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Legislative Update - May 2, 2019

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Finally, we've gone through, debated, and voted on our entire state budget. It's a budget that will lift up families across Minnesota, and invest in the things like housing, education, healthcare and jobs that we need to thrive. Now representatives from the House and Senate will meet to go over each committees' budget and even out our differences. Here's an update. 

Health Care 
We approved the Health and Human Services budget late Thursday night. Health care costs and accessibility is something that has been on the top of the minds of so many people in our community. This budget strengthens health care for all Minnesotans by lowering the cost of care, making drug prices more affordable by holding Big Pharma accountable, addressing health disparities, improving health care for women, and expanding coverage options for Minnesotans.

These young people are so inspiring! Makes the long nights at the Capitol worth it to see such young, engaged citizens

The budget also provides support for Minnesota’s only program that serves low-income families with children and pregnant women(MFIP). MFIP helps 91,000 families with children meet their basic needs and find and keep a job every month. The cash portion of MFIP assistance has not been increased since 1986.  For over 30 years this program hasn’t changed, while the cost of living has increased dramatically. These are individuals who need a little bit of help at this point in their lives. This is an investment to help them reach self-sufficiency. I saw that when I administered MFIP benefits when I worked at Hennepin County. 

Great start this morning with the kids at school. Thanks to Lyndale Community School for the annual Donuts for Dad program.

All Minnesotans deserve access to safe and affordable housing. A place to call home is essential for students to focus and succeed in school, for parents to maintain reliable employment, and working families to be economically secure. House DFLers are committed to providing affordable, safe housing.

The Housing components of the Minnesota House DFL budget increase investments to address homelessness, build more workforce housing, and provide financial empowerment and training to help low-income renters achieve homeownership.

Public Safety and Elections
We also passed an elections budget which will uphold the value of making sure that every voice is heard. The bill includes measures to make it easier to vote, appropriates the full $6.6 million in Federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) funding to secure Minnesota’s elections, includes automatic voter registration, free public transportation on election day, and measures to ensure a full and complete Census. 

Rep. Noor with Senator Diedzic, Rep. Loeffler, and activists working to legalize cannabis

We passed a public safety budget to invest in public defenders, gun safety, cash bail reform, cannabis reform, and pathways beyond incarceration. We need to ensure that Minnesota is both fair and just when it comes to the law and how it's carried out.

Higher Ed
We passed a higher education budget to freeze tuition at all of Minnesota's universities. All Minnesotans deserve the opportunity to get a quality higher education, and the training needed to get a good-paying job. Investing in higher education means investing in Minnesotans and the future of our state.

Bike to work with me! 

That's all for now. You should always feel free to reach out with comments and questions! Thank you for the honor of serving you. 


Mohamud Noor