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Senior driving discount bill passes

Published (3/30/2012)
By Erin Schmidtke
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Those at age 55 are currently eligible to take a defensive driving class managed by the Department of Public Safety. If a driver successfully completes the course, he or she receives a certificate from the department that authorizes the discount. Every third year, renewal is required. Rep. Jenifer Loon (R-Eden Prairie) hopes to make that renewal process simpler.

Her bill, HF2441/ SF1542*, allows seniors to take a four-hour refresher course instead of retaking the full eight-hour course every three years. The House passed the bill 131-0 March 26. Sen. Paul Gazelka (R-Brainerd) sponsors the companion, which the Senate has already passed.

“As one who barely qualifies for this program and has taken the eight-hour course, I fully support the bill,” said Rep. Paul Anderson (R-Starbuck). The bill awaits gubernatorial action.

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