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Legislative Update: Increasing Safety, Fixing Roads, & Cutting Taxes

Friday, March 24, 2017


This week the House has presented a number of bills to build our budget for the next two years. The plan is centered around a few key principles: bringing tax relief to Minnesotans, fixing our roads and bridges, funding schools, and lowering health care costs. I've included highlights of three of the bills below along with a few other things going on at the Capitol. Have a great weekend! 

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Public Safety

I am proud that two of the bills that I have worked hard on are included in the House Public Safety Omnibus bill. Both my bill to protect nurses, firefighters, and other medical personnel from assault and my bill to crack down on sex offenders and increase sentences on child pornography related crimes are included. You can learn more about my nurses bill here and the sex offender bill here. This bill is crafted to keep Minnesotans safe and I am proud of my contributions to that.


Fixing Roads & Bridges

The Transportation Omnibus bill was introduced this week and it’s a welcome sight for the millions of Minnesotans who travel on our roads and bridges every day and taxpayers who don’t want to see more of their dollars wasted on unnecessary pet projects in Minneapolis. 

The bill addresses our statewide need to invest in roads and bridges and does so by using existing resources, not raising taxes. The plan totals $6 billion over 10 years and includes:

  • $25 million for the Small Cities Assistance Program that benefits greater Minnesota
  • $25 million to fund 80 bridges that are a priority of MnDOT
  • $98 million for counties and $30 million for city transportation projects

Our plan will make investments across Minnesota and does so by choosing to prioritize roads and bridges over billion dollar light rail projects that run empty trains all day. 


Tax Relief 

The House Republican Tax bill uses the $1.6 billion surplus to give Minnesotans long overdue tax relief. The surplus was built by hard-working Minnesotans and our tax bill delivers $1.35 billion in tax relief, prioritizing middle class Minnesotans. Our plan delivers that relief while maintaining our state’s financial stability. More than half of the relief in the bill is directed towards middle class Minnesotans and the tax relief is crafted to not endanger Minnesota’s financial future.

A few key things our tax relief plan does for Minnesotans include are:

  • Increasing the income limit at which social security is taxable for Minnesota seniors;
  • Providing refundable student loan payment and college savings plan credit for students and their families; and
  • Providing expanded education deductions and child dependent care credits for working families

House Image

Rep. Grossell met with members of the Boys & Girls Club of Bemidji


Roadside Girl Scout Cookies

After a great time in Bagley chatting with constituents earlier this month, I was lucky enough to come across this great group of girl scouts, Troop 457. They were so excited to know I'd be bringing back the cookies to the Capitol. Keep up the great work girls, the cookies were fantastic!

House Image

Rep. Grossell with Girl Scout Troop 457

Please continue to stay in touch to share our thoughts or concerns. My phone number is 651-296-4265 or you can email me at

Have a great weekend,