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Act Summaries: 2015–2016

Act summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the law itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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SummarySubjectLaw Text
Chapter 1Omnibus Jobs and Energy ActLaws 2015, Ch. 1
Chapter 2Disaster reliefLaws 2015, Ch. 2
Chapter 3Agency head salaries; deficiency appropriationsLaws 2015, Ch. 3
Chapter 4Child protectionLaws 2015, Ch. 4
Chapter 9Omnibus liquor billLaws 2015, Ch. 9
Chapter 10Hennepin County, local approval of 2009 special lawLaws 2015, Ch. 10
Chapter 11Bonds requirements for conservators under the Uniform Probate CodeLaws 2015, Ch. 11
Chapter 12Avian influenza responseLaws 2015, Ch. 12
Chapter 13Mortgage foreclosure postponement and validationLaws 2015, Ch. 13
Chapter 14Mortgage foreclosure by advertisementLaws 2015, Ch. 14
Chapter 15Right to Try ActLaws 2015, Ch. 15
Chapter 17Uniform Fraudulent Transfer ActLaws 2015, Ch. 17
Chapter 18Professional engineersLaws 2015, Ch. 18
Chapter 19Cedar Lake Area Water and Sanitary Sewer District, local approvalLaws 2015, Ch. 19
Chapter 20Nonprofit hospital collectionsLaws 2015, Ch. 20
Chapter 22Uniform Municipal Contracting LawLaws 2015, Ch. 22
Chapter 23Fourth-degree assault; mentally ill and dangerous patientsLaws 2015, Ch. 23
Chapter 27Conciliation court jurisdiction; claims by a countyLaws 2015, Ch. 27
Chapter 29Savings promotions rafflesLaws 2015, Ch. 29
Chapter 30Family law; custody and parenting time; child support; Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation ActLaws 2015, Ch. 30
Chapter 31Houston County Economic Development AuthorityLaws 2015, Ch. 31
Chapter 32Plats; contract for deed; probateLaws 2015, Ch. 32
Chapter 33District One Hospital District, FaribaultLaws 2015, Ch. 33
Chapter 34Self-service storage insuranceLaws 2015, Ch. 34
Chapter 36Silver Alert SystemLaws 2015, Ch. 36
Chapter 37School-age child care; exclusion from licensureLaws 2015, Ch. 37
Chapter 38Crow Wing County OfficesLaws 2015, Ch. 38
Chapter 39Corporations and limited liability companiesLaws 2015, Ch. 39
Chapter 42Extension of expiration dates for certain task forcesLaws 2015, Ch. 42
Chapter 43Electronic payments and payments for inpatient hospital treatment in workers' compensationLaws 2015, Ch. 43
Chapter 44Agriculture policyLaws 2015, Ch. 44
Chapter 45Lawful gamblingLaws 2015, Ch. 45
Chapter 46Sergeant Joseph Bergeron Memorial HighwayLaws 2015, Ch. 46
Chapter 48Transportation network companiesLaws 2015, Ch. 48
Chapter 49Strategic Lawsuits Against Public ParticipationLaws 2015, Ch. 49
Chapter 50Extension of foreclosure reconveyance protections to farmsLaws 2015, Ch. 50
Chapter 51Officer Scott Patrick Memorial HighwayLaws 2015, Ch. 51
Chapter 52Lawful gamblingLaws 2015, Ch. 52
Chapter 53Proof of insurance in electronic formatLaws 2015, Ch. 53
Chapter 54DOLI/Construction codes and licensing housekeeping billLaws 2015, Ch. 54
Chapter 55Interstate medical licensure compactLaws 2015, Ch. 55
Chapter 56Stroke transport protocolsLaws 2015, Ch. 56
Chapter 57Certificate of dissolution of marriageLaws 2015, Ch. 57
Chapter 58Appointment of navigators and agents of recordLaws 2015, Ch. 58
Chapter 59Long-term care insurance inflationLaws 2015, Ch. 59
Chapter 60Autopsies; religious objectionsLaws 2015, Ch. 60
Chapter 62Prohibition on the use of flame-retardant chemicalsLaws 2015, Ch. 62
Chapter 65Public Safety Omnibus BillLaws 2015, Ch. 65
Chapter 67Automated License Plate ReadersLaws 2015, Ch. 67
Chapter 69Omnibus Higher Education BillLaws 2015, Ch. 69
Chapter 71Health and Human Services Omnibus Finance BillLaws 2015, Ch. 71
Chapter 72PreK-12 Omnibus Education Finance and Policy BillLaws 2015, Ch. 72
Chapter 73Campaign FinanceLaws 2015, Ch. 73
Chapter 74State receivership and medical cannabis changesLaws 2015, Ch. 74
Chapter 75Transportation finance omnibusLaws 2015, Ch. 75
Chapter 77State Government FinanceLaws 2015, Ch. 77
Chapter 78Children and family service policy modificationsLaws 2015, Ch. 78
Chapter 81Unemployment insurance tax and trust fund solvencyLaws 2016, Ch. 81
Chapter 82Iron ore mining industry extended unemployment benefitsLaws 2016, Ch. 82
Chapter 83REAL ID Act initial authorizationLaws 2016, Ch. 83
Chapter 87Local Government Authority to Donate Surplus EquipmentLaws 2016, Ch. 87
Chapter 88STEMI receiving centers; EMS Regulatory BoardLaws 2016, Ch. 88
Chapter 89Prohibiting bad faith patent infringement claims; prohibition on “patent trolling”Laws 2016, Ch. 89
Chapter 90Veterans – Reinstatement of Real Estate LicenseLaws 2016, Ch. 90
Chapter 91Workers' compensation insurers' retention limitsLaws 2016, Ch. 91
Chapter 93Assaulting Peace OfficersLaws 2016, Ch. 93
Chapter 96Pedicab electric-assist bicyclesLaws 2016, Ch. 96
Chapter 98Specific service signsLaws 2016, Ch. 98
Chapter 99Nursing Facility Payment Rates RecodificationLaws 2016, Ch. 99
Chapter 100Expansion of debt settlement services regulationLaws 2016, Ch. 100

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