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Monday, March 12, 2007

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Monday, March 12, 2007
Monday, March 12, 2007 , 8:00 AM

Labor and Consumer Protection Division

Agenda Changed
Chair: Rep. Jim Davnie
Location: 500S State Office Building
HF1190 (Nelson) Plumbing Council established.
HF1283 (Nelson) Misrepresentation of employees as independent contractors prohibited, and review of certifications of independent contractor status required.
HF754 (Mullery) Plumbers licenses required statewide.
HF1336 (Mahoney) Council of High Pressure Piping Systems established, and fees required.
HF0571(Hilstrom) Defining best value; changing provisions for acquisition and competitive bidding.
HF1208 (Mahoney) State Building Code modified, and construction code and licensing provisions modified and recodified.

Monday, March 12, 2007 , 9:30 AM
Time Note: We will be meeting until 11:30 a.m.

Environment and Natural Resources

Time Changed
Chair: Rep. Kent Eken
Location: 5 State Office Building
Game, Fish & Forestry Division Reports:
HF278 (Hansen) Deer license surcharge imposed for deer management and reimbursing the cost of processing deer donated for charitable purposes, and money appropriated
HF631 (Anzelc) Natural resources department sales authority modified, forest resource assessment products and services account established, decorative boughs provisions modified, sustainable resources provision expiration removed, and money appropriated
HF1016 (Hansen) Forest pest control measures provided
HF1183 (Loeffler) Community forest management provided and forest and shade tree pest control provided
HF1035 (Solberg) Itasca County; tax-forfeited land assurance fee exemptions provided for certain exchanged land
HF904 (Dill) Land acquisition, land owners' bill of rights, and mineral interest record requirements modified; state park additions and deletions provided; and public and private sales and conveyances of state lands authorized
HF632 (McNamara) Vermillion Highlands Wildlife Management Area designated

Chair: Rep. Willie Dominguez
Location: 500N State Office Building
HF1082 (Loeffler) Four-year-old kindergarten programs funding increased.
HF396 (Dominguez) School district extended time revenue increased.
HF1086 (Davnie) Four-year-old students made eligible for extended time programs.
HF1426 (Davnie) Extended year kindergarten program created, and money appropriated.
HF489 (Hilstrom) Staff development funding authorized for school districts with schools not making adequate yearly progress, and money appropriated.

Monday, March 12, 2007 , 10:00 AM


Chair: Rep. Lyndon Carlson
Location: 200 State Office Buildilng
HF1048 (Pelowski) Department of Employee Relations abolished and duties transferred; Employee protections provided.
HF777 (Lesch) Housing opportunity tax abatement program established.
HF1208 (Mahoney) State Building Code modified, and construction code and licensing provisions modified and recodified.
HF906 (Thissen) Birth defects information system funding provided, and money appropriated.
HF958 (Solberg) State agencies deficiency funding provided, and money appropriated.
Presentation of State Fee Report and highlights from Departmental Earnings Report

Monday, March 12, 2007 , 12:30 PM

Floor Session

Location: House Chamber

Monday, March 12, 2007 , 2:15 PM

Agriculture, Rural Economies and Veterans Affairs

Chair: Rep. Mary Ellen Otremba
Location: Basement Hearing Room
HF551 (Wollschlager) Tax deduction for out-of-state active military duty clarified.
HF1157 (Haws) Minnesota "Support Our Troops" account fund uses expanded.
HF1134 (Doty) Minnesota National Guard Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality established.
HF903 (Severson) Montgomery GI Bill for the Selected Reserves; Congress urged by resolution to permit members of the National Guard and reserves to receive and use federal educational benefits following separation from active status and discharge.

Bill Removed from Agenda: HF643 (Hansen) Meatpacking industry workers bill of rights and ombudsman position established.

Monday, March 12, 2007 , 2:15 PM

Energy Finance and Policy Division

Chair: Rep. Bill Hilty
Location: 200 State Office Building
HF375 (Ruud) Global Warming Mitigation Act adopted.

Monday, March 12, 2007 , 2:15 PM
Time Note: Committee will recess at 3:45 p.m. and reconvene at 7 p.m. in the Basement of the State Office Building.


Agenda Changed
Chair: Rep. Ann Lenczewski
Location: 10 State Office Building
Introduction to income tax credits by House Research

HF431 (Erhardt) Transit pass income tax credit extended to nonprofit organizations.
HF1002 (Hornstein) Alternative fuel vehicle income tax credit provided.
HF1447 (Hortman) Diesel truck idling reduction equipment income tax credit provided.

HF97 (Mullery) Research tax credit extended to the individual income tax, portion of the credit refunded, and money appropriated
HF330 (S. Anderson) Telecommuting income tax credit provided.
HF1250 (Bunn) Telecommuting equipment income tax credit provided.
HF361 (Welti) Regional investment income and franchise tax credit provided.


Business (continued from this morning)
HF97 (Mullery) Research tax credit extended to the individual income tax, portion of the credit refunded, and money appropriated
HF1747 (Davnie) Bioscience investment tax credits.

HF20 (Thissen) Prekindergarten scholarship granting organizations contribution income tax credit provided.
HF40 (Thissen) Employer postsecondary education expense tax credit provided.
HF123 (Slawik) Education expense tax credit and deduction applied to certain expenditures for prekindergarten expenses and museum memberships.
HF263 (Paulsen) Education credit income tax inflation adjustment provided.
HF477 (Tillberry) Parent volunteering at child's school or child care income tax credit provided.
HF704 (Kohls) Universal tuition income tax credit provided, and money appropriated
HF747 (Simon) A bill for an act relating to taxation; individual income; creating a citizenship credit; appropriating money
HF1264 (Eastlund) Early childhood education access grants contribution and early childhood educational expenses income tax credit authorized

HF9 (Juhnke) Dairy investment income and corporate franchise tax credit provided for qualifying investments in dairy operations
HF44 (Urdahl) Rural Minnesota Catch-Up Credit provided allowing a credit against the income tax of an employer for the creation and retention of certain jobs.
HF52 (Urdahl) Dairy operations income and corporate franchise tax credit provided for qualifying investments in dairy operations.
HF64 (Urdahl) Dairy and livestock investment income and corporate franchise credit provided for qualifying investments.
HF484 (Koenen) Beginning farmer program administered by the Rural Finance Authority provisions modified, and income tax credits provided to beginning farmers for participating in farm management programs.
HF568 (Heidgerken) Income tax credit for sales or rentals of agricultural assets to beginning farmers and farmer financial management programs provided.
HF921 (Hilstrom) Tree-planting income tax credit provided, and money appropriated.
HF651 (Juhnke) Family agricultural revitalization zones authorized, and value-added processing agricultural products promoted.

Removed from Agenda
HF1469 (Tschumper) Motor fuels excise tax increased, refundable income tax credit allowed, and money appropriated.
HF832 (Buesgens) General education access grants for students authorized.
HF457 (Gardner) Scrap metal dealer purchase record keeping expanded relating to law enforcement, registrations required, tax credit to dealers provided, criminal penalties established, and money appropriated.
HF435 (Cornish) Alternative fuel vehicle conversion income tax credit provided
HF10 (Thissen) Small business technology credit provided.

Added to Agenda
HF1747 (Davnie) Bioscience investment tax credits.
HF1643 (Gardner) Scrap metal dealers tax credit provided.

Chair: Rep. Mary Murphy
Location: 5 State Office Building
Establishing Education Committee priorities/Setting targets continued.

Monday, March 12, 2007 , 4:00 PM
Time Note: The meeting is scheduled until 9 p.m.

Game, Fish and Forestry Division

Chair: Rep. David Dill
Location: 10 State Office Building
HF1211 (Otremba) Deer hunting; smokeless gunpowder prohibition during muzzle-loader season repealed
HF1241 (Thao) Archery hunting provisions modified by permitting use of bow drawn, held, or released by mechanical device
HF1362 (Doty) Sucker regulations expanded to include early season for spearing and netting
HF1538 (Hoppe) Big game ammunition requirements modified
HF1539 (Hoppe) Big game bow minimum draw weight imposed
HF1749 (McNamara) Pheasant hunting; cock pheasant bag limit rulemaking authority granted to modify the limit
HF1116 (Dill) Game and fish definitions, fees, license and stamp provisions, and possession and taking provisions modified; apprentice hunter validation provided; and criminal and civil penalties imposed
HF1021 (Dill) Lake Superior commercial fishing provisions modified

Monday, March 12, 2007 , 4:00 PM
Time Note: Meeting is scheduled until 6:30 p.m.

Local Government and Metropolitan Affairs

Agenda Changed
Chair: Rep. Deb Hilstrom
Location: Basement State Office Building
HF849 (Moe) Shoreland resorts development regulation provided.
HF756( Doty) National Historic Places property sale restriction repealed.
HF1105 (Laine) Charter commission expense limitations increased for certain cities.
HF1193 (Sailer) Beltrami County; Office of County Recorder appointment process provided.
HF1337 (Davnie) Minneapolis street and street lighting construction funding authorized.
HF1327 (Marquart) Lake improvement districts requirements modified.
HF1160 (Hilstrom) Local governments and school districts postemployment benefits trusts authorized, and money appropriated.
HF1005 (Lenczewski) Municipal postemployment benefits for retired officers and employees authorized.
HF868 (Buesgens) Trust funds for postemployment benefits authorized for political subdivisions.
HF531 (Beard) Scott County library board provided as an advisory to the county board.

HF1432 has been removed from the agenda
HF1254 has been removed from the agenda

Monday, March 12, 2007 , 4:00 PM

Minnesota Heritage Finance Division

Chair: Rep. Mike Jaros
Location: 200 State Office Building
Informational overview from public television
HF1181 (Kahn) A bill for an act relating to communications; appropriating money for grants to noncommercial television.
Informational overview for public radio
HF1154 (Olin) A bill for an act relating to public radio; appropriating money for Minnesota Public Radio, Inc., and for public educational radio stations.
Informational interview for AMPERS
Explore Minnesota
HF1344 (Kranz) A bill for an act relating to state government finance; appropriating money for the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission.

Agenda Changed
Chair: Rep. Tom Rukavina
Location: 5 State Office Building
HF231 (Moe) Greater Minnesota Business Development Investment Fund established.
HF281 (Moe) Local governmental planning assistance provided, regional development commissions required to submit annual work programs.
HF1149 (Morrow) Rural Policy and Development Center fund grant provided.
HF1150 (Morrow) Rural Policy and Development Center funding provided.
HF1374 (Anzelc) Northeast Entrepreneur Fund technical assistance and business training funding provided
HF826 (Mariani) Motor vehicle manufacturing plant and facilities required to be maintained for a period of time after closure.
HF657 (Simon) Employment and Economic Development Department technical and housekeeping changes provided, and contamination cleanup grant provisions modified.
HF1199 (Rukavina) State involvement in trade policies provided, and report required.
HF226 (Rukavina) Minnesota minerals 21st century fund unallotment restored.
HF337 (Mahoney) Small business growth acceleration program established.
HF1355 (Clark) WomenVenture grant provided for women's business development program.
HF1485 (Clark) Minority enterprise retention funding provided.
HF1504 (Clark) Minnesota investment fund scope amended to promote environmentally safe production and products.
HF822 (Clark) Neighborhood revitalization program expiration date extended.

HF1107, HF1149 and HF1150 have been removed from the agenda.

Monday, March 12, 2007 , 6:30 PM

Licensing Subcommittee

Agenda Changed
Chair: Rep. Cy Thao
Location: 300N State Office Building
HF1189 (Thissen) modifying licensing provisions for physical therapists
HF2027 (Norton) Board of Physical Therapists licensing bill
HF1705 (Thao) Board of Pharmacy licensing provisions modified
HFXXXX (Abeler) provisional licenses for esl and foreign born social workers
HFXXXX (Abeler) temporary licenses for social workers graduated from non-accredited programs
HFXXXX (Abeler) removed from the agenda
HF210 (Thao) has been removed from the agenda
HF218 (Walker) has been removed from the agenda