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Stay Hopeful, Stay Strong Covid-19 Update

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Dear Neighbors,


Another day, and more action is being taken to ensure Minnesota gets through this crisis. 

Number of Cases Continues to Rise, MN Department of Health Rises to Meet it

We have approached 1,912 laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Minnesota, however, the assumption is that the actual number of overall cases is higher than this figure given testing limitations.

The Minnesota Department of Health, as well as leading health care industry and academic institutions in Minnesota, are continuing to work to build Minnesota's testing and contact tracing capacity in order to make progress in understanding the transmission of this disease, the rate of infection in Minnesota, and how many people likely have some degree of immunity to COVID-19 post-infection. There is great variability in the accuracy of testing. With molecular testing (throat or nasal swab), it is estimated that there can be up to a 70% error rate in test results. Likewise, the serologic testing (detection of antibodies in the blood useful for detecting whether someone has had and now has recovered from the virus) may yield false-positives for COVID-19 antibodies if that person has had other, common seasonal coronaviruses that already existed in human populations prior to the spread of COVID-19. Visit Minnesota Department of Health’s website for more information.

This disease is extremely new, and our understanding of it is constantly evolving. It is not possible to yet determine with certainty the quality of the immunity and for how long the immunity lasts for people who have recovered from COVID-19 infection.

Minnesota Leading in the Fight

Our state, as a result of the dedication and compassion of Minnesotans, remains a national leader in stopping the spread of this disease. As we continue to see states around us that have not implemented stay at home orders begin to experience eruptions of COVID-19 cases. It is important to continue to follow the social distancing guidelines and stay at home measures for the time being in order to avoid losing all the progress we have made.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce has published a resource for people who need telephone and internet discounts during this crisis. Communication is essential for safety, especially during this public health emergency.

The Governor announced today the formation of a regional partnership with seven midwestern states to strategically and thoughtfully begin to phase in a reopening of our respective economies. The Governor and his commissioners continue to assess the various sectors of business and recreation that can be reopened and pursued safely as we continue to navigate through this crisis.

Keep In Touch

As always, I am here to assist you or provide information in any way I am able. I am keeping everyone in our community in my thoughts during this challenging time.

Please contact me anytime with questions, input, or ideas. You can reach me at my facebook page, by phone at 651-296-4212, or by email (preferred and quickest response) at Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can provide any assistance!


Hunter Cantrell

Your Neighbor and State Representative

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