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Commerce Finance and Policy Upcoming Meetings

Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Wednesday, October 27, 2021 , 1:00 PM

Commerce Finance and Policy

Chair: Rep. Zack Stephenson
Location: Remote Hearing
**NOTE: The bills on the agenda are being heard on an informational only basis - no formal action will be taken. Inclusion in this informational hearing does not necessarily indicate a bill’s advancement during the regular session.**

Approval of the Minutes
-April 13, 2021
-June 15, 2021
-September 27, 2021

Informational Basis Only (in no particular order):
-HF XXXX - draft CK057 (Koznick) - allowing growlers to be sold in 32 oz. bottles
-HF XXXX - draft CK063 (Nash) - allowing strong beer licenses for certain town ball game events
-HF XXXX - draft CK064 (Nash) - allowing certain 3.2 percent malt liquor license to authorize the sale of malt liquor not exceeding 4.5 percent alcohol by volume
-HF XXXX - draft CK066 (Baker) - authorizing licenses for on-sale at the Willmar Civic Center
-HF XXXX - draft CK072 (Kotyza-Witthuhn) - regulating direct shippers of wine; imposing sales and use taxes, liquor gross receipts taxes, and excise taxes on direct shipments of wine; providing for licensing and required reports; providing for classification of data
-HF XXXX - draft CK082 (Wolgamott) - Eliminating the prohibition on growler sales by certain brewers
-HF XXXX - draft CK085 (Jordan) - allowing distilleries of any size to operate a cocktail room
-HF XXXX - SF 2525 (Becker-Finn) - microdistillery definition modification.
-HF XXXX - draft CK087 (Agbaje) - modifying the annual production limit for microdistillery on-​and off-sale to exclude spirits bottled under a third-party contract
-HF XXXX - draft CK073 (Davnie) - allowing producers to provide liquor to nonprofit organizations for tasting events
-HF XXXX - SF 2096 - (Koegel) - For-sale items at exclusive liquor stores
-HF 27 (Jurgens) - Sunday liquor sales hours modified
-HF 62 (Scott) - Farm winery agricultural requirements eliminated
-HF 122 (Hertaus) - Liquor; city population requirement to qualify for exemption from temporary license restrictions modified
-HF 374 (O’Driscoll) - Sauk Rapids; on-sale liquor licenses authorized
-HF 902 (Becker-Finn) - License restrictions modified
-HF 1050 (Nash) - Brewer off-sale license condition modified
-HF 1192 (Olson) - Liquor taxation provisions modified; microdistillery off-sale limit modified; malt liquor packaging and off-sale requirements modified; brand registration requirements modified; bar and restaurant off-sale limitation authorized; and clarifying, conforming, and technical changes made
-HF 1214 (Daudt) - Coupons permitted as payment for liquor purchase.
-HF 1214 (Daudt) - Exclusive liquor store permitted sale items modified
-HF 1216 (Daudt) - Municipality issuance of off-sale liquor license to any one person or place prohibition repealed
-HF 1597 (Daudt) - Wine and beer sale by food retailers authorized
-HF 1640 (Hornstein) - Farm winery license issuance to sake producer authorized
-HF 1963 (Kresha) - Wine transfer allowed between commonly owned liquor stores
-HF 2132 (Berg) - On-sale liquor license holder outdoor consumption authorized
-HF 2256 (Erickson) - On-sale intoxicating liquor licenses authorized for event centers located on a farm
-HF 2619 (Bliss) - Commerce; variance request licensee regulatory requirements modified

VIEWING: This remote hearing may be viewed live via the House webcast schedule page: An archived recording will be made available on the Audio & Video Archive page after the hearing: This remote hearing is taking place pursuant to Rule 10.01, which you may view here:

ACCESSIBILITY: HTV 1 and HTV 2 will provide live closed captioning. Video archives of meetings streamed on HTV 3, 4, and 5 will have closed captions added. Other reasonable accessibility accommodations may be made with advance notice. If you have questions about the accessibility of remote hearings or require an accommodation, please contact Jenny Nash at: or by leaving a message at 651-296-4122. PLEASE DO NOT contact Jenny regarding agenda items, testimony, or the substance of the hearing.

DOCUMENTS: Any meeting documents will be posted on the House Commerce committee website at

TESTIMONY: To request to testify or to submit written testimony to be included in the official record, please email the Committee Administrator no later than 4:30 pm the day before the hearing, at If requesting to testify virtually, please state which bill you’d like to testify on and your position (support/opposition/neutral) in your email request.

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