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News from Representative Gruenhagen 05-10-2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Friends,

Some updates from this week in Saint Paul:
On Thursday, the House voted to weaken the fundamental economic and social institution in our country; the traditional family. They redefined marriage to include people of the same sex. Fortunately other prohibitions to marriage such as polygamy were left in.
The Netherlands redefined marriage over a decade ago with tragic results including an overall decline in marriage and a dramatic rise in out of wedlock births which is especially harmful to children.
In addition according to a study done by Dr. Tim Daly the average gay marriage last 1.5 yrs with an average of 8 additional partners. Just as disconcerting the bill in Sec 6, Sub 2 mandates elimination  of "gender specific terminology such as husband, wife,mother, father,... Or similar terms MUST be construed in a neutral manner to refer to a person of either gender."

This applies to all state statutes  and will be implemented soon in public school curriculum. As a long time school board member I have seen this done numerous times in the past.
The potential to children is that they will be chided into using gender neutral terms such as "parent and spouse" in school that will not offend certain groups. It is a sad day for traditional families in Minnesota.
Energy Bill Passed
Wednesday we held a long debate on a bill that will raise energy rates on hardworking Minnesotans in order to pay for expensive new energy mandates. These onerous new energy standards force energy companies against common sense and market forces in more expensive and less reliable energy technologies in order to fulfill demands of far left special interest environmental groups.
Democrats carved out an exception for the Iron Range and other areas -- exempting about 35% of Minnesotans from these new standards in order to secure enough votes to pass this bill. If the bill was so great, you would think they would be able to pass it without special handouts. The majority showed no regard for the hardworking taxpayers of this state, and are content to raise energy rates on the other 65% of Minnesotans in order to force through these new standards.
Have a great weekend,
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