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Update: Insulin affordability and gun violence prevention

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Rep. Noor


Last night, I was proud to join my colleagues in the Minnesota House in voting to hold insulin manufacturers accountable for the outrageous, skyrocketing price of the drug that thousands of Minnesotans need to survive. One in four diabetics report rationing their insulin because of the cost, which puts lives in danger. 

Our bill meets the goals of ensuring Minnesotans have emergency access to insulin and access to affordable insulin over the long-term. It holds pharmaceutical companies accountable by requiring them to participate in funding the program, and it can be set up quickly. Now the bill goes to the Republican-led Senate. 

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People of Color and Indigenous Caucus

I was proud to stand with my colleagues as the People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus announced our 2020 legislative agenda yesterday.

One of the things I focused on is the significant disparities in jobs and economic security Minnesota faces - while 6% of white children grow up in poverty, that number jumps to 16% of Asian, 23% of Hispanic, 33% of Black, and 39% of American Indian children. All Minnesotans deserve to live safe, healthy and prosperous lives.

You can read more about our plan to address these disparities here.


Gun Violence Prevention

Tonight, we will vote on two gun violence prevention measures: a Red Flag bill and universal background checks. It’s time we do something about America’s epidemic of senseless gun violence and mass shootings. Both of these laws are working well in many other (both red and blue) states and are supported by law enforcement, health professionals, and the vast majority of the public.

Minnesotans have been loud and clear that they want us to take action to address senseless gun violence. Senate Republicans should listen to Minnesotans and join the DFL-led House in supporting common-sense gun violence prevention measures. Follow the debate by watching live video at starting at 3:30pm. 

Keep your phone calls and emails coming! I always enjoy hearing from you. You can also follow along on my official Facebook page here


Rep. Mohamud Noor