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Minnesota Legislature

License reinstatement extension

Published (4/8/2010)
By Mike Cook
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Effective March 27, 2010, a new law extends the period that people are allowed to participate in the driver’s license diversion program.

The 2009 law authorizing a program contained a June 30, 2011, sunset. The new law removes that sunset and clarifies that a city participating in the program can accept participants until that date. A third party administering the program can collect and disburse collected fees through Dec. 31, 2012, at which time the pilot project will end.

People charged with driving after suspension or revocation, but who have not yet entered a plea can participate. In exchange for a diversion driver’s license, participants must maintain insurance, make regular payments toward the outstanding fines and complete a class that teaches life and financial management skills. Offenders will pay for program costs. It is directed at people who want to get valid licenses, but for various reasons, such as limited finances, are unable to do so.

Duluth, St. Paul, South St. Paul, West St. Paul and Inver Grove Heights are eligible to take part in the pilot program; however, the public safety commissioner may permit other cities to establish a program. That is not expected until after a report is submitted next year on the program’s effectiveness. Nearly 500 people are taking part in the St. Paul program.

This just says that people that get into the program late have the same amount of time and opportunity as people who got in the program early, said Rep. John Lesch (DFL-St. Paul), who sponsors the law with Sen. Yvonne Prettner Solon (DFL-Duluth).

HF3321/ SF2946*/CH197

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