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Legislative Update - April 13, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dear Neighbors,

As a learning participant in the legislative process, I am struck by how a recent article from MinnPost reflects key realities of the current session in St. Paul. I'm sharing key excerpts below, and I'd add that the significance of the article is that it is almost completely replicated in each of the major policy areas, not just environmental which is the topic of this particular article.

Their report would easily be perfectly duplicated if you substituted lobbyists, committees and committee members for each of these significant topic areas: Transportation, Public Education (Pre K to University), Public Health, Health Care and Insurance, Support for Local Governments of every size.

There is simply a lack of moderation, communication and negotiation. This unfortunate reality will push us like every past historic cycle of "Tax Relief and Budget Cuts" to be followed by significant increases in local government taxes and huge cuts in staff and services. You've heard this phrase, right? If you ignore history, you are destined to relive it. That's where we're at, but I want you to know I am doing everything I can to build bridges and consensus for moving discussion. We'd all benefit from more moderation. Unrestrained control of power by any side is not moderation and blocks our best efforts for making our state as good as it can be.

MinnPost: Legislature makes a sweeping assault on Minnesota’s environmental traditions




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