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Legislative Update- Governor's State Budget Proposal

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Dear Neighbors,
I hope this finds you well. Governor Walz shared his state budget recommendations today. Read about them, and more items of interest below.

Governor’s Budget Recommendations

The Governor’s budget broadly focuses on driving down high health care costs, improving education overall, and ensuring community prosperity.

Health Care

Too many Minnesotans are struggling with unaffordable health care. I’ve heard from several neighbors in our community about the challenges around being on the individual market, in particular. Governor Walz’s budget includes a temporary funding extension to ensure low-cost coverage to those effected. The Governor is also working on a long-term solution that would deliver an additional, affordable and sustainable public health care option.


The Governor’s three-pronged approach includes investing in our students; on the early childhood, K-12 and higher education levels. All Minnesota students deserve the opportunity to receive a world-class education so they can be successful outside of the classroom and can compete in and contribute to a growing economy.

Community Prosperity

Communities thrive when they have a reliable transportation system to connect them to family and opportunity. A recent independent report found that there are over one thousand Minnesota bridges and hundreds of miles of roads that are in poor condition. This costs the average Minnesotan over $1,000 a year in gas, lost time, and car repairs. And unless we get serious about how to make these investments, it will only get worse. Governor Walz has proposed a modest gasoline tax as one source of a dedicated, common-sense investment to keep Minnesotans safe on the road, and ensure that nothing like the I-35W bridge collapse ever happens again.
Another key component within this piece of Governor Walz’s budget is lowering childcare costs for Minnesota families. Too many can’t find affordable daycare, or are having to make difficult financial choices to make ends meet. All Minnesota families deserve a safe, affordable option for their children while they’re at work. This is a long overdue need that impacts communities across the state.
You can read more about the Governor’s budget proposal here.

MN Values Podcast

The House Majority has started a new podcast called the Minnesota Values Podcast. It’s a new show that takes you behind the scenes at the State Capitol and provides an in-depth conversation about proposals moving forward to put Minnesotans’ values into action. Assistant Majority Leader Jamie Long and Majority Whip Liz Olson are the show’s co-hosts, and will produce new episodes throughout session.

You can subscribe and listen to the Minnesota Values Podcast on iTunesStitcher, or at
Keep in touch with your ideas, feedback and questions. I appreciate and value your thoughtful input.

Steve Elkins
State Representative
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