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End of Session Update

Friday, June 07, 2019


In one of the only divided legislatures in the country, we completed our budget on May 25th having worked together to find common ground to benefit all Minnesotans. I’m proud of the bipartisan solutions we came up with, and I look forward to catching up and working together over the summer.

Working together to build stronger communities
This session, I worked hard to protect Minnesotans’ health care access, improve transparency and reduce cost in the health care industry, fully fund education, invest in our roads and bridges, and make our communities safer.

Working with my colleagues, we passed bills I authored and co-authored to:

  • Increase access to affordable housing
  • Cut taxes for Social Security recipients
  • Prohibit health plans from denying coverage for cancer drugs for late stage cancer patients
  • Require transparency and accountability from Big Pharma
As a caucus, we were able to:
  • Strengthen funding for schools by increasing per-pupil education funding and freezing the special education cross subsidy
  • Protect access to Pre-K for our youngest learners to make sure every child gets off to a great start
  • Sustainably protect access to affordable health care for 1.2 million Minnesotans
  • Enact the nation's toughest wage theft prevention and enforcement law
  • Help ensure students can afford Minnesota's public colleges and universities
  • Hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the opioid epidemic by requiring them to contribute to a solution for the crisis they profited from
  • Provide for elder abuse prevention in assisted living facilities, with enforceable safeguards for residents
  • Address Chronic Wasting Disease
  • Double the standard deduction to $24,000, which will simplify the tax process and result in a 7% tax cut for the median family income

We still have work to do, but the budget we passed this session is a good start to improving the lives of Minnesotans. It's been an honor to serve you and bring your priorities to the Capitol, and I hope you'll continue to contact me regarding the things you care about!


Hunter Cantrell
Your neighbor and State Representative
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