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Authors and Status

H.R. No. 1, as introduced: 90th Legislative Session (2017-2018) Posted on February 23, 2017


1.1A House resolution
1.2expressing the sense of the House condemning Presidential Executive Order 13769.
1.3WHEREAS, Minnesota has a history of welcoming immigrants and refugees from all over
1.4the world to seek a new life and safe haven in our state; and
1.5WHEREAS, Minnesotans can and should continue to make progress toward realizing our
1.6full potential as a vibrant state with a diversity of people of different cultural, ethnic, religious, and
1.7racial identities; and
1.8WHEREAS, immigrants in Minnesota bring not just diversity to the state, but also valuable
1.9contributions to the cultural, economic, and academic life of Minnesotans; and
1.10WHEREAS, with the exception of people who were forced to migrate to the United States
1.11and Native Americans, all Minnesotans either are immigrants or descended from immigrants who
1.12chose to come to the United States; and
1.13WHEREAS, we are all part of a common humanity, fully equal to each other; and
1.14WHEREAS, the current United States Presidential administration has been taking significant
1.15and disturbing actions to target individuals, including those who have already established a legal
1.16presence, to deny them entry to our country with Executive Order 13769; and
1.17WHEREAS, the executive order constitutes religious discrimination against our Muslim
1.18neighbors and is unconstitutional; and
1.19WHEREAS, many legal, policy, military, and intelligence scholars believe that not only will
1.20the executive order be ineffective in preventing acts of terrorism, it is likely to significantly diminish
1.21the safety and security of our country; NOW, THEREFORE,
1.22BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Minnesota that Minnesota
1.23must remain a safe place to welcome all people who seek to make a new or better life, or to visit
2.1the United States, local and state government resources to enforce discriminatory federal immigration
2.2policies must be prohibited, we must make every effort to make immigrants in Minnesota feel safe
2.3and welcome, and the Legislature condemns this illegal, divisive, and destructive Executive Order