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News From Representative Layman 1-25-2019

Friday, January 25, 2019

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Are you staying warm? It looks like the cold temperatures we’ve experienced the last few days will continue into next week. The forecast indicates subzero high temperatures in the coming days, including overnight lows as cold as 30 degrees below zero! Please be safe and take precautions if you are traveling.

In this week’s update, I wanted to fill you in on what’s happening in St. Paul, including info about the March for Life, a distracted driving bill, and letters to Congress.

March for Life

On Tuesday, I joined thousands of pro-life Minnesotans at the annual March for Life as we gathered in support of pro-life legislation and to peacefully protest our nation’s abortion laws. I am inspired by the great number of supporters who took time out of their days and braved the cold weather to make their voice heard on this very important issue. In my view, the right to life begins before birth and I will always defend the rights of the unborn.

Hands Free Bill

A big topic of discussion at the legislature this year is distracted driving. A bill that has received a great deal of media attention this week is a bill that would ban the use of handheld devices, including cell phones, while driving. This bill is an important step in trying to reduce distracted driving on Minnesota roads.

I am supportive of this measure and am looking forward to working with stakeholders and law enforcement to make sure we have the best legislation possible once it hits the House floor for a vote. Far too many Minnesotans have been seriously injured or killed as a result of distracted driving. Normally, I am not in favor of creating new restrictions but I have come to believe that this legislation can help us all change a behavior that, in this case, will prevent needless accidents and, ultimately, help save lives.

Letters to Congress

Earlier this week, I joined my colleagues in the House as we sent a letter to Congressional leaders urging them to end the federal government shutdown and secure our Southern border. Federal workers and their families are hurting from missed paychecks, and our Southern border lacks security and remains vulnerable to unlawful entry of individuals into our country. You can read the letter we sent by clicking here.

Today, the Iron Range Delegation also sent a letter to Congressional leaders urging that they compromise on the wall and build it with American made steel. A double win!  You can read that letter by clicking here. It is crucial that Congressional leaders work with their colleagues and the President to find compromise and put an end to this shutdown.

Local Visitors

Lots of economic development talk this week with visitors like Shawn Wellnitz, President of the Entrepreneur Fund (pictured here) and Tamara Lowney, newly appointed President of the Itasca Economic Development Corporation.   

House Image

Please Contact Me

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns on any legislative issue. I value your input and enjoy hearing from you.

Have a great weekend,


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