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Sunday, March 1, 2020

If anyone ever wonders why I’m down here fighting in St. Paul, it’s because of weeks like last week. If left unchecked, the ‘powers that be’ would trample everything we hold dear while celebrating their victory.

Gun Rights are Constitutional Rights

House DFL leadership brought HF 8 & 9 to the House floor on Thursday. Those are the Universal Gun Registration and the “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation bills. They managed to twist enough DFL arms to get them both to pass. It’s just a travesty the way they trample the Constitution in these two bills by presuming people "guilty until proven innocent" which is a violation of our Second Amendment rights.

If you watched these debates, you already know that the DFL has no respect at all for law-abiding gun owners or any concept of Due Process but they are beholden to their out-of-state special interest money. They may be celebrating their “victory” but these bills are both Dead On Arrival in the Senate. Meanwhile, bills like this are the driving force behind the ever-growing numbers 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties. There are now five counties who have passed resolutions and more are in process. I applaud all those local governments and law enforcement that are dedicated to protecting the rights and safety of their constituents.

2020 Precinct Caucuses – Grass Roots Politics

Precinct Caucuses were this week and I hope many of you went to yours. But the numbers weren’t strong so I know that a lot did not. People tell me they are feeling more and more disconnected from their government and their elected officials and I think it is a direct result of splashy, “beauty pageant” elections – including Primaries – where the only contact an individual ever has to their government is coloring in an oval on a ballot.

We are losing touch with our neighbors and our legislators and political parties aren’t being held accountable to the grass roots. That is how we end up with a Presidential Primary that is costing Minnesota Taxpayers $12-$15 MILLION to hand over your private data and party ballot selection to private interests in the National Parties. Precinct Caucuses protect our rights as citizens to work together to decide our own party nominees without outside interference while sustaining the future of citizen involvement in their own legislative process.

Watch here for more of my comments about our Caucus system and the problem with our Presidential Primary:

Coming up Next Week

  • Looking forward to meeting with constituents and members of the MN Gun Owners Caucus on Wednesday for their Day on the Hill.
  • Constituents from Education MN will be stopping in
  • Continuing work on townships protection language with the Township Association

If you visit the Capitol in Saint Paul, please drop by and say hello! If you know a date you will be in town, please call or email my Legislative Assistant, Barbara, and she will get you on the calendar. Her number is 651-297-1307 or

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