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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Free voicemail service seeks funds to further help homeless find housing, jobs

HF1506 would appropriate $85,000 to support free voicemail services to homeless and low-income people throughout the state, to help them find and keep housing and jobs.

Nelson wins District 11B special election to replace Rarick

Republican Nathan Nelson won the special election to replace former Rep. Jason Rarick, who resigned in February after winning his own special election to fill a vacant Senate seat.

Hurdle to employment in recovery programs could be removed

HF1543, sponsored by Rep. Raymond Dehn (DFL-Mpls), would make it easier for people with criminal records tied to a history of drug addiction to work in the field of substance use disorder treatment.

Hunger-free campuses are legislation's goal

HF2366 would create a “hunger-free campus designation” for the community and technical colleges of the Minnesota State system and appropriate grant dollars to schools to combat hunger among their students.

Labor committee approves bill to help communities attract telecommuters

HF2181 that would allow cities, townships and counties to be designated by the Department of Employment and Economic Development as a 'Telecommuter Forward! Community.'

Tools proposed to fight fraud in state’s Child Care Assistance Program

HF2319 would make many changes in how the Department of Human Services can investigate fraud in the program, including making many common types of fraud felonies,

If a company hides Minnesota earnings overseas, what can the state do?

HF1849 would require income earned by foreign corporations based in one of 35 countries that have been deemed to be tax havens to be included in their combined revenue report.

State funds in local revolving loan funds could temporary lift of restrictions

Local governments could be given a one-time chance to more flexibly use uncommitted money from revolving loan funds seeded by the Minnesota Investment Fund’s loan program.

State assistance proposed for local response to emerald ash borer

HF2015 proposes to establish a matching grant program through the Department of Natural Resources to help communities respond to the threat posed by emerald ash borers.

Service dogs, family support, financial assistance could help more firefighters with PTSD, lawmakers hear

HF478, sponsored by Rep. Dean Urdahl (R-Grove City), would provide $400,000 in targeted grant funding to support initiatives addressing the mental health of firefighters, especially those with PTSD.
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