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Stay Safe, Stay Home Tonight

Saturday, May 30, 2020

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We are writing because our jobs as a state legislators is to keep our community safe and thriving. As we saw on Monday, that is an impossible reality for too many of our black, brown and Indigenous community members. Justice has been too slow to come and must not be delayed. However Donald Trump's call for violence from white supremacists has been answered and our beloved community has been infiltrated by violent white nationalists. As such, I am advising you to please stay home and abide by the state curfew of 8 P.M.

To be clear, we are in this emergency because four former MPD officers murdered George Floyd. We are committed to reconstituting the Minneapolis police presence in our city and working to ensure that not one more black, brown or indigenous person is murdered. Protests, exercising our first amendment rights and organizing are absolutely fundamental to who we are as a community and conversations about violence and racism should continue. However, what we are experiencing now is not about the murder of George Floyd. Our city is beset by white supremacists, anarchists, and individuals bent on destroying Minneapolis. The best way for us to protect our city and mourn the loss of George Floyd, is to create the space to remove the people doing us harm. We can do this by staying home between the hours of 8 P.M. and 6 A.M. and not allowing these evildoers to hide behind true mourners and activists while they destroy Minneapolis.

We have called for the Attorney General to prosecute those who murdered George Floyd. We will be calling to radically alter and reconstitute the Minneapolis Police Department along with a series of policy changes to not only rebuild but build a just and more equitable Minneapolis.

Stay safe. You are in our thoughts. 

Kari, Mohamud, and Sydney