 
HF 1608With author's amendment H1608A1New city LGA formula and increased appropriation 
HF 1613As introduced (with A13-0392 amendment)Gambling taxAll versions
HF 1616As introducedCity of Eagan – tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 1620As introducedDrones 
HF 1623As introducedIncome tax subtraction for railroad maintenance expenses 
HF 1635As introducedProviding a valuation limit for class 4d property 
HF 1638As introducedProperty taxation; adjusting the rate of the disparity reduction credit 
HF 1643As introducedTeacher Evaluation Aid 
HF 1645As introducedConcurrent Enrollment Programs; Funding Increased 
HF 1646As amended by author's delete everything amendment (JM-A01)Taconite tax distributions 
HF 1647As introducedRenter property tax refund; expanding income eligibility 
HF 1659As introducedSales tax exemption for nursing homes and boarding care homes 
HF 1660As introducedSales tax exemption for certain restaurant equipment and meals 
HF 1661As introducedProviding for a multiple-points-of-use certificate for sales tax purposes 
HF 1668As introducedDecade of Discovery in Diabetes Program Appropriation 
HF 1675As introducedProperty taxation; holding period for property held for economic development 
HF 1677As introducedSales tax exemption for cities that do not receive LGA 
HF 1680As introducedProviding state reimbursement for property tax abatements granted after disaster 
HF 1684First engrossmentMetropolitan Council redistrictingAll versions
HF 1686As introducedPublic Finance bill 
HF 1692First engrossmentHigher education budgetAll versions
HF 1696As amended by the H1696DE1 amendmentClarifies sales tax treatment of certain payments to electric utilities 
HF 1724As introducedModifications to truth-in-taxation process 
HF 1733Delete everything amendment (H1733DE1)Poison Information Centers 
HF 1738As introducedDementia outreach to minority group pilot grant program 
HF 1740First engrossmentMetropolitan area transit and transportation funding governanceAll versions
HF 1742As IntroducedRepeal of Sunset Act 
HF 1743As introducedTaxes on sports memorabilia and suites and box seats 
HF 1752As introducedSex Offender Sentencing 
HF 1765Second Engrossment as amended (A14-1044)Labor peace agreements required on qualifying projects 
HF 1766As introducedStatutory city authority to collect civil penalties and fees as a special assessment 
HF 1769First engrossmentLegislative Water CommissionAll versions
HF 1777Third EngrossmentFederal conformity and sales tax exemptionsAll versions
HF 1780As introducedHealth and Human Services Finance Bill – Civil Law and Data Practices Provisions 
HF 1781As introducedConstruction exemption for a biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility 
HF 1796Second engrossmentWork zone safetyAll versions
HF 1808As introducedHockey Arena License 
HF 1818First engrossmentMedical Use of MarijuanaAll versions
HF 1823First engrossmentCouncil to Establish Legislative SalariesAll versions
HF 1826As introducedTax credit for qualified microdistillery 
HF 1829As introducedCivil immunity for agritourism professionals 
HF 1831First engrossmentConsultations to Primary Care ProvidersAll versions
HF 1841As introducedIdentifying marks on ballot 
HF 1845As introducedUniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act 
HF 1846As IntroducedDriver's licenses and identification cards; addresses 
HF 1850First engrossmentChiropractorsAll versions
HF 1851Conference Committee ReportCriminal Sexual ConductAll versions
HF 1860With author's amendment (H1860A1)Charitable contribution tax creditAll versions
HF 1863Conference committee reportExecutive Branch Advisory GroupsAll versions
HF 1864First engrossmentEnvironment and Natural Resources Related Advisory GroupsAll versions
HF 1865As IntroducedMnDOT advisory committees 
HF 1866First engrossmentEnergyAll versions
HF 1867First engrossmentExecutive Branch Advisory GroupsAll versions
HF 1868As IntroducedExecutive Branch Advisory Groups 
HF 1870First engrossmentExecutive branch advisory groupsAll versions
HF 1871As introducedAdvisory Council on Battered Women 
HF 1872Second engrossmentPharmacy Benefit Manager ContractsAll versions
HF 1874Second engrossmentLCCMR Funding RecommendationsAll versions
HF 1876As introducedGrant for the Headwaters Science Center 
HF 1877As IntroducedRepeals sales tax on storage and warehousing services 
HF 1879As introducedResidential lease requirements, security deposit returns 
HF 1880As IntroducedEarly learning scholarships 
HF 1884First committee engrossmentEliminating minor property tax classesAll versions
HF 1885As introducedIncrease the threshold for accelerated June tax remittances 
HF 1886As introducedEstate and Gift Tax – Conform to Federal Exclusion Amount 
HF 1887As introducedManufactured home relocation trust fund 
HF 1888As IntroducedRepeal sales tax on maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial machinery and equipment 
HF 1889As IntroducedReinstates a sales tax exemption for capital equipment used in providing telecommunications and pay television services 
HF 1892As introducedMotor vehicle sales tax exemption for certain vehicles purchased by local governments 
HF 1893As IntroducedRepeal sales tax on maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial machinery and equipment 
HF 1895As introducedAuthorizing Carlton County Conservation District to levy 
HF 1896As IntroducedRepeal sales tax on storage and warehousing services 
HF 1897As introducedState Quality Council and Regional Councils 
HF 1898First engrossmentHealth professionalsAll versions
HF 1900As IntroducedReinstates a sales tax exemption for capital equipment used in providing telecommunications and pay television services 
HF 1904As introducedSpoken language healthcare interpreters 
HF 1905As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) – City of Eagan 
HF 1908As IntroducedRepeal sales tax on storage and warehousing services 
HF 1909As introducedMaking numerous changes to various taxes 
HF 1915First engrossmentVeterans AffairsAll versions
HF 1916Third engrossmentVeterans AffairsAll versions
HF 1917As IntroducedSafe Schools Levy 
HF 1926Conference Committee ReportOutdoor Heritage Fund AppropriationsAll versions
HF 1929As introducedStudies: Sentencing Disparities & Access to Reentry Services 
HF 1931Second engrossmentRegulation of Electronic CigarettesAll versions
HF 1933As introducedBooking photographs 
HF 1937As introducedReallocation of School District General Education Revenue 
HF 1938First engrossmentInsuranceAll versions
HF 1939As IntroducedRepeals the sales tax on certain business transactions 
HF 1940First engrossmentBooking photographsAll versions
HF 1941Second engrossmentMortgage foreclosure mediationAll versions
HF 1942As introducedCreating the cultural and ethnic communities leadership council in the Department of Education 
HF 1943First EngrossmentState ProcurementAll versions
HF 1944First engrossmentExpress advocacy and electioneering communicationsAll versions
HF 1945As introducedNontraditional instructional program choices 
HF 1947As introducedVeterans affairs; Income tax subtraction for military retirees 
HF 1948As introducedVeterans affairs; income tax subtraction extended to AGR and department of military affairs employees 
HF 1949As IntroducedCell phones in work zones 
HF 1950As IntroducedRepeal sales tax on maintenance and repair of farm machinery and equipment 
HF 1952First committee engrossmentSmart phonesAll versions
HF 1955As introducedIncome tax deduction for contributions to section 529 College Savings Plans 
HF 1957As introducedFederal conformity; income exclusion for discharge of indebtedness of principal residence 
HF 1959With author's amendment (H1959A1)Federal conformity 
HF 1961Second engrossmentPublic official financial interest disclosuresAll versions
HF 1963With author's amendment (H1963A1)Extend research credit to sole proprietors 
HF 1964As introducedEnrollment preferences in charter schools 
HF 1965As introducedSacramental wine 
HF 1966As introducedFoster care; exposure to secondhand smoke 
HF 1968As IntroducedRepeal sales tax on storage and warehousing services 
HF 1969As introducedFederal conformity; income exclusion for employer-provided adoption assistance 
HF 1971First engrossmentAutomatic External Defibrillation RegistrationAll versions
HF 1972As introducedAmerican Swedish Institute Caterer License 
HF 1973As IntroducedRepeals the sales tax on certain business transactions 
HF 1977As IntroducedRepeals the sales tax on certain business transactions 
HF 1979First engrossmentOfficer Richard Crittenden Memorial HighwayAll versions
HF 1981First engrossmentSnow plowing in uncompleted subdivisionsAll versions
HF 1982As introducedBudget reserve 
HF 1983As introducedDakota County Housing Tax Credit Awards 
HF 1984Second EngrossmentResponsible Contractor for Public Construction ContractsAll versions
HF 1985With author's amendment (H1985A1)Volunteer first responder income tax credit 
HF 1986As introducedRepeal of gift ban exception for food and drink 
HF 1987As introducedGA and MFIP Random Drug Testing 
HF 1988First engrossmentInternet Price Posting by Funeral ProvidersAll versions
HF 1992Second engrossmentResidency ratio restrictions for waiver services; exception createdAll versions
HF 1994First engrossmentDronesAll versions
HF 1998With amendments (H1998A2) & (H1998A1)Income tax subtraction for charity care provided by medical professionalsAll versions
HF 1999As introducedDoulas 
HF 2001First engrossmentFamily child care training requirements; contractors serving multiple providersAll versions
HF 2002As introducedFederal conformity; income exclusion for employer-provided adoption assistance 
HF 2004As introducedRecognizing students' foreign language proficiency 
HF 2005A14-0900 delete everything amendmentHealth and Human Services ProvisionsAll versions
HF 2010As introducedModifying the charter school approval process 
HF 2011As introducedVeteran-owned small business certification 
HF 2012As introducedStudents with disabilities and the Minnesota State High School League transfer rule 
HF 2013As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) – city of Shoreview 
HF 2014As introducedFederal conformity, sales tax exemptions, and estate and gift tax 
HF 2015With author's amendment (H2105A1)Research credit made refundable 
HF 2017First engrossmentEvent data recordersAll versions
HF 2018First engrossmentAffidavits of candidacy; filing petitionAll versions
HF 2023First engrossmentHome Care Nursing ServicesAll versions
HF 2024As introducedFederal conformity; deduction for higher education tuition expenses 
HF 2025As introducedFull employment initiative in targeted labor surplus communities 
HF 2031As introducedCapital investment; public housing; and housing infrastructure bonds 
HF 2034As introducedState bond funds for the Minnesota State Academies 
HF 2047As introducedDeer River Multiage Center 
HF 2049As introducedMyles Reif Center for the Performing Arts 
HF 2090First EngrossmentIndemnity agreements in design professional services contracts voidAll versions
HF 2091As IntroducedState employee vacation donation to sick leave account 
HF 2092As introducedSpecial combat wounded veteran motorcycle plate 
HF 2093First engrossmentState agency acquisition of real propertyAll versions
HF 2095First engrossmentChildren's mental health screenings and assessmentsAll versions
HF 2096Second engrossmentOnline Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot ApplicationsAll versions
HF 2097As introducedRemoval of Certain Executive Council Roles 
HF 2098As introducedAquatic Plant Management Permits 
HF 2102As introducedProperty taxation; land under conservation easement 
HF 2105As IntroducedRepeal sales tax on maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial machinery and equipment 
HF 2106Author's delete everything amendment (H2106DE2)Federal conformityAll versions
HF 2107As introducedEliminating obsolete and expired provisions of tax law; making minor policy changes 
HF 2108As amended (H2108DE1)Estate and gift taxationAll versions
HF 2109Delete everything amendment (H2109DE2)Groundwater Management 
HF 2112Second engrossmentHousing Opportunities Made Equitable (HOME) Pilot ProgramAll versions
HF 2113As introducedRequiring public school aquatics instruction 
HF 2115First engrossmentEstablishes a Child Care Professional Development Pilot ProjectAll versions
HF 2116Delete-everything amendment (H2116DE2)Homeownership grants to families with children with disabilitiesAll versions
HF 2117As amended (H2117A5 and H2117A6)Veterans Preference HearingsAll versions
HF 2119As introducedMove up the effective date for the upfront capital equipment exemption 
HF 2120First engrossmentLegislative Commission on Data Practices and Personal Data PrivacyAll versions
HF 2121As IntroducedRepeal sales tax on storage and warehousing services 
HF 2123As IntroducedRepeal sales tax on maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial machinery and equipment 
HF 2124As IntroducedRepeal sales tax on maintenance and repair of electronic and precision machinery and equipment 
HF 2128As introducedDisaster relief 
HF 2129As introducedDisaster relief 
HF 2133As introducedTask force on postsecondary tuition program 
HF 2135As introducedMFIP Child Care Assistance Program Eligibility 
HF 2136As introducedMFIP Child Well-Being Pilot Project 
HF 2138As introducedUser access to government databases 
HF 2141Second engrossmentWarrantless arrest; domestic violence casesAll versions
HF 2142Second engrossmentCrime victims; notice of offender's releaseAll versions
HF 2147As IntroducedInsurance contribution for former Corrections employee 
HF 2148As introducedPredatory offender registration 
HF 2149As introducedI-494 rehabilitation project 
HF 2150First engrossmentHealth and Human Services Omnibus Finance BillAll versions
HF 2151First engrossmentLandlord and tenant duty to mitigate damagesAll versions
HF 2152First engrossmentTraffic diversion programAll versions
HF 2156First engrossmentForensic laboratories accreditationAll versions
HF 2157As IntroducedState government workplace bullying policy 
HF 2161As introducedBrooklyn Park Wedding Center License 
HF 2162As introducedGolden Valley Golf Course License 
HF 2164As introducedOccupational therapists 
HF 2165First engrossmentMinnesota Sustainable Forest Resources ActAll versions
HF 2166Second engrossmentUse of Electronic Rosters in ElectionsAll versions
HF 2167First engrossmentData practices; privatizationAll versions
HF 2168As amended (H2168A1)Portable Deer Stands in WMAs 
HF 2169As introducedAdult foster home; staff training 
HF 2173As introducedHuman rights; additional duties; study 
HF 2175As introducedBulk Distilled Spirits 
HF 2176As IntroducedMontessori program regulation 
HF 2177First engrossmentTanning Bed Use by MinorsAll versions
HF 2178First engrossmentFarmers' marketsAll versions
HF 2180Conference Committee ReportHealth coverage for school district employeesAll versions
HF 2181As introducedReinstates a sales tax exemption for capital equipment used in providing telecommunications and pay television services 
HF 2182As introducedRepeal gift tax 
HF 2188As introducedUpdating terms for real property ownership and mortgage redemption periods 
HF 2189As introducedTeacher licensure requirements 
HF 2190As introducedBusiness regulations 
HF 2192As introduced with the H2192A2 amendmentTermination of lease upon death or infirmityAll versions
HF 2195As introducedModifying the local government sales tax exemption 
HF 2198As introducedIndependent contractors 
HF 2199As introducedFarm winery Provisions 
HF 2200As introducedMicrodistilleries. 
HF 2201First engrossmentMotor carrier regulationsAll versions
HF 2206As introducedJuvenile treatment screening teams 
HF 2207The delete everything amendment (H2207DE1)Prohibiting certain lottery sales 
HF 2208As IntroducedCommunity destination sign program 
HF 2209As introducedIncreasing School Readiness Aid 
HF 2211As introducedChild Care Assistance Redeterminations 
HF 2213As introducedMortgage foreclosure provisions modified 
HF 2214Conference committee reportMnDOT agency housekeepingAll versions
HF 2217As IntroducedState grants and contracts 
HF 2219First engrossmentNicholas Patrick Spehar Memorial HighwayAll versions
HF 2220As introducedNorth Branch Public Utilities Commission membership increased 
HF 2224As introducedEarly intervention services; appropriation 
HF 2227First engrossmentST Elevation Myocardial Infarction RegistryAll versions
HF 2230As introducedClarifications for the innovative delivery pilot project 
HF 2231As introducedMetropolitan Council bonding 
HF 2233As amended (H2233A1)Income tax subtraction for military retirement pay 
HF 2236As introducedOpen Meeting Law notice on state agency's Web site allowed 
HF 2241First engrossmentMedical assistance asset availabilityAll versions
HF 2242As introducedProperty taxation; commercial-industrial property 
HF 2243As introducedWomen Entrepreneurs Business Development Competitive Grants 
HF 2246As introducedAppropriation to the state demonstration project for high-risk adults 
HF 2247As IntroducedExempting public housing authorities from sales tax and making their payments in lieu of property taxes optional 
HF 2248First engrossmentSafe Harbor ProgramAll versions
HF 2251As introducedModifying housing court expungement records and disclosures 
HF 2252As introducedChild care centers 
HF 2255As introducedIgnition interlock program; limited license 
HF 2256As introducedSchool District Location Equity Revenue; Extending the Higher Formula Allowance to Districts with More than 7,000 Pupils 
HF 2258As introducedDetoxification services 
HF 2259First engrossmentNursing mothersAll versions
HF 2261As introducedDisabled Veterans Homestead Exclusion 
HF 2262Delete everything amendment (H2262A1)Building codes/local governments 
HF 2264As introducedIncreasing Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) Aid 
HF 2265Fourth engrossmentElections data sharingAll versions
HF 2266As introducedType III vehicle training 
HF 2267As proposed to be amended (H2267A1)Sales tax exemption for bullion coin 
HF 2268First engrossmentAngel investment credit made permanentAll versions
HF 2271First engrossmentTeacher evaluation and performance-linked payAll versions
HF 2272As introducedDetermining best value for service contracts 
HF 2273First engrossmentNorthside Achievement ZoneAll versions
HF 2274As introducedWage disclosure protection 
HF 2275First engrossmentSt. Paul Promise NeighborhoodAll versions
HF 2276First engrossmentSafe at Home Program; Real Property DataAll versions
HF 2277As introducedDepartment of Revenue policy provisions 
HF 2280As introducedSchool Lunches; State Reimbursement for Unpaid Meals 
HF 2281Second EngrossmentLegislative immunity; breach of the peaceAll versions
HF 2282As IntroducedAutism spectrum disorder; implementation of plan and repeal of task force 
HF 2283As introducedAdvisory task force on aligning teacher evaluation and Q-Comp 
HF 2287As introducedVeterans housing 
HF 2288Second engrossmentElectronic device location informationAll versions
HF 2290As introducedTransfer of the Harambee community school to the Roseville School District 
HF 2291As introducedWomen/Nontraditional Jobs 
HF 2293Second engrossmentRegulating payday lendingAll versions
HF 2295Second engrossmentGPS monitoring; domestic violenceAll versions
HF 2297As introducedEstate and gift taxes 
HF 2299As introducedSchool District Building Lease Levy Authority 
HF 2300As introducedFamily caregivers/discrimination 
HF 2301Second engrossmentOmnibus Lands BillAll versions
HF 2302First engrossmentFamily child careAll versions
HF 2303As introducedDuluth local food and beverage and lodging taxes 
HF 2304As introducedTattoo Ink 
HF 2306As introducedScope of Preparation and Embalming Room Requirement for Funeral Establishments 
HF 2307Third engrossmentDrug and Alcohol Overdose PreventionAll versions
HF 2311As introducedDrainage inspectors 
HF 2313First engrossmentPELRA: Confidential employeesAll versions
HF 2314As introducedHospital moratorium Exception 
HF 2315First engrossmentIndustrial hemp researchAll versions
HF 2317As introducedCity of Brainerd, purchase of Brainerd Dam 
HF 2318First engrossmentSpecial School District No. 6, South St. Paul, election districts dissolvedAll versions
HF 2319First engrossmentMetropolitan Council, additional options for investment of fundsAll versions
HF 2320First engrossmentCivil Commitment Act trainingAll versions
HF 2321As introducedAlbert Lea's local sales tax 
HF 2322As introducedSales tax exemption for agricultural drainage tiles 
HF 2323As introducedTemporary sales tax amnesty for nonprofit animal shelters 
HF 2326As introducedFunding for student recovery programs 
HF 2334As introducedCapital investment, acquisition of school trust lands 
HF 2345As introducedCity of Jackson Library 
HF 2360As introducedAthletic trainers 
HF 2361Second engrossmentHealth Disparities for Minority PopulationsAll versions
HF 2364As introducedModifying Child Care Assistance Programs (CCAP) 
HF 2365Second engrossmentExpedited license processing for military members and spousesAll versions
HF 2366First engrossmentUnemployment benefit eligibilityAll versions
HF 2371First engrossmentPregnancy leave and accommodationAll versions
HF 2372First engrossmentCertificates of Compliance 
HF 2373Third engrossmentPay equity compliance for state contractorsAll versions
HF 2375As amended by (H2375DE1)Miscellaneous energy provisions 
HF 2378As introducedK12 Education Finance Provisions 
HF 2379As introducedRecovery schools; appropriation 
HF 2381As IntroducedEarly learning scholarships 
HF 2385First engrossmentCertification of experts in civil cases; conforming with rules of civil procedureAll versions
HF 2386First engrossmentPostconviction relief; restitution 
HF 2391As IntroducedState SmartFleet requirements 
HF 2392As IntroducedState agency purchases of clean fuel-powered vehicles 
HF 2394First engrossmentDeputy registrar residencyAll versions
HF 2396First engrossmentExpediting licensure for members of the militaryAll versions
HF 2397Conference Committee ReportOmnibus K-12 education policy and technical billAll versions
HF 2399As introducedProperty taxation; electric generation facilities 
HF 2402Conference Committee ReportHealth and Human Services Policy Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 2405First engrossmentFinancial Account Number DataAll versions
HF 2408As introducedHCBS and ICF/DD Rate Increases 
HF 2410As introducedCulturally specific substance abuse treatment; enhanced rate 
HF 2412As introducedCattails 
HF 2413As introducedSales representative agreements 
HF 2419As IntroducedMinnesota secure choice retirement savings plan 
HF 2420As introducedRequiring notification of pending utility property exclusions 
HF 2421As introducedFirearm Seizure Penalties 
HF 2422As introducedModifying the local government sales tax exemption 
HF 2423As amended (H2423A1)Exempting construction materials purchased by contractors and used in local government projects from the sales tax 
HF 2424As introducedAircraft Registration Tax 
HF 2425As introducedManufacturer testing license plates 
HF 2426As introducedModifying distribution of taconite production tax revenue 
HF 2427With the author's amendment ( H2427A1)Including independent nonprofit firefighting corporations in the fire retirement aid programAll versions
HF 2428As introducedPodiatrists 
HF 2429As introducedSchool District Lease Levy; Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan 
HF 2432As introducedAuthorizing Itasca County to issue bonds for a nursing home 
HF 2434First engrossmentCedar Lake Area Water and Sanitary Sewer District, Helena Township (Scott County) subordinate service districtAll versions
HF 2435As introducedAllows wineries in non-farm areas 
HF 2436As introducedSales tax exemption for snowmobile clubs 
HF 2439As introducedSchool Trust Lands 
HF 2444As introducedUniversity of Minnesota Service 
HF 2446Third engrossmentSynthetic drugsAll versions
HF 2447As introducedTime off for Veterans Day events 
HF 2449First engrossmentGroup Residential Housing AgreementsAll versions
HF 2450As introducedSt. Paul, tax increment spending authority expanded 
HF 2452As introducedExpands the home heating fuel exemption to biomass 
HF 2455First engrossmentCourt reportersAll versions
HF 2456First engrossmentRenewable fuels and chemicalsAll versions
HF 2457As introducedExpands the sales tax exemption for local government purchases 
HF 2458First engrossmentMFIP Education OpportunitiesAll versions
HF 2459As introducedLocal government; contracting with private entities for services provided by public employees 
HF 2460First engrossmentRailroads; yard lighting, photovoltaic modulesAll versions
HF 2461Second EngrossmentEarned sick and safe timeAll versions
HF 2463First engrossmentCampaign finance; pre-tax corporate contributions prohibitedAll versions
HF 2464As introducedEstate and gift taxation 
HF 2465As introducedTechnical correction to allowed LGA decreases to individual cities 
HF 2466First engrossmentLow-income electricity discountAll versions
HF 2467Second engrossmentHuman services background studiesAll versions
HF 2469As Introduced (with H2469DE1)Expedited license processing for military 
HF 2470As introducedAdvisory councils 
HF 2472First engrossmentMental health crisis intervention and stabilizationAll versions
HF 2474As introducedDakota County; adoption of county manager plan 
HF 2476As introducedStandards for restrictive procedures 
HF 2477As introducedMinnesota Reading Corps appropriation increased 
HF 2478Delete everything amendment (H2478DE1)Veterans in crisis training funding 
HF 2479First engrossmentHousing court; refereesAll versions
HF 2480First engrossmentSchool Meals; Increasing State Funding for Reduced Price MealsAll versions
HF 2481Second engrossmentPupil transportationAll versions
HF 2482As introducedLawful gambling fraud provisions 
HF 2483As introducedAggregate production taxes 
HF 2486As introducedRepeal gift tax 
HF 2488As introducedExtending the deadline for certifying proposed levies 
HF 2490Second engrossmentOmnibus capital investmentAll versions
HF 2493First engrossmentBonding appropriation for St. Paul homeless shelter and services centerAll versions
HF 2514As introducedTransportation for pupils attending alternative learning centers; PSEO enrollment options 
HF 2516First engrossmentElections administrationAll versions
HF 2517As introducedInterest rates on unpaid property taxes – homestead property under confession of judgment 
HF 2521As introducedNotaries authorized to solemnize marriages 
HF 2522As introducedMayors authorized to solemnize marriages 
HF 2523As introducedLocal Public Health Systems Changes 
HF 2526First engrossmentNewborn ScreeningAll versions
HF 2527First engrossmentPrescription Monitoring ProgramAll versions
HF 2528First engrossmentGroundwater Management AreasAll versions
HF 2529As introducedIncome tax credits related to reading disorders 
HF 2531Third engrossmentCampaign finance technical changesAll versions
HF 2532As IntroducedRetroactively expands the sales tax exemption for local government purchases 
HF 2536Conference committee reportWomen's Economic Security ActAll versions
HF 2537First engrossmentConsumer protection for propane customersAll versions
HF 2539As proposed to be amended (H2539A2)Sales tax exemption on propane storage tanksAll versions
HF 2541First engrossmentMiscellaneous energy provisionsAll versions
HF 2542Third engrossmentProhibitions against mercury and lead in certain productsAll versions
HF 2543Third engrossmentEnvironmental Permitting and Regulatory ModificationsAll versions
HF 2544As introducedSchool District Location Equity Revenue; Including Added Districts 
HF 2545Second engrossmentBoard of Pharmacy policyAll versions
HF 2547As introducedSchool District Location Equity Revenue; Extending to all districts 
HF 2552As introducedDrones 
HF 2553First engrossmentElectronic device location informationAll versions
HF 2556As introducedVeterans housing 
HF 2557As introducedVarious veteran provisions modified 
HF 2558As amended by Author's amendment H2558A1Expanding Early Learning Opportunities 
HF 2564As amended by the author's H2564A1 amendmentRecycling 
HF 2565As introducedBooks 4 Bricks Program 
HF 2566As introducedSt. Paul Port Authority, meetings by telephone or other electronic means 
HF 2567First engrossmentNoncampaign disbursementsAll versions
HF 2568Second engrossmentReducing the paperwork burden of special educators through an online system for reporting due process compliance dataAll versions
HF 2569Second engrossmentInterstate compact on educational opportunity for military childrenAll versions
HF 2570As introducedAlternative teacher compensation and preparation 
HF 2571As introducedDrainage 
HF 2574As introducedPredatory offenders and sex offenses 
HF 2576Sixth engrossmentExpungementAll versions
HF 2577As introducedCitation Repealer 
HF 2580As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) – city of Mound 
HF 2581First engrossmentAdministration of Influenza Vaccinations by Licensed DentistsAll versions
HF 2582First engrossmentMinnesota Public Benefits Corporation ActAll versions
HF 2583As introducedPilot project to develop 21st century skills 
HF 2585As introducedSchool District Location Equity Revenue; Extending the Higher Formula Allowance to Districts located within a City of the First Class 
HF 2587First engrossmentInformation technology certificationsAll versions
HF 2588As introducedSchool District Equity Revenue; Definition of the Metro area 
HF 2589First engrossmentSchool year-long student teaching pilot project.All versions
HF 2591As IntroducedSpecial state parks and trails donation plate 
HF 2596As introducedRepeal gift tax 
HF 2598First engrossmentRegulation of Self-storage facilities and lien enforcementAll versions
HF 2599As introducedMFIP housing assistance 
HF 2602First engrossmentCrimes for failure to pay court-ordered supportAll versions
HF 2603As amended (H2603A2)Energy 
HF 2605Second engrossmentAutomated property systemAll versions
HF 2606As amended by author's amendment (H2606A1)State Agricultural Society bonding authority 
HF 2607As introducedExpands the sales tax exemption for road maintenance vehicles 
HF 2610As introducedDonated Beer for Samples 
HF 2613First engrossmentHennepin County multijurisdictional reinvestment programAll versions
HF 2615As amended (H2615A2)Broadband development 
HF 2616As introducedWater Management and Penalties 
HF 2617First engrossmentDepartment of AdministrationAll versions
HF 2621First engrossmentPublic swimming beaches, lifeguard requirementsAll versions
HF 2622As introducedPrivatization of Water/Wastewater Treatment Repeal 
HF 2629First engrossmentCooperative Secondary High School; Taconite DistributionsAll versions
HF 2631As introducedDNR Pilot Restrictions 
HF 2632As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) – city of Detroit Lakes 
HF 2633As introducedAngel credit – Greater Minnesota 
HF 2634As introducedAngel credit – Greater Minnesota 
HF 2645As introducedEarly Childhood Facilities Grant; Minneapolis YWCA 
HF 2647As introducedHigher Education “Unsession” 
HF 2648As introducedSchool District Health and Safety Revenue; Backup Generators 
HF 2649As introducedDHS Continuing Care Policy Bill 
HF 2651As introducedRaffles – Deer Contests 
HF 2652As introducedPhysician assistants 
HF 2654First engrossmentPart-time Peace OfficersAll versions
HF 2655As introducedDHS Appropriation Technical Corrections 
HF 2656First engrossmentAll-Payer Claims DataAll versions
HF 2657As introducedRevocation of professional licenses for nonpayment of taxes 
HF 2658Second engrossmentWorkers' Compensation Advisory Council RecommendationsAll versions
HF 2659As introducedThreading 
HF 2660First engrossmentIn forma pauperis (IFP); court feesAll versions
HF 2662As introducedCampaign finance; shareholder consent and notification 
HF 2663First engrossmentMetropolitan Council, removing obsolete provisionsAll versions
HF 2664As IntroducedMN.IT 
HF 2665As introducedMilitary Affairs Unsession 
HF 2668First engrossmentCourt policy billAll versions
HF 2669As amended (H2669A1)Baxter and Brainerd local sales taxes 
HF 2670As introducedArchitecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience and Interior Design professions 
HF 2672As introducedDirecting the education commissioner to report on physical education in K-12 schools 
HF 2673As proposed to be amended (H2673DE1)Sales tax exemption for certain online presentations 
HF 2675First engrossmentEstablishing a standard adult high school diplomaAll versions
HF 2678As introducedMFIP Family Cap 
HF 2679As introducedIncreasing funding for English language learners, extended time programs, and safe school purposes 
HF 2681As introducedSchool District Construction Projects; Review and Comment 
HF 2683As introducedImplementing a statewide response to intervention model 
HF 2684First engrossmentGraduated driver licensingAll versions
HF 2687First engrossmentDistrict court decisions; compliance with 90-day requirementAll versions
HF 2689As introducedIncreases the city LGA appropriation, makes technical corrections 
HF 2693First engrossment2014 Special Education Case Load task force recommendationsAll versions
HF 2696As introducedSchool District Telecommunications Aid 
HF 2697As introducedProviding supplemental county program aid payments for 2014 only 
HF 2698As introducedSchool District Debt Service Equalization Revenue; Natural Disasters 
HF 2701Third engrossmentDisaster reliefAll versions
HF 2702As introducedBiodiesel use mandate 
HF 2703As introducedExpands the sales tax exemption for local government purchases 
HF 2706First engrossmentCharter school clarificationsAll versions
HF 2707As introducedGrants to Eradicate School District Exclusionary Policies 
HF 2708Second engrossmentSpecial permits; expiration and proportional feesAll versions
HF 2709As IntroducedProviding a sales tax exemption for construction materials used in a facility donated to a county library 
HF 2710As introducedWine and Alcohol Service Provisions 
HF 2715Second engrossmentNatural Resources and Environment Technical BillAll versions
HF 2719As introducedEnvironmental review of energy facilities 
HF 2720First engrossmentOmnibus Liquor BillAll versions
HF 2722As introducedMaking changes to custody and parenting time provisions 
HF 2724First engrossmentAdministrative RulemakingAll versions
HF 2727As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) – city of Edina 
HF 2728First engrossmentDriver's licenses and permitsAll versions
HF 2733Conference Committee ReportDNR Policy BillAll versions
HF 2734As introducedAppropriating State Aid to The Works Museum for STEM Education 
HF 2739As amended (H2739A1)Tax increment financing (TIF) – workforce housing 
HF 2741As introducedMental health services; funding 
HF 2746First engrossmentUnsession agriculture billAll versions
HF 2751As introducedTransportation Accessibility Advisory Committee 
HF 2752First engrossmentLight rail transit vehicle designAll versions
HF 2754As introducedEmancipation of minors 
HF 2755As introducedDepartment of Corrections “Unsession” Bill 
HF 2757As amended (H2757A2)Personal needs allowance calculations for veterans homesAll versions
HF 2758As introducedProviding an agricultural credit for land in organic production 
HF 2760Second engrossmentHealth Care Homes Advisory CommitteeAll versions
HF 2762Second engrossmentBoard of Cosmetology ExaminersAll versions
HF 2763As introducedRepealing obsolete laws and rules related to the Housing Finance Agency 
HF 2767First engrossmentTelecommunicationsAll versions
HF 2770As introducedProbation Single Funding 
HF 2771As introducedEliminating the Iron Range fiscal disparities program 
HF 2772As introducedTriclosan Cleaning Products Prohibited 
HF 2775The delete everything (H2775DE1)Alignment of teacher evaluation programsAll versions
HF 2776Delete everything amendment (H2776DE2)Clarifying elements of Minnesota's career pathways system 
HF 2778As introducedMinnesota New Markets Jobs Act 
HF 2779As introducedLicensed professional clinical counselors 
HF 2780As introducedShooting Sports Facility Grants 
HF 2782As introducedRepealing the sustainable forest incentive act 
HF 2783First engrossmentRamsey County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA)All versions
HF 2784As introducedModifies a tax levy authority for Anoka County public safety improvements 
HF 2787As IntroducedState purchases of electric vehicles 
HF 2788As amended by H2788A1Metropolitan Council, providing for staggered terms 
HF 2789As introducedMakes technical corrections to various aid programs 
HF 2795Second engrossmentBulk transfer of driver and vehicle dataAll versions
HF 2797As introducedPersonal Needs Allowance 
HF 2798As introducedNursery plants; pollinators 
HF 2802As introducedGifts to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture 
HF 2803As introducedAdvanced practice registered nurses 
HF 2804As introducedQuail Recovery Plan 
HF 2806First engrossmentHealth Plan Requirements and Geographical ConsiderationsAll versions
HF 2808As introducedMnDOT pavement material selection 
HF 2828As introducedPipeline routing permits 
HF 2829As introducedLawful gambling miscellaneous provisions 
HF 2830As introducedBecker County, county auditor-treasurer and recorder office may be combined and made appointive 
HF 2832As introducedCollaboration of Community Services Partners Demonstration Project 
HF 2834Second engrossmentEnergy policy omnibusAll versions
HF 2835First engrossmentDisability parkingAll versions
HF 2838As introducedDiscounts for vision care 
HF 2840First engrossmentDistrict One Hospital, property sale allowed, dissolution 
HF 2841As introducedExclusion from hospital rate reduction 
HF 2849As IntroducedState purchases of vehicles 
HF 2852Fourth engrossmentDNR Game and Fish BillAll versions
HF 2853First engrossmentDepartment of Commerce policy bill 
HF 2854First engrossment“Unsession” bill prepared by the Department of Commerce 
HF 2855With author's amendment H2855A1Providing county funding to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species 
HF 2856With author's amendment (H2856A1)Angel investment credit extended, amount reserved for greater Minnesota 
HF 2858First engrossmentLimousine regulations 
HF 2861The delete everything amendment (H2861DE1)Determining the status and resources of Minnesota's career and technical education programsAll versions
HF 2869As introducedEnergy 
HF 2871As introducedTesting requirements for teacher licensure 
HF 2872As introducedSingle purpose authorizer 
HF 2874As introducedHealth Department Technical Changes 
HF 2876First engrossmentCampaign finance; contributions by lobbyists, committees, and funds 
HF 2877As introducedEnergy 
HF 2878As introducedCancer Surveillance System Modification 
HF 2879As introducedResidential tenant's right to notice on infestation and chemical treatments 
HF 2880As IntroducedOn-Sale License for Minneapolis Institute of Arts 
HF 2881Second engrossmentMotor carriers of railroad employeesAll versions
HF 2882As amended by H2882A1Civil commitment; neuroleptic medication 
HF 2883The delete everything amendment (H2833DE2)Greenhouse gas emissions 
HF 2884Second engrossmentElectric vehiclesAll versions
HF 2885First engrossmentNursing Facility Rate AdjustmentAll versions
HF 2886As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) – City of Eagan 
HF 2887First engrossmentPrior Authorization for Dental ServicesAll versions
HF 2908First engrossmentPollinatorsAll versions
HF 2910First engrossmentTask force on Animal CrueltyAll versions
HF 2911As introducedSolar energy production tax 
HF 2912First engrossmentAuto dealer liens on vehicles; salesAll versions
HF 2916As introducedDHS/Operations policy 
HF 2917As amended by H2917A1City Special Service Districts (SSDs) 
HF 2918Second engrossmentResidential solar energy systemsAll versions
HF 2919As introducedSchool Facilities Improvement Revenue 
HF 2921As IntroducedSuccess for All program 
HF 2923As IntroducedChicano/Latino Affairs Council 
HF 2924As amended by the author's amendment (H2924A1)Siting solar energy projects 
HF 2925Third engrossmentCompensation for Exonerated PersonsAll versions
HF 2926Second engrossmentPublic Employment Relations BoardAll versions
HF 2928First engrossmentCriminal vehicular operation; restructureAll versions
HF 2929As introducedOne-time increase in renter property tax refunds 
HF 2932As introducedMinnesota TANF Expenditures Task Force 
HF 2935As introducedTeacher background check requirements 
HF 2940As introducedElectronic device surveillance equipment 
HF 2942First engrossmentDisseminating postsecondary enrollment options program informationAll versions
HF 2943As introducedCounty attorneys; special election to fill vacancy 
HF 2944As introducedDiagnostic Imaging Requirement Exemption 
HF 2945As introducedTrust for postemployment benefits, investment reporting 
HF 2949First engrossmentUnemployment insuranceAll versions
HF 2950Second engrossmentDepartment of Human Services Unsession BillAll versions
HF 2951As introducedModifies the Greater Minnesota Business expansion sales tax exemption 
HF 2956As introducedElection day transit service 
HF 2958First engrossmentAllowing jury trials for human rights act violationsAll versions
HF 2961First engrossmentDriver's license and Minnesota identification card disability designationsAll versions
HF 2968As introducedGrand Rapids Public Utilities Commission, terms 
HF 2970As introducedGrand Rapids Central School Commission, repeal 
HF 2975As introducedBorder city enterprise zone funding 
HF 2976First engrossmentJobs and Economic Development Omnibus Finance Bill 
HF 2977First engrossmentHome Care Provider LicensingAll versions
HF 2989First engrossmentBusiness organization filings updatedAll versions
HF 2995First engrossmentVehicle towingAll versions
HF 3014Second engrossmentPublic Employment Relations BoardAll versions
HF 3015First engrossmentPublic Employment Relations BoardAll versions
HF 3017Second engrossmentDepartment of Public Safety outdated statutes amended/repealedAll versions
HF 3027First engrossmentDHS Children and Family Services policy billAll versions
HF 3030As introducedImmigrant and Refugee Mental Health Conference 
HF 3031First engrossmentUniform Public Assistance Program Eligibility and VerificationAll versions
HF 3033First engrossmentLocal campaign finance 
HF 3037As introducedIncreasing the border city disparity reduction credit 
HF 3038As IntroducedTrunk highway projects and contracts; municipal state aid payments 
HF 3041As IntroducedState Debt Collection 
HF 3043First engrossmentCemeteriesAll versions
HF 3045As introducedInterstate reciprocity agreements for interstate teacher licensure 
HF 3058First engrossmentTraffic safety diversion programs 
HF 3059Second engrossmentNonemergency Medical TransportationAll versions
HF 3062First engrossmentEnglish learners' language development and academic needsAll versions
HF 3067As introducedCarrying Firearms at Capitol Area 
HF 3072First engrossmentUnsession; Department of Public SafetyAll versions
HF 3073Third engrossmentRegulation of insurance fraud by the Minnesota Department of CommerceAll versions
HF 3074As introducedClarifying requirements for out-of-state teacher licensure applicants 
HF 3080As introducedClarifying the definition of continuing employment for probationary teachers 
HF 3086As introducedIncreasing the agricultural market value credit 
HF 3087As introducedCongregate Dining 
HF 3099As introducedAmending definition of real property for certain property used in production 
HF 3115First engrossmentSt. Louis County Board; Staggered TermsAll versions
HF 3123As introducedControlled substance sentencing 
HF 3135As introducedEmergency preparedness for oil transportation and pipeline accidents 
HF 3142As introducedOne-time increase in homestead credit refunds and renter property tax refunds 
HF 3156As proposed to be amended (A14-0996)Sales tax amnesty for certain admissions 
HF 3158First engrossmentSupplemental environment, natural resources, and agriculture appropriations 
HF 3167Conference Committee ReportOmnibus tax billAll versions
HF 3169Fourth engrossmentLegislative Salary CouncilAll versions
HF 3170Delete everything amendment (A14-1023)Omnibus tax billAll versions
HF 3171Second engrossmentGovernor's School Funding and Technical BillAll versions
HF 3172Second engrossmentSupplemental budgetAll versions
HF 3178As introducedSchool board elections 
HF 3185As introducedLocation Equity Revenue; Definition of the Metro Area 
HF 3186As introducedVeterans preference points 
HF 3188As introducedIncreasing School District Basic Formula Allowance by Two Percent 
HF 3194As proposed to be amended (A14-0935)Clarifying the data centers sales tax exemption 
HF 3203First engrossmentBiodiesel use mandateAll versions
HF 3214As IntroducedCompensation Council 
HF 3215As introducedGovernor's health and human services omnibus finance bill 
HF 3216First engrossmentGovernor's health and human services omnibus finance billAll versions
HF 3219As introducedMetropolitan Airports Commission aircraft noise analysis 
HF 3222As introducedLegislative Health Care Workforce Commission 
HF 3233As introducedIncrease sales limit on nonprofit fundraising sales tax exemption 
HF 3238Third engrossmentFirearms – Domestic ViolenceAll versions
HF 3245As introducedMining taxes 
HF 3249As introducedCity of Bloomington – tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 3256As amended by author's amendment (H3256A1)Modifies the treatment of certain fiber optic and cable installation for sales tax purposes 
HF 3260First engrossmentTransportation supplemental budgetAll versions
HF 3272As IntroducedClarifying sales tax refunds on construction of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility 
HF 3273First engrossmentOmnibus Public Safety Supplemental Budget BillAll versions
HF 3283As introducedIndian Child Welfare 
HF 3289As introducedLGA penalty forgiveness 
HF 3321As introducedMaking the MSHSL sales tax exemption for tickets and admissions permanent 
HF 3346With author's amendment (H3346A1)Sales tax exemption for regional rail authorities 
HF 3350As IntroducedLocal road and bridge assistance programs; project prioritization 
SF 17First unofficial engrossmentRights of entities; federal constitutional amendmentAll versions
SF 271Third engrossmentDriving privilege license; license and identification card eligibility 
SF 629First EngrossmentAppointment of County Officers 
SF 661Conference Committee ReportCampaign Finance 
SF 671Conference Committee ReportPublic Safety Omnibus Finance BillAll versions
SF 685First unofficial engrossment (UES0685-1)Competency/civil commitment examsAll versions
SF 874Second engrossmentJudicial forfeiture; criminal conviction required 
SF 894As IntroducedResident Reimbursement Classifications 
SF 1236Second unofficial engrossmentHigher education budget and policyAll versions
SF 1270Conference committee report (CCRSF1270)Transportation policy omnibusAll versions
SF 1272Delete everything amendment (S1272DE2)Healthy Housing Grants 
SF 1340Second unofficial engrossmentDHS licensing/OIG/background studiesAll versions
SF 1589Conference committee reportState Government FinanceAll versions
SF 1689First engrossmentInsurance 
SF 1892First engrossmentOfficer Richard Crittenden, Sr., Memorial Highway 
SF 2076As introducedDakota County; adoption of county manager plan 
SF 2100First engrossmentDeputy Registrar residency 
SF 2175As passed the House, second unofficial engrossmentState agency acquisition of real propertyAll versions
SF 2268As introducedTransportation Accessibility Advisory Committee 
SF 2449Second engrossmentOmnibus Lands Bill 
SF 2454Third engrossmentNatural Resources and Environment Technical Bill 
SF 2470Conference Committee ReportMedical Cannabis Therapeutic Research StudyAll versions
SF 2642Conference Committee ReportLawful Gambling miscellaneous provisions 
SF 2718Second engrossmentDistrict court decisions; compliance with 90-day requirement 
SF 2736First unofficial engrossmentGPS monitoring; domestic violence