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Vaccine Law in Minnesota

Friday, October 8, 2021

Vaccine Law in Minnesota   

So many people have contacted me regarding vaccine mandates. I want you to know that I am totally opposed to these dictatorial edicts that destroy our freedom. I have written extensively about this issue, and my full thoughts on President Biden’s vaccine mandate are here. 

Additionally, on September 27th I wrote about the different types of exemptions that exist regarding Biden’s vaccine mandate. You can find that full article here. I hope the list of exemptions I discussed will be helpful as you make decisions regarding these mandates.

However, the fight over vaccine mandates is just getting started. Earlier this week, Governor Tim Walz announced that he wants vaccine requirements in schools. Specifically, Governor Walz wants the Minnesota Legislature to vote on vaccine mandates for teachers and school staff. Furthermore, he wants the Minnesota Legislature to enact “other mitigation strategies” in schools. He claims these “mitigation strategies” will help children learn safely.

Once again, Governor Tim Walz is following Joe Biden’s lead.

Fortunately, current Minnesota law is very clear on this issue. Minnesota Statutes 12.39 explicitly states that: “individuals have a fundamental right to refuse medical treatment, testing, physical or mental examination, vaccination, participation in experimental procedures and protocols, collection of specimens, and preventive treatment programs.” Please read the full statute here. 

As a matter of fact, Governor Walz’s office has admitted that Minnesota Statutes 12.39 prevents the governor from issuing a vaccine mandate via executive order. The governor’s deputy chief of staff publicly stated, “the governor’s office has read this statute and said it is likely that it would not allow the governor to mandate vaccines for schools.”

In this case, Governor Walz’s dictatorial ambitions have been curtailed by the law. He knows he cannot legally impose a vaccine mandate on his own, but that is not stopping him from trying to convince legislators to change the law and introduce vaccine mandates.  

The Minnesota Legislature may go into a special session sometime in the next month or two. Should that happen, Governor Walz is going to twist the arms of elected legislators and try to make them support his tyrannical ideas.

If any of these measures come to the Minnesota House floor for a vote, I will absolutely vote against them. To me, individual liberty is sacred. No person should have medical treatments forced upon them by a self-serving governor.

I will not stand for it, I will vote against it, and I will do everything in my power to protect our most precious freedoms.

Steve Drazkowski