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Authors and Status

H.R. No. 4, as introduced: 85th Legislative Session (2007-2008) Posted on April 30, 2007

1.1A house resolution
1.2recognizing May of 2007 as Military Family Appreciation Month.
1.3WHEREAS, the State of Minnesota is a proud leader in providing for current military
1.4service members and strives to make Minnesota a national leader in caring for military members
1.5and their families; and
1.6WHEREAS, the impact of the deployment is felt statewide, with service members from the
1.7current deployment coming from 585 communities and 86 of 87 counties within Minnesota; and
1.8WHEREAS, over 12,800 members of the Minnesota National Guard have served the state
1.9and nation fighting the Global War on Terrorism; and
1.10WHEREAS, members of the Reserve and families of active component service members
1.11reside in Minnesota and rely on services within the state to mitigate the effects of deployment; and
1.12WHEREAS, all military families, as exemplified by the 1st Brigade Combat Team, as a
1.13benchmark organization, will have served on active duty for more than 22 months, and been
1.14extended in theater for a total of 490 days, 35 days longer than any other military unit; and
1.15WHEREAS, the families serve as long, as nobly, and under as difficult circumstances as
1.16the service member in the combat zone; and
1.17WHEREAS, the parent staying behind with the family serves double duty, maintaining the
1.18household and working to further a career, while actively participating in the community; and
2.1WHEREAS, while the service member has a team to rely on, the family fights the additional
2.2battle of doing it alone and often is isolated, being the only military family in a neighborhood
2.3and facing the hardship of separation and the stress of war; and
2.4WHEREAS, the families of these service members have steadfastly "kept the home fires
2.5burning" while the service members have deployed; and
2.6WHEREAS, to protect our country and defend it against all enemies, military families
2.7have often been separated and have endured many holidays and special events apart from their
2.8loved ones; and
2.9WHEREAS, there are 325 babies between the ages of one day and 22 months who have
2.10seen their deployed parents for fewer than 35 days since their birth; and
2.11WHEREAS, within the 1st Brigade Combat Team alone, over 3,600 children have missed
2.12at least one holiday season and at least 1,000 have missed two or more holiday seasons with at
2.13least one of their parents; and
2.14WHEREAS, plans for weddings have been delayed, plans for families have been delayed,
2.15and four weddings have been conducted via video teleconferencing; and
2.16WHEREAS, for the past two years, military children graduating from high school and
2.17college have not been able to have the proud military-deployed parent present at the ceremony; and
2.18WHEREAS, it is right and proper to recognize the sacrifice of military families on behalf
2.19of the state and nation, especially during the difficult circumstances of long deployments of
2.20their service members, in which families put aside their needs in order to support this nation's
2.21objectives; NOW, THEREFORE,
2.22BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Minnesota that it
2.23recognizes May of 2007 as Military Family Appreciation Month in honor of the sacrifice and
2.24duty of military families during this period of conflict and war.