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Thursday, January 24, 2019

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Fellow State Rep. Tama Theis of St. Cloud and I attended the March for Life event at the Capitol this week.

Dear Neighbor,

As someone who strongly supports the March for Life cause, it was my pleasure to attend the organization’s rally at the Capitol on Tuesday. Hundreds of people flocked to the Capitol steps and mall area to advocate for life and I was thoroughly impressed with the wide range of people who attended.

It was a great cross-section of Minnesotans coming together to show their support. From communities and churches to families and friends, it is crucial that we provide support in helping people who may be in dire straits identify alternatives with more positive results for all of us – born and unborn.

The subject of distracted driving has come to the forefront as bills have been introduced on the subject. I’m still looking into the details of what various authors are proposing.

This may be an era where the use of electronic devices has exploded, but that is only part of the problem. I’ll never forget the time a while back that I got behind an erratic driver on Highway 23, only to discover they were applying mascara while behind the wheel – jeopardizing their own life and the lives of those of us around them.

So, yes, we need to make sure people’s eyes are on the road, but phone use is just one component. And, yes, we may need to change law to reflect the times and stiffer penalties may discourage distracted driving. The thing is, we don’t need to wait for a new law to be enacted to start focusing better. Let’s start by making good decisions now, by setting good examples for younger drivers and even by modeling responsible driving practices for those who aren’t yet old enough to drive.

A couple of final notes:

  • I submitted a legislative column to area newspapers this week, providing a closer look at my approach to serving the people of District 13A as I begin my first term in the Minnesota House. Please check local publications for that column and, as always, your thoughts, issues and concerns are welcome.
  • Numerous House members co-signed a letter to Congressional Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Leader Chuck Schumer this week. My signature was among those urging them to work with President Trump and their Congressional cohorts to secure our Southern border and end this needless partial shutdown of our federal government. Click here for the full letter.

Have a good weekend, hope to see you around and your input always is welcome.



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