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Legislative Update- May 17, 2019

Friday, May 17, 2019
Dear Neighbors,
With 72 hours remaining before the legislature is constitutionally required to adjourn, negotiations on the state budget continue. A key sticking point for the Senate seems to be insistence on stripping the funding for the Health Care Access Fund, which provides health care coverage for over a million Minnesotans. At a time when too many already can’t afford or access health care, cutting care for some of our most vulnerable Minnesotans shouldn’t be up for debate.

EMT Bill Headed to the Governor

My legislation to allow emergency medical technicians to provide basic follow up care for patients after emergency room visits passed overwhelmingly in the House today. Many who experience an ER visit often don’t know what to expect with post hospital care- resulting in another ambulance call, or trip to the ER. My bill will help ensure Minnesotans are safe upon returning home, and can avoid oftentimes unnecessary hospital and ambulance bills.
This common sense measure was a bipartisan effort from the beginning- Senator Rosen, a Republican, carried the companion bill in the Senate. The bill’s next stop is Governor Walz’s desk.

Gun Violence Prevention Update

This week the Public Safety House/Senate conference committee discussed two gun violence prevention bills. The first would expand criminal background checks prior to gun sales, and the second would provide for “red flag” laws, which would allow law enforcement officials to temporarily restrict access to firearms if a court of law, using due process, determines an individual may be a threat to themselves or others.
This second measure is especially important as we recognize May as Mental Health Awareness Month. Over the 20 years we've had red flag laws in the U.S., they've been a proven tool for suicide prevention. In the years after Indiana passed a similar law, they saw almost an 8% drop in firearm suicides. Simply because we can’t stop everything from happening, doesn’t mean we should do nothing.
I’m disappointed Republicans on the Conference Committee sided with the NRA lobbyist who came to testify at the public hearing. Minnesotans deserve better.  

Zoo Day

I was pleased to host the Minnesota Zoo staff and residents for ‘Zoo Day at the Capitol’ this week. This long held bipartisan tradition always brings a lot of joy and wonder for legislators and Minnesotans visiting the Capitol.

Keep in Touch

I’ll be working through the weekend, so please continue to share your thoughts as we wrap up the session. I appreciate your feedback!