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News from Representative Gruenhagen 01-30-2015

Friday, January 30, 2015
Dear Friends,

This week the Governor released his 2015-2016 budget proposal. His budget would once again be the largest in state history, totaling more than $42 billion dollars. This is the first time in the history of our state that the budget would go over the $40 billion mark.

Governor Dayton's track record as Governor has been to tax more, spend more, and do very little in terms of reforming existing programs to help save taxpayer dollars, and improve the existing programs that cost our state billions each year. The increase in spending for this proposal alone would be $1,244 for every man, woman, and child in our state. That spending increase for his last budget amounted to more than $1,500 for every man, woman, and child.

For a family of four, that amounts to nearly $11,000 in increased spending! If Governor Dayton's budget were to go into effect, do you really think your family is going to feel any better off with the government spending $11,000 more per family? Wouldn't you rather that government spent just what it took in and returned some of that money to taxpayers? Or better yet, worked to reform government, reduce wasteful spending on programs that don't work, and actually lowered spending?

Thankfully with the new House Republican Majority, you can rest assured that Governor Dayton's spending spree will not go unchecked. We will work to make sure your tax dollars are used wisely and that as much of our $1 billion surplus as possible is returned to taxpayers. This runaway spending spree is not sustainable, and the Governor is in need of a bit of a reality check.

Two Healthcare Bills Proposed

This week I introduced two health care bills aimed at making health care more accessible and affordable for families.

The first, HF377, would allow tax deductions for doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals who perform charitable health care services. Government is not always the answer for providing health care for those who can't always afford it. Religious and charitable organizations, as well as doctors and dentists across the state provide invaluable charitable health care procedures at their own expense. We should encourage more to consider donating their skills and talents to a good cause, and providing procedures at no cost to those who need it most.

A second bill, HF378, would allow Minnesotans to deduct a portion of their health care expenses and some health insurance payments from their taxes. Families are struggling with the rising cost of healthcare and health insurance that has not been helped by the so-called Affordable Care Act. Giving families an incentive, instead of a penalty, for investing in their health is a better direction if we want people to be more proactive in their health care decisions.
Have a great weekend,
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