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Gun Hearings & New February Economic Forecast

Friday, March 1, 2019


This week the House Committee on Public Safety heard two gun bills HF8, the 'Universal Background Check' bill, and HF9, the 'Red Flag Law' bill. I serve on this committee and joined ALL of my Republican colleagues and voted, as well as spoke against both bills. Unfortunately, the Democrats are in the majority and they have simply become a party that no longer believes in our Second Amendment Rights. 

My colleague on the committee, Rep. Jim Nash, outlines the issues succinctly in a video below

I also spoke against provisions in the Red Flag bill, that would put law enforcement officers in the position of going to the doors of gun owners and confiscating their weapons - without a due process, without a hearing. This is simply a recipe for disaster and will get someone hurt or killed if this becomes law. 


February Economic Forecast

The state received an updated economic forecast this week and it shows a budget surplus of around $1 billion. Revenue collections have been down since the November forecast showed a $1.5 billion surplus. The report indicates:

“The projected balance for the upcoming biennium is $1.052 billion, which is $492 million less than the November forecast. Slower projected economic growth and lower observed collections compared to prior estimates result in a reduced revenue forecast throughout the budget horizon. A slightly lower expenditure forecast partially offsets the overall reduction to the projected balance. The trend of slower growth continues into the planning horizon with projected spending growth outpacing forecast revenue growth into FY 2022-23.”

The bottom line is that despite a downward revision, Minnesota still has a significant surplus. For the Democrats and Governor Walz to be calling for higher taxes -- from the 70% gas tax increase to turning back on the sick tax and numerous other tax increases being proposed by House Democrats -- is truly ridiculous. We need to do the job Minnesotans elected us to do and govern within our means. I will continue to push back against these absurd spending increases. 

House leader Kurt Daudt held a press conference on Thursday to respond to this latest forecast. He makes the case, one that I agree with, that we need to create a better environment to do business and encourage success, not tax it until it forces people to leave. 

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