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Authors and Status

H.R. No. 8, as introduced: 85th Legislative Session (2007-2008) Posted on May 9, 2007

1.1A house resolution
1.2recognizing the 149th anniversary of Minnesota's becoming a state
1.3WHEREAS, today is a special day, the 149th anniversary of Minnesota's becoming a
1.4state on May 11, 1858; and
1.5WHEREAS, the rotunda light will be shining brightly today to remind both visitors and
1.6those who serve in this building that the North Star state is a government that honors its past as it
1.7prepares for its future; and
1.8WHEREAS, a Sesquicentennial Commission composed of citizens from across the state
1.9and of legislators has been planning for 2008 to be a time of commemoration and celebration and
1.10a catalyst for citizen engagement; and
1.11WHEREAS, those activities next year will not only include a statehood day celebration
1.12involving all branches of government, but also involve activities in communities throughout the
1.13state; and
1.14WHEREAS, the activities next year will reflect partnerships with the Minnesota Historical
1.15Society, state agencies, the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges and
1.16Universities System, local governments, the private and nonprofit sectors, and many citizen
1.17volunteers; and
1.18WHEREAS, a Sesquicentennial Plan for the Future will involve persons in every county in
1.19discussing what should be in a blueprint to help coming generations prepare for a demanding
1.20future; and
2.1WHEREAS, to build excitement and awareness, House and Senate members have been
2.2provided with pins to acknowledge this approaching celebration and encourage Minnesotans to
2.3start planning local efforts in recognition of the Sesquicentennial; NOW, THEREFORE,
2.4BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Minnesota that it take
2.5time today to be thankful for the leadership offered to this state in the past and to reflect on the
2.6opportunities available to Minnesota in the future. Happy 149th Anniversary of Statehood,