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Legislative Update - April 30, 2019

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Dear neighbors,

My House colleagues and I approved our first budget legislation last week! Here’s an update on the progress that we’ve made:

Leveling the Playing Field

Our tax plan, one of the first bills passed, would reduce taxes for more than two-thirds of Minnesotans and simplify the filing process for everyone. It would also make our tax system fairer by providing the largest benefits to working families, senior citizens, small businesses, veterans, and farmers and closing corporate loopholes. A fact sheet with more information about the tax budget, including a breakdown of the numbers, is available here.

Support for E-12 and Higher Education

All Minnesota children deserve a world-class education. That’s why three-fourths of the revenue raised by closing corporate loopholes would be invested in our schools. Per-pupil funding would increase by three percent in the first year, and two percent in the second. That helps every student in every public school across the state.

The E-12 education budget, which the House approved last Tuesday, would also provide support for students inside and outside the classroom, improve student health and safety, protect access to voluntary pre-K programs, and help students earn college credits and gain skills through career and technical education opportunities. A fact sheet with more information is available here.

The remaining one-fourth of the revenue would go towards a tuition freeze for our public colleges and universities. More than 200,000 Minnesota students wouldn’t pay one penny more in tuition for the next two years. The higher education budget, which we passed on Monday, also invests in the state grant program. Students who are currently enrolled in the program would receive an average of $400 more per year in financial assistance, and more than 6,000 Minnesotans would become eligible for the first time. More details on the higher education budget are available here.

Safe Roads, Bridges, and Transit

We all know that the beginning of spring comes with lots of potholes. Yesterday, the House approved a transportation budget to fix our aging infrastructure. Minnesotans deserve to be safe on our roads, bridges, and transit and to be able to travel to work, school, and other places. That requires honest investments. For more information on those investments, check out a fact sheet here.

Supporting Working Minnesotans

My colleagues and I also approved a jobs budget that would support working Minnesotans. It includes paid family and medical leave and earned sick and safe time, which give workers time to take care of themselves and loved ones. Strengthening protections against wage theft is also a priority, along with providing more opportunities for job training and workers who want to develop or improve their skills.

The House has already approved more than half of our budget! I look forward to discussing the remaining legislation with my colleagues and community members. Please feel free to contact me at or 651-296-5369. 


Erin Koegel
State Representative

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