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House Jobs and Economic Development Committee Completes Finance Legislation

Thursday, April 04, 2019

House Jobs and Economic Development Committee Completes Finance Legislation


St. Paul, MN – Today, the Minnesota House Jobs and Economic Development Finance Division, chaired by Rep. Tim Mahoney (DFL – St. Paul), finalized the committee’s omnibus finance bill (HF 2208). The legislation passed through committee on a vote of 10 to 4.

The testimony we heard in this committee demonstrated how important it is for us to keep Minnesotans built into the core of all the work we do at the Capitol,” said Vice Chair Rep. Mohamud Noor (DFL - Minneapolis). “As a newcomer, it’s a special honor to be part of drafting such a strong bill to protect and invest in Minnesota’s working families to build a better Minnesota for our current and future workforce.”

Our committee worked diligently to make sure we crafted a finance bill that helps working Minnesotans,” said Rep. Mahoney. “This bill protects wages, ensures employees have time to care for their families and themselves, invests in struggling or innovative industries, and supports and trains our workers. I look forward to taking this bill to the House floor and into conference with our colleagues in the Senate.

Highlights of the bill include several pieces of legislation that the House DFL identified as top priorities at the start of this legislative session. The Paid Family Leave Act (HF 5) and Earned Sick and Safe Time (HF 11) are included in this bill. Together, both bills ensure that Minnesotans are allowed time off work to care not only for their children and other members of their family, but also themselves.

Another priority bill included in the House Jobs budget is Rep. Mahoney’s legislation to establish and enforce wage theft prevention (HF 6). With 39,000 Minnesotans experiencing wage theft in some form every year, this bill would protect wages and hold accountable employers who take advantage of their workers.

Other key pieces of legislation in the Jobs omnibus finance bill include:

  • MN Innovation Collaborative
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Dairy Farm Assistance
  • Net Neutrality
  • Payday Lending

The next stop for the finance bill is Ways & Means. A spreadsheet of the bill’s contents can be found here.