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Minnesota Legislature

New Law: Disability motorcycle plates

Published (7/15/2011)
By Mike Cook
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Things will get easier for those wanting parking privileges for their motorcycle.

Sponsored by Rep. Ron Shimanski (R-Silver Lake) and Sen. Al DeKruif (R-Madison Lake), a new law will modify issuance of disability plates and certificates.

Under current law, persons with a disability are allowed one handicap placard and one set of handicap license plates, although individuals may apply to the State Council on Disability for a second set. The council has generally given its approval when the second set is for a motorcycle.

Effective Aug. 1, 2011, the Driver and Vehicle Services Division of the Public Safety Department can issue disability plates for a motorcycle for a person that may already have disability certification on another motor vehicle, and must design a certificate that can be secured to a motorcycle.

Supporters said the handicap plates are generally put on a person’s personal vehicle, and a placard is not suitable for use on a motorcycle. Without a handicap plate or placard they have to walk from further out in a parking lot.

HF1094/ SF478*/CH60

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