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Friday, March 4, 2022

Friday, March 4th 2022 --


As we wrap up the 5th week of the 2022 legislative session, it is clear where the Democrat’s priorities lie. As I have forewarned you, the Democrats fast-tracked the CROWN Act through the house. On Monday, HF 1315, The CROWN Act, passed in the House with even 31 Republicans voting in favor of it. If you recall, the CROWN ACT “creates a respectful and open workplace for natural hair.” While I do not condone discrimination of any sort, I believe Minnesota has a slew of legitimate and massive problems at hand that we should be prioritizing far higher than hair discrimination.

You would think the Democrats would consider addressing issues like rampant inflation, rising crime, and the $12 billion budget surplus that was projected this week - but no! In Thursday’s Judiciary Committee, we spent hours discussing a bill that would create a new state certification for the application of sidewalk salt. We live in Minnesota! The average kid is removing snow and ice at the age of eight!  

We face serious problems and yet we are squandering our precious time and money on these ridiculous bills.

How about Stopping Vaccine Mandates? Last week I forced the issue to stop vaccine mandates and was only able to garner the support of 6 Republicans.

How about returning the $12 billion budget surplus?

I have two bills that address this. One that would simply cut every taxpayer a check and one that would create an income tax holiday. Essentially the idea behind the income tax holiday bill is that we abolish the income tax for a year. The state collects roughly $12 billion in income taxes each year and we are currently sitting on a $12 billion budget surplus – I think the answer to our surplus is staring us in the face.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for all House Republicans to unify and unite with me in my efforts to DEMAND an immediate return of the entire budget surplus, because last night every single Republican, excluding myself, voted to start spending YOUR surplus. 

It's time to GIVE IT BACK!



Yesterday after days 2½ hours of filibustering and multiple rousing re-election floor speeches, every Republican besides myself voted to spend the first $200,000 of YOUR surplus money on a pointless audit that will do nothing to end the Southwest Rail Line. 

Here is a video clip of Minority Leader Kurt Daudt explaining why this bill is useless and an “absolute waste of money.”

It’s fascinating to hear these “Republicans” say in their speeches that the audit won’t accomplish anything, only to turn around and vote in favor of funneling your tax dollars towards the project.  It’s especially interesting to compare the theatrics that House Republicans put on last night compared to their downright refusal to lift a finger one week earlier when I forced a vote to stop vaccine mandates.

 (Republicans voting to spend your budget surplus on an audit they admit will accomplish nothing.)



The Speaker of the House has at last come to her senses and announced that the mask mandate that is currently still in place in the State Office Building will be lifted on Monday. From day one of the mandate I have refused to wear a mask. I am happy that my colleagues are finally following the actual science, which is now finally aligned with the political science, and freeing their faces. 


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Remember if you want to be politically respected you must be politically feared,


Erik Mortensen 

State Representative, 55A



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my office. We are still attempting to provide regular contact remotely so if you have other needs, please email my Legislative Assistant, Bridget, at

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