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Legislative Update- May 13, 2020

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Rep. Stephenson


Dear Neighbors,

Tonight, Governor Walz will address Minnesotans live at 6:00 p.m. to discuss the state’s next steps to address COVID-19. Tune in to the live stream on the governor's YouTube Live page here.

Here’s more news from the State Capitol:

Energy Conservation and Optimization Act of 2020 Passes House

My legislation, which contains a variety of provisions related to energy savings and moving toward cleaner energy sources, passed in the House Monday on a 79-55 vote. More specifically, the bill would help move us toward innovative clean technologies in energy production, and establish criteria for utilities’ load management and efficient switching between fuel sources. This bill will save consumers money, create jobs, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.  It is a win-win-win!  I was glad to see this measure move forward. You can read more about the bill from the nonpartisan office of House Public Information here.

House Jobs and Local Projects Proposal Unveiled

Great news today as several projects I am sponsoring are included in the House Jobs and Local Projects or “bonding” bill. Here is a list:

- $5 million for rebuilding Mississippi Point Park in Champlin, which includes public docks, an amphitheater and pavilion. This project will also help the city complete the larger Mississippi Crossings Project, which will include a new restaurant right on the river!

- $16.3 million for rebuilding and expanding the nursing and business programs at Anoka Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids.

- $700,000 to expand the Coon Rapids Recycling Center.

- $2.5 million to build a new pedestrian bridge over Coon Rapids Blvd at Avocet St. This bridge will complete the connection of the Coon Creek Regional Trail and the trail system at the Coon Rapids Dam.

- $4.8 million for the Mighty Ducks Program, which helps communities like Champlin with their ice rink. The Champlin ice rink needs to replace its cooling system, which uses a chemical that is no longer commercially available. Without Mighty Ducks, the cost of this work would fall to Champlin property taxpayers.

- $1.5 million to do the preliminary work on turning the interchange at 610 and East River Road into a full interchange (right now you can only enter 610 heading west and exit 610 when you are heading east).

While I am thrilled that all of these important projects were included in the bill, I'm still working on making sure that Highway 10 gets bonding money to build a third lane between Hanson and Round Lake Blvd. We also still need to convince the Senate that these are worthy projects, but I'm working on that!




Keep in Touch

Please continue to reach out to me with questions or input. I appreciate hearing from you, so please never hesitate to contact me at or on my cell phone at 763-370-9000.

You’re invited to follow me on my official Facebook page for additional updates and oftentimes, breaking news.


Zack Stephenson

State Representative

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